Chinese Trucker Runs Down Pedestrian, Then Runs Him Over After Pause

Chinese Trucker Runs Down Pedestrian, Then Runs Him Over After Pause

Somewhere in what appears to be China, a trucker ran down an older pedestrian while taking a turn. Having felt he had hit something, the trucker did what Chinese drivers do, and after a pause with a bit of reversing, ran over the old man with both front and rear wheels.

After the initial run down, the old man was still moving and even though injured, he may have been in the condition to survive. But the run over left him on the road motionless and possibly dead.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the CCTV video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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80 thoughts on “Chinese Trucker Runs Down Pedestrian, Then Runs Him Over After Pause”

    1. As far as I know, in China, if you injured someone you have to pay for hospital, treatment, medicines etc. So, in such cases as a road accident such payments can be live long. It’s just fucking cheaper to finish the victim, and pay once for the funeral.
      The economy should be economical (с) L.I. Brezhnev

        1. Driver thought to himself if I pick him up and throw body in truck, maybe I get away with this. But that other witness turned up too quick, and he just drops him…..
          “What body? Oh, that body? Hhmm, not sure”……

  1. People, some people are fucking stupid. I had this bitch almost get run over by some guy backing up in his truck. She could see him. You don’t walk towards stuff like that. I kept my distance. And this happened at work a couple weeks ago. She didn’t get run over (almost), I mean I would have started hollering then, but fuck. Dumb shit. Look both ways, pause before crossing a street.

  2. Their eyes are so close together they cant see past their nose so they’re always oblivious to everything around them always on the verge of a serious wreck but if they keep playing loud Asian music they believe the ancient spirit God will guide them to their destination.

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