Chinese woman Walking Down Road Is Struck and Crushed by Weird Looking Machine

Chinese woman Walking Down Road Is Struck and Crushed by Weird Looking Machine

In commonly Chinese fashion, a young woman was walking down a road like she owned it, and likewise in commonly Chinese fashion, paid for it dearly.

The CCTV footage shows a weird looking machine that somewhat reminds me of an oversized forklift, but I have no idea what it’s for, striking her down from behind and crushing her under its wheels. The machine operator reacted as weirdly to the accident as his machine looks. Between how she should have watched keenly for approaching vehicles, and how he should have looked what’s in front of his vehicle, it’s hard to tell who’s the bigger dumbass here. Unfortunately, regardless who’s the bigger dumbass, it’s the girl who got to pay the price.

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        1. Fucking Asia for ya, no thought for life safety just imagine if they had concern for life maybe a little fear and we would be overwhelmed by so many of them everywhere at least their stupidity keeps their population in check

    1. Are you sure? It kinda looks like one of those machines that can switch between a forklift and a front-loader by swapping whats on the front. This one looks like it has no attachment on the front currently. I drove one similar to it many years ago called an IT-80 (CAT machine)..

  1. To me it looks like a fork lift that’s been modified to use as a hoist or something, the added bit of machinery caused a blind spot that wasn’t there before. No such thing as health and safety in Chinatown.

  2. Reminds me of that film where every electronic on earth starts killing humans and some survivors hole up at a gas station. Anyone wanna help me find the movies name?

  3. All of this happened on a Friday, BTW, per the date shown in Chinese on the CCTV. Poor dog must be scarred for life. A witness to a horrible accident, and having a run in with people who will eat dogs for breakfast. No wonder he quickly ran off. Smart dog! Da fuck that forklift-y thing is doing on the road. I don’t think they are meant to driven on roads, like cars. That’s the first mistake. However, the driver did do one thing that most Chinese never do. Being considerate enough to reverse that vehicle so that the poor lady is not trapped underneath it. 99% of the time, the drivers will stop right on top of the victim, or back up or go forward so that the wheels are completely sitting on the victim. Kudos for that one small gesture, though. There’s still a lot the Chinese need to learn, but this is a good beginning.

  4. Why do I get the feeling that, even if the guy had swerved to avoid her, she would just have gotten in front of him again? Like it was meant to be.

    “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” (Henchman, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery)

  5. 10% of Chinese are totally brain dead on the roads. The other 90% are doing their best to avoid getting killed. When 2 brain dead meet on the road, this is what happens. They make me crazy. Rude beyond belief. They will just walk in front of cars, bikes, whatever. Totally oblivious to anything.

    Few weeks ago I saw an escalator chain reaction. One dumb fuk stopped right at the end of the escalator to pay attention to the video game on his iPhone. Caused half a dozen people to fall.

    You have to see this shit to believe it.

  6. i knew a bloke who was in the British army or the mob as he called it in the 50’s. He told me that the soldiers would queue up to fuck the whores who had set up a tent, the whores were an entire family of women, grandma, mother, sisters, daughters and they all lie there getting fucked all day. The next day the soldiers were all getting their treatment for syphilis. The chinese are filthy in their habits and their lifestyle.

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