Clumsy Older Couple Trips in Front of Semi Truck, Woman Gets Run Over and Crushed to Death

Clumsy Older Couple Trips in Front of Semi Truck, Woman Gets Run Over and Crushed to Death

I don’t have any background info about this video. It’s a CCTV footage showing an older couple apparently trying to cross the road on which a few vehicles are stopped. There could either be a traffic light in front of the vehicles, or a toll booth, or something of sorts.

Just as the two got close to a stopped semi truck, the man tripped and fell. That caused his apparent wife, whose hand he was holding, to trip over him and fall in front of the truck. The truck then must have got green-lighted and began moving forward, running over the woman and crushing her to death. Those two deserve the clumsiest fuckers of the year award. Damn!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. Idk….never seen it…but it has to suck getting up in the morning n seeing a black face in the mirror…knowing all the discrimination ill face because of ur color…plus a black face isn’t very appealing…I mean this in an unsarcastic n sympathetic tone of course.

        1. Encima eres un sudaca de mierda que son los que dicen lo de Verga. Mira marrón de mierda como disfrutaría despellejandote vivo y violarte después. Y por supuesto te metería el fémur de tu madre una vez muerta volada y descuartizado. Saludos basura a ver si ponen el video de tu decapitación

  1. Please, people, this is not just some blood splat we’re discussing. She’s the poor man’s wife, somebody’s sister, somebody’s mother, somebody’s daughter, somebody’s aunt. Please show some compassion. What if the poor lady’s relatives are lurking around here reading the comments?

    1. Pero si podría despellejarte vivo como hacen a los perros allí asiático de mierda la plaga del mundo. Pondría a todas las cabezas de los chinos en fila y pasar un camión por encima me empalmaria

  2. I see now where you’re all saying that he planned this.
    Its pretty clear he saw his chance at freedom
    And he took it.
    Pretty risky as you can see he too would have been a victim
    Had he not got up quick enough.

  3. How sad, I would be devastated if me and my clumsy ass wife were walking one moment then the best she is being smeared like a human shit stain on the road. My heart goes out to that man. Especially because his clumsy ass initially caused the second clumsy fuck up.

  4. That’s pretty fucked up and I would be very upset if that happened to my wife. Why the fuck did they decide to J-walk right there over a failed orange fence that was poorly installed to stop people from walking or being in that area. Comedy of errors and multitudes of lawsuits that could happen because of all that.

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