City Mayor Dies in Collision with Fuel Tanker in Emboscada, Paraguay

City Mayor Dies in Collision with Fuel Tanker in Emboscada, Paraguay

Spanish speakers, can you please confirm for me if the word “intendente” indeed means “mayor“?

On Tuesday September 26, 2017, at kilometer 34 of National Route No. 3, also known as the General Elizardo Aquino highway, in the city of Emboscada, Cordillera department, Paraguay, a Nissan Terrano SUV collided with a fuel tanker with the Brazilian plates. Driver of the Nissan died. The fuel tanker caught fire (exploded?) and can be seen burning in the video.

According to the La Nacion, the driver was the mayor (intendente) of Emboscada, Jacinto Raúl Peña, member the Authentic Radical Liberal Party (Partido Liberal Radical Auténtico).

Props to Best Gore member @GustavoAvalo for the video. I got it pixelated from source:

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