Chinese Girl Arguing with Boyfriend in Middle of Road Fatally Struck by Car

Chinese Girl Arguing with Boyfriend in Middle of Road Fatally Struck by Car

Chinese Girl Arguing with Boyfriend in Middle of Road Fatally Struck by Car

A CCTV video from Guangzhou in China shows the moment a speeding vehicle fatally struck a woman who was sitting in the middle of the road at night. According to the backinfo I got, she and her boyfriend (seen standing beside her), got into an argument and she thought the way to get her way was by sitting on the public road.

The impact killed the girl instantly. As her body bounced, it undermined the boyfriend’s feet and he hit his head on the pavement, but the injuries were not fatal.

Props to Best Gore member @3asbaaaa for the video:

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91 thoughts on “Chinese Girl Arguing with Boyfriend in Middle of Road Fatally Struck by Car”

    1. She’ll stay out alright, in the cemetery. My take is that Mr. Boyfriend stepped in that road first, faking a suicide fantasy to see how much Ms. Girlfriend cares. Ms. GF then followed trying to convince him to come back to his senses. When all had failed, the exhausted female went into squatting position making herself more difficult to spot by the Asian driver of the oncoming vehicle, and that’s made even worse by the darker color of her coat. According to Chinese law, Mr. Boyfriend would be charged with endangerment and involuntary man slaughter

    1. Confucius also says “two chopsticks in the street will get broken” Damn that’s what I call a broken fortune cookie!
      I’m also guessing her brake lights weren’t working so the driver couldn’t tell she was stopped! Always check your ass lights before sitting in the street!
      Lol- car bowling in China!
      Spare anybody?

    1. Agree. Got the wind knocked out of her. Looked like time passes after she initially sits down, because at first he’s not facing her- then it looks like he’s facing and talking to her when the car hits.
      Is it me or did she look back just as it makes mincemeat outta her?
      He knew immediately.

  1. Sadly Girl, your pussy pass was of no use to you this time.
    Seriously, sweet China Girl, what is wrong with your thinking?
    I have been to China several times as well as Guangzhou (Canton), and on the roads it’s everyone for themselves.
    Cars go anywhere, red light, green light, it does not matter you just ignore it as it’s a game of biggest heaviest fastest. Pedestrians just walk anywhere when they want. But all Chinese know that cars do not like getting hurt and WILL run you down, so they avoid being in their path.
    Things are a bit better regulated and obeyed in the bigger cities, but do you really want to risk winning this week’s Darwin award and appearing here on Best Gore for our amusement?

  2. I actually think the argument escalated to him to going on the road and she’s trying to get him to stop. He elbows her and she goes down. And spreads his arms like making a sign of “I’m here run me over kill me because I’m a pathetic piece of shit.” Way to go you just got your gf killed because you were being a dramatic pity bitch.

  3. Who’s theoes people that are so foolish to argue in middle of road
    Especially in a country that nobody gives a fuck if you have been destroyed in middle of road or just dropped dead in middle of street..
    As it goes there, i hope dy her death she will save few other after health department butchers will come to take some spare parts…

  4. You heartless bunch of bastards…!!
    They weren’t even Chinese!! Fuck.
    Those two are Piere and Monique Lapoopiere, they are French mimes on tour and happened to become lost and naturally needed to find transportation to the nearest CirqueDuSogay headquarters so Monique hopped into their mime car and Piere stubbornly refused to get in causing their mime car to be rear ended. I’m literally getting more retarded everyday I’m on this site hahahalolduhh

  5. It appears that he was the idiot that wanted to walk in the middle of the road. She was probably trying to rid him of his madness, but he elbowed her in the stomach. She was hurt sitting in the middle of the road, and the rest as they say, is history…

  6. Have Your Conference, or Your P.M.S. Shit-Fit-Session, with Ben-Wah-Balls somewhere else Woman! Are you trying to commit a double suicide here, or are ya just plain Fucking Stupid???
    Like,,, Seriously,,, Da-Fucks Wong Wit Yu,,, Ms. Kunt-Wah-Twat ???

  7. What’s with the inspirational music? That’s the type of music you hear when you’re watching a slow motion replay of someone winning a gold medal. Unless the fiendish chinks have actually gone ahead and made Death Race 2000 a real sporting event. I wouldn’t put anything past these little yellow bastards at this point.

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