Chubby Woman Dies on Road Spread Eagle

Chubby Woman Dies on Road Spread Eagle

Chubby Woman Dies on Road Spread Eagle

I don’t have any backinfo, but it sounds like Brazil to me. The video shows an apparent aftermath of a traffic accident.

In the video, a chubby woman is on the road dead. There is a bicycle near her, suggesting she was riding the thing when she got involved in the accident. No other involved vehicle seems present, so maybe the driver pulled a hit and run on the scene. It would appear the woman’s pelvis got destroyed, leaving her spread eagle on the road.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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          1. @tenhearts
            Yea the latter seams like a logical answer my B G Bro. Cause The Jews Will Never, Ever let up while trying desperately to shut us down once & for all. But Mark knows his stuff when it comes to site security, & awesome firewalls that although very time consuming for him, he will Never,,, “Ever” Let Those Jew-Cunts Win. That’s why I Love Him So Very Much like **A True Brother** that he truly is to me. 🙂

        1. Darn! Had a similar issue a couple of months ago… I posted a comment, bareing my soul to get off moderation, pledging not to cause trouble.
          Which worked within a few days.
          I do enjoy his comments, especially the back and forth between you guys and dano.

      1. @My Notorious Clitorious
        You poor thing. I Hope that you beat, and beat good whatever cancer it is that you are fighting Hun. My Wife Cathy & My prayers will be with you through it all.

        Much love & respect,
        my good B G Sister.
        Andre & Cathy. 🙂

  1. Another,,,,, Yes Guys, just another Dumb-Ass Videographer that cannot remain on the kill shot but instead decides to go off in la,la land and show us all the fucking street, and trucks. So Off With His-Head I Say, Ya, lol,? 😉

          1. Ha,ha,ha dude and brother @pigsonthewing
            That was/is fucking hilarious. And coming
            From You,,, Our Very Own Musical Library-Man,
            It’s even better. Well Done Bro! 🙂

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