Chinese Woman Hit by Truck While Crossing Street

Chinese Woman Hit by Truck While Crossing Street

Speaking of Chinese women and dumps, I have here a video of a Chinese woman attempting to cross multiple lanes. She seems rather dazed or maybe even suicidal…maybe she is just over weight. Either way, she damn near makes it across when she is rammed by a dump truck.

I’m telling you, Asians and big trucks just go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Mad props to MrsPink for the vid.

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    1. she has won he race across the street for 35 years. Every great athlete doesn’t know when enough is enough. She tried one more time to reminisce about the good old days and she paid with her life.

      Grandmas don’t try to outrun trucks in loafers. Give up. Cars go faster than 25mph now. It’s not 1915 anymore.

      That truck didn’t honk or anything he just bowled a strike

    1. Yes I agree, she was so very carefull to allow all the tiny subcompact cars to wizz by …..and then suddenly she runs a few steps to be in perfect alignment to get “realigned ” with the cosmos…I in my wisdom,rule , in the court of MY mind ,this , to be a clear cut suicide…. case dismissed , Driver you may just go…. sorry to bother you…….

      1. Yep, this. She deliberately sped up there toward the end- I think to make sure she was hit and killed, not to avoid it. She jogged right into the path of that truck. And the hands-clasped-casually-behind the-back, slow-as-a-crawl way she strolled across those lanes clearly isn?t normal or safe. Suicide would be my guess- if not, then she deserves a Darwin Award for sure.

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  1. Love how she just trundles out with her hands behind her back like shes going for a stroll through the park! I dont reckon suicide, she tries to run at the end when she sees it coming but her fat arse wont let her build up enough speed. Not streamlined enough

  2. Ah, you gotta be fucking kidding me. W.T.F. is wong with these stupid Chinese people? Are they really blinded because of their Slant-Eyes? I did a test with my vision a while back, and when i stretched my eyes, to become a slit, my vision was greatly reduced. Sucks to be them i guess, blind, stupid, and no morals whatsoever, shitting, and pissing in public, and watching little kids get run over by vans, and they look but keep on riding their Harley-Pedalson, like it was a squirrel, or someting. Some-Ting- Wong Wit These Fleshy-Viruses.

  3. My summation is…Suicidal.
    She had a wide peripheral view and seemed to look to her left while crossing the street…That truck hit her like a bat to a baseball…If you gotta “self-go”, I would’ve picked better…

  4. Clearly suicide, only a gook would say otherwise. Bitch knew she got caught on camera and would end up on BG taking a dumb so she quickly decided to change into clean clothes and run in front of the truck so she wouldn’t double soil herself.

  5. with the high rate of speed the Driver wasn’t paying attention much…the lady stalled for a second knowing there was an incoming truck…as the driver thought she would let him pass by for the second..well they were both wrong he took a left lane as she thought by running and making it she’ll run with the truck passing by behind her.

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