Chinese Female Motorcyclist Reduced to Smear on Road by Concrete Mixer

Chinese Female Motorcyclist Reduced to Smear on Road by Concrete Mixer

Chinese Female Motorcyclist Reduced to Smear on Road by Concrete Mixer

In an unspecified part of China, a kitchen deserter abandoned her noble sandwich making duties and without supervision from qualified gender, endangered the public by operating a two wheel motor vehicle on a public motorway.

Even though generally considered soulless, a truck with the important concrete mixing duties apparently recognized the danger and terminated it by squashing the deserter and reducing her to a smear on the road.

I take it everyone understood that when I started the above sentence with “generally considered soulless“, I would not have referred to the deserter, but the machine, as first two words of the phrase would need to be left out to accurately describe a member of the gender.

Props to Best Gore member @shehuinihaoge0122 for the video:

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          1. Well, yeah I do it but I don’t like to admit to it uwu.
            I only do it when I’m angry..
            But I’d rather have someone else touch me to that type of stuff 😉 I’d love that hee

      1. But it’s obvious, that She Stretched Herself Out Too Thin. She would Glue Herself Down to one project, then Pull Herself Away to another. She had the opportunity to marry a Detour Gent. But even then, didn’t Come Around in doing what was best for her. Now, she can’t even Face The Fact, that she needs to Clean Up Her Act without him. Pretty Heartless I think.

      1. Hell no we don’t. I pay “black” men to jump for me. If my kite gets caught in a tree, I’m all like “jump son! Get Honkey that kite!” They be getting that kite, because I’m a daddy mac.

          1. Spoon feeding the propaganda to the masses of sheeple; telling them what to believe….that’s what news is nowadays. And it works everytime because there’s so many millions of gullible stupid humans out there…..

          2. @smileusb75
            We’ve always known how stupid people can be, but now we’re finding out exactly who and how many more of them there are.
            I can’t help but shake my head at these clowns and I like letting them see me do that to them too.

            Now they’re letting only 10 people in certain stores (Northgate and Micro Center) at once because of that social distancing bullshit, but yet you still have a long ass line of people standing outside the store waiting to be let in, and yet, they’re still shoulder to shoulder lol..
            I’m embarrassed for them.

          3. Luckily I’ve practiced social distancing nearly my whole life and I’m 53 now. So I’m pretty good at it and can do it in my sleep, so I’m just doing what comes natural. My wife’s enough company I certainly don’t need anyone else and even she does her best at times to turn me against humanity even more.

          4. Covid is real mates. No doubt about it. It may be a cover or lucky opportunity for them to bring out nwo shit but covid remains a reality.

            Re Dexter. Love that show and I still haven’t seen the end series for that nor for “walking dead”. You’ve told me to watch ” breaking bad” and i must do that as well.

            Just because WE haven’t smelled it or see it or it hasn’t affected anyone yet, doesn’t mean it is not there.

      1. Yup, me too, and the “….truck with the important concrete mixing duties….” was the killer blow.

        I needed a laugh. Today has been a shitty day for me.

  1. First thought was how many animals were saved by the annihilation of the FV. In the land where agony is a culinary ingredient, there can’t be too many lifeless humans.

    Deceased FV are the absolute best thing for the environment

    1. What should we expect? Well let’s see…
      A take-out box that doesn’t leak all over my refrigerator.
      Stop driving around with your left turn signal on.
      Stop getting bent out of shape over bucked tooth jokes.
      Let us know your “Ancient Chinese Secret” so I can do my own laundry.
      And STOP BLOWING CABBAGE FARTS when you pull me along in your rickshaw!

  2. I feel bad for this woman. When that photo was taken, the person taking it must have thought, wow. She was alive and perfect just that morning, and now by a cruel twist of fate, she has been reduced to a pile of hamburger meat. I hope they don’t try to sell bits of her at the bat market.

  3. Fuck that cameraman/woman is so stupid to record-it vertically, ffs.
    Take your finger outta Your Nose You Stupid Corona-Spreading Fucker, and hold-it with both hands, as your Nose-Picking-Snack can wait till later.

      1. @organikhispanik A.K.A. @Danaconda
        Ha, ha, ha! Their fucking take home dogie-bag, lol,,, too funny-dude. 🙂
        How are you guys doing,,, (You son & Self), all good i presume, & hope ?

        I Guess that you both are getting ready for a nice spring, followed with some healthy outdoor activities this coming Summer Camping/Fishing, and the like.

        Have they closed The School’s in your area also, because of this Corona-Virus Dan??
        If so, i’m sure that your Boy Is Just Loving-it, as it will continue even after March break the way it looks.

        1. Sir Dre of the Montreal Dre’s
          The state in which I live was the first in the U.S. to close all of the schools. Now I’m a single dad AND a school teacher.
          What’s worse is that my son will continue his learning via online distance learning. The instructions that I received were as follows:
          Download some ignorant fucking app on your mobile device, enable some kind of shit, click on a phone number to accept her (teacher) invitation, go fuck myself… Jesus Christ! Are we teaching second graders or designing a goddamn bridge?
          This is going to seriously cut into my porn binging.

          I hope all is well with the Dre’s. Stay healthy because I understand that your socialized healthcare system has to book appointments 3-5 years out. Also, the good healthcare providers who do not wish to work for a low-end government salary usually decide to practice thier life saving craft elsewhere.

          If you know someone who is hoarding toilet paper, grab a magazine and go shit at thier house every morning!

          Many virus free days to you and yours.

          1. @Danaconda
            Man brother you just gave me a good laugh to brighten this rainy day. Your the second one this morning that had me laughing. First it was Lisa, or @Illegalsmile55, and now yourself.

            I Hope that things work-out for your Son, and self brother school wise, cause i’m afraid it might be the Whole School year that will be unfortunately affected. And i say this cause our local 7 A.M News said that they were looking at the end of June for things to hopefully return to normal, sucks brother.

            But,,, i guess all we can do is to keep our heads up, and hope for the best, as our overall health is after all what matters most in times like these. Stay safe brother, and i wish you well. 🙂

  4. Mai Ling: “We need to talk, Hop Sing! It time for rubber to meet road!”

    Hop Sing: “But you always DR-A-A-A-AG things out WA-A-AY too far when you say ‘Rubber meet road!'”

    Mai Ling: “The way you treat me, I am CRUSHED!”

    Hop Sing: “What wrong with me say you need lose a little weight?”

    Mai Ling: “But-but-but– I lose A LOT of weight… see?”

    Hop Sing: “Do not fall to pieces over this.”

    Mai Ling: “Then do not attempt to SMEAR ME!”

    Hop Sing: “I not smear you, ever! Only truck!”

  5. Waste not, want not. Not to worry. Very seldom, Chinese people would waste any food. She is going to be cooked and in the today’s special in Chinese restaurant’s. A bit salty, but very tasty.

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