Chinese Truck Driver Impaled by Tree Stump Through Midsection

Chinese Truck Driver Impaled by Tree Stump Through Midsection

If I understood it correctly, then this Chinese truck driver either rear-ended another vehicle, or got rear-ended himself. He was transporting tree trunks and branches so when the impact occurred, one stump pierced his cabin from behind and impaled him through his midsection.

The video shows the extraction of the impaled driver from the truck cabin, and his admission to a hospital where the protruding ends of the stump are being sawed off with a hand saw.

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      1. @dadiisuez, I think it could be the initial wound depending on whether or not it punctured / destroyed any vital organs. Shock may kill him before infection has a chance to. I do agree, infection would be a major concern.

      2. The problem is removing the trunk.

        Like knives, if they are still in the body leave them there until you are ready to remove them i.e. in theatre with the individual anaesthetised and cross-matched blood, platelets and clotting factors stacked on the side.

        The penetration will probably have resulted in perforation of the large and small bowel so he’s looking at least one ileostomy and or colostomy, temporary or otherwise but, at that level, you have the renal artery, vein and kidney; removal of the trunk will be the equivalent of uncorking a bottle.

        Infection is a secondary concern.

      3. yeah i’d say he had a good chance of survival.. Everything you have said, i would agree. As “dadiisuez” said.. Once the branch is removed, hoping there wasn’t any complications during surgery. Keeping the wound clean and free of infection, would give him a good chance. Hope he was ok anyway.. πŸ™‚

    1. This is a fake video. They didnt even have oxygen on him when they pulled him out of the truck. Where did the stick come from? Was there a tree growing in the middle of the freeway? Its some fake Chinese training video. Damn you Best Gore!!

    2. Maybe I should have read the video description before commenting. I didn’t see he was hauling trees. I still think it’s fake but in the meantime I’m going to go impale myself with a broom handle for looking stupid.

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  1. True story….years ago a friend of mine was over my house and he asked me if I wanted to go to his house to watch a ny ranger playoff game so I said yeah, we put our coats on, open the front door and it’s storming and windy as a bitch so I told him forget it cause he would have to drive me back home in this shit so he just left. The next day he calls me up and says dude I was going around this turn, and there was a tree down in the road and he had no time to do anything and his truck just violently drove over the tree and a tree limb ripped through the floor board.So I went to his house to check it out. Dudes, I get there and there’s a tree limb about six to eight inches in circumference through the passenger floor ripped through the middle of the bottom of the seat (which would be basically between the knees) and going through the middle of the back of the seat between the area of where your solar plexis and tits would be. Needless to say, I would have been sitting there! Time would not have been a factor cause there was only a few seconds before we would have left that we made the decision that I was not going to go!!!! Hahaha, the shit that went through my mind, I pictured myself sitting there looking at this limb through my chest , in shock as I waited to die, that is, if it didn’t kill me instantly! hahaha, that was crazy shit!

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      1. Ya gotta love best gore historians!
        What do ” I ” think? @syn ” I ” think you will probably hear a lot of lies and embellishments. ” I ” also think you should bring up some facts to the ” teacher ” that you find here and where ever else you can find truth to challenge that ” teacher “. What does everybody else here think?

        1. Yes, that’s quite obvious.

          However, I’m not even considering enrolling in that class. Honestly, I believe that there are far more than 3 sides to any story that I cannot discern which is the truth or complete mockery of truth. I completely understand what a lot of people here think about the Holocaust. I’ve come to conclusion that it’s either it’s a hoax, a fabrication of history, or a true event written down in history by the wrong people. Or even so, it’s completely true. I’m not saying that I’m picking a side of what to believe in, but I am aware of the potential misleading that the author probably intends to, to avert the way we interpret history and our actions.

