Chinese Woman Brutally Killed by Truck Swerving to Miss a Cab

Chinese Woman Brutally Killed by Truck Swerving to Miss a Cab

Surveillance video from China shows death of a woman who was brutally run over by a truck swerving to dodge a cab. This poor woman mounted a tricycle and probably wanted to go home after a long day of selling chicken feet, but it was no meant to be. She was in the middle of what appeared to be a pretty broad and not very busy intersection. Far away from harm’s way, the woman slowed down to see the traffic pass before she finishes crossing but something happened that she was no anticipating.

A truck was approaching, but was not dangerously close to the woman. The woman looked left and right to make sure it was safe to cross, but since the truck was approaching, she stopped and waited for the truck to pass. Then out of nowhere a cab enters the intersection from the side forcing the truck driver to swerve abruptly to dodge it and a woman finds herself half a second away from certain death and no means to avoid it.

The woman takes direct hit before she falls under the wheels where her life ultimately ends. Out of the blue, in a split of a second, without doing anything wrong, the life of this poor woman came to a brutal end. And the cab driver, having just caused an accident that claimed an innocent life, drives off.

On a side note – there don’t appear to be any road signs on any side of the intersection we get to see from the video (no road signs, but big brother survailance cameras are a must). And when there are no stop signs, selfishness dictates to anticipate the vehicles crossing your path to give you the right of way. That’s probably what the cab driver was thinking. But why the truck driver chose to obliterate an old lady on a trike instead of plowing into a cab is a mystery. I’m sure he’d looked the lady square in the eyes as she put on that “and what exactly am I supposed to do now” death stare on her face a moment before the truck turned her into a bloody stain on the road. Unless she was his mother-in-law. Brutal.

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36 thoughts on “Chinese Woman Brutally Killed by Truck Swerving to Miss a Cab”

  1. Wowser. Not her guts at :49, the truck didn’t roll over/drag her until :50, and further down the frame. So the walking guy was stepping over the apples or rutabagas or whatever you tote around in your tricycle basket when it’s market day in China. She was obliterated, no doubt. And shame on that cabbie asshole scooting on out of there. Actually, there was a lot of zooming by on cycles without stopping after that. Truck drive picks soft target over that up-armored taxi, thereby ensuring he is not denting his truck and putting it out of commission. Extremely tough day for mamasan.

  2. If you look in front of the truck, just below the right hand wheel, at 0:49 you will see a fluid substance spilling out of the poor woman. The stuff that spilled out in the back just the things she had on her bike.

  3. Ok, will give you the rutabaga theory after I paused it at exactly :49. My bad. Go ahead and walk through it Mr. Bystander. At least you are one of the few there that recognized some bad shit just went down!

  4. Took notice to people staring and then continue on with their lives. how very thoughtful people. Sure. Don’t stop to try and pick up the woman’s remains. keep right on running it over and go about your meaningless existence. Morons.

  5. This is just a level of crazy that surpasses most things. I mean…seriously, this whole video is just insane to watch. It’s weird…looking at the lady, knowing her life is about to end in seconds..but she has no clue that her time on earth is about 10 more seconds. Then seeing the truck that’s about to kill somebody but the driver has no idea. There was a moment there where the truck was just coming at her, her staring at it. I wonder what was going through her head?

    I assume the truck driver didn’t even see her, even if he did, I think he just reacted. If you’re driving, looking ahead and you suddenly see you’re about to hit a car, your immediate instinct and reaction is to swerve to avoid it. It all happened so fast that I doubt he had any time to think of missing her or hitting the cab. His survival instincts just kicked in and he swerved. I can see doing the same thing. Fuckin cab driver is a bastard, not only did he just plow right on through, he just keep driving after it happened.

    This is really just a…I dunno, brutal video. It shows how one second everything is normal, and the very next, totally out of the blue, you die and your whole life was for nothing. RIP trike lady.

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