Chinese Female Driver Runs Down Two Older Folks on Sidewalk

Chinese Female Driver Runs Down Two Older Folks on Sidewalk

An older video, but worth sharing because you can never go wrong being reminded that female drivers were as incompetent then as they are now.

CCTV video from China shows two older folks lugging it slowly down a street, when they notice a vehicle coming at them. They try to get out of the way, but due to their older age are unable to move fast enough, and end up getting run down.

Notice how the vehicle’s wheels spin when it hits the building. That woman had the gas pedal floored. It’s the one in the middle that brakes, sweetheart. Not the one on the far right. And of course, you can’t have an accident without wipers smudging the dry windscreen.

Looks like that one person who can’t get up hit her head on the pavement.

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43 thoughts on “Chinese Female Driver Runs Down Two Older Folks on Sidewalk”

  1. Anyone else notice she also slammed into another car before hitting the couple. Also the large dent in the front passenger door of the vehicle that hit the couple, was there before the car hit them. Just look in the reflection of the glass on the right of the screen.

  2. I can’t tell which of the victim is a man, or a woman, or both women, or both men. Sometimes the baggy clothes they wear, or Mao’s fashion wear seem to be unisex. And red shirt may have unfortunately bought it, not sure. It’s really sad when we get old and useless. Instead of immediately performing CPR, all we can can is to hit the victim on the shoulder, as if to will them to get up and live. For the drive, Strike one, lady driver. Strike two, Asian driver. Strike three, live in China. She should not have been allowed to drive. Actually, not all Asian drivers are bad. I am a pretty good driver, even if I do say so, myself. However, I do get into scraps from time to time. We tend to be impatient most of the time, tend to be rude, tend to speed and tend to harbor some sort of road rage. Otherwise, it’s all hunky dory.

  3. Typical Asian who doesn’t give a shit about anyone. Instead of helping the poor old farts she almost killed, she runs around trying to figure out how she can get out of the situation. Into the store, then back in her car, back into the store, then back into her car…..anything but help the poor old farts.

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