          1. i was initially concerned you might enroll and unwittingly make the instructors look good by being poorly prepared to counter their assertions, now it’s clear you have your head and heart in the right place. wish i could provide you direction on what action you might pursue, other than to (discreetly) share with other classmates and of course your friends who are open to hearing about it

          2. Thanks @antivirus.

            With the knowledge in mind, I’m quite afraid to spread out the information about the ‘truth’ behind the holocaust because it appears like everyone already assumed that to be true and taken it to heart/mind. I’m talking about those in my campus and my friends/classmates. I really can’t assume that because if I decide to act out of my comfort zone, I may realize the different perspectives other people have and see that not everyone accepts the holocaust to be true. My biggest worry is dealing with those without an open mind, whether it’s them or myself. In other words, I may not keep an open mind and look like a jackass. Do you know what I mean?

            It’s a tough world to live in.

        1. It seems like if I do that, then I’m going to have a really hard time being accepted. Others may wonder about my ‘Jewishness’ because what I expose may be really inconsistent with Zionist teachings. I don’t know what else to expect!

          1. I guess I should let you know, if you do that, you are going to catch some shit. Maybe you could secretly leave copies of The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion on all of the desks before class starts.

      2. @synesthesia,

        I guarantee that talking about any Holocaust viewpoint other than the “official story” will get you treated like a leper.

        If your college grades depend upon this assignment I would recommend that you stick with whatever bullshit they spew.

        In the past I have challenged these kind of official stories with proven facts and logical conclusions and it doesn’t actually work, people in general are so brainwashed that they will call you a tinfoil hat wearer regardless of the validity of your argument.

        My conclusion, you cannot win an argument against an idiot because they are too stupid to know when they have lost.

          1. It sucks because we were talking about Mandela last semester in my writing class, about how great he was and all that praising bullshit. I refuted against all that, and told my professor that there is a video of him pledging to ‘wipe out the white race.’ Her response? Go check your sources. I had to back off, otherwise I would have had a very hard time with the class. Like you just said, I cannot win in that situation.

          2. @synesthesia,

            Sadly what we are doing here on Bestgore is not new. History is filled with individuals who challenged the “official story” and were punished for it.

            If you use human kind as a historical reference you can see that the majority will believe any lie if it allow them to continue living.

            When our very lives depend upon our “viewpoints” it is easy to understand why the majority follow the status quo.

            I suppose it takes those who care little for their own lives to awaken the fearful ones.

          3. you’re getting sound advice from these gentlemen, @synesthesia. repercussions are precisely what i meant when i said to be discreet about it. i have great difficulty yielding to the status quo of lies in order to keep safe, so i do not envy your position. please share with us someday how it all went for you

          4. This is why I truly appreciate individuals like Mark, who took the effort to simply expose reality from raw reality. I loved his wit too.

            Unfortunately for him, like others in past history, he became persecuted by his own district for political purposes other than just from one video. It’s kind of hard for me to remember exactly what has happened in the first place and why, but I have been catching up with the updates on Mark to see how he’s doing.

            However, I can already see the potential influence he has had on many others, such as those in charge who continue the show and many newbies (especially myself) who claimed to have their eyes opened.

            I say we need a lot more like Mark.

          5. And I will always learn from experienced people like you, since I have been scratching the surface of the real world, currently in college going for PhD’s in Mechanical Engineering and Physics.

          6. @antivirus,

            that sounds well.

            I will remain discreet, but hopefully I can someday contribute to the site on any topic that is contrary to public view.

            Would doing a completely anonymous on-campus survey on the Holocaust be a good idea, since I am just taking in ideas from others without sharing/discussing my own?

    1. ***I?m going to go out on a limb here, the poor sap couldn?t see the forest for the trees. He was barking up the wrong tree. Look at all his new friends, he?s quite poplar now.

      πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      Yeah, in all likelihood, he’ll be taking a “leaf of absence” for awhile, I imagine…

    2. ***Look at all his new friends, he?s quite poplar now.

      Only if he continues to eat his “oak”meal.

      But I don’t think I want to “stick” around. I “saw” the “trunk”ated part of that wood, and it “leafs” me “stumped.” on how this poor “sap” is going to survive.

      ..but then again, I haven’t given it “mulch” thought.

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