Collision Between Two Cars in Brazil Leaves Multiple People Dead

Collision Between Two Cars in Brazil Leaves Multiple People Dead

This video was filmed in Brazil, though I don’t have a more specific location. It shows the aftermath of a fatal collision between two cars. It looks to me as though at least five people died between both cars.

There is a mangled couple on the front seats of the first vehicle shown in the video. The other vehicle was flipped on its roof. A female appears to be dead beside it, whereas inside there appear to be two dead younger males.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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81 thoughts on “Collision Between Two Cars in Brazil Leaves Multiple People Dead”

  1. Man, my eyes almost had an epileptic seizure with all that shaking.

    “Snap out of it! You act like you’ve never seen a dead body before!” (Chucky, Child’s Play 2)

    R.I.P Bill Paxton, a.k.a Private Hudson

    …oh yeah, and the assholes who died in this “tragic” accident as well.

      1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a car damaged in that way where part of the side is ripped off, and the floor is gone. At first I thought we were looking in through the roof of the second car, then I realised it’s upside down.

        Just seemed to be cheap, flimsy tin plate. I suppose the only area with any real strength is around engine and front suspension.

      2. First black car appears to be any model of Honda brand, maybe the model “Fit”, due to the logo on the wheel and the car’s size.
        The second car appears to be a Hyundai, model HB20.
        There is no need to tell the young drivers were driving like a crazy, to commit this disaster in the way it was. Of course, innocent people are involved in this tragedy as well.
        When driving safety is put away by any stupid reason, your life isn’t more than a mathematic equation, and death is statistically looking for a chance of take you off. =)

        1. I’ve had this argument a lot. There are people who think in an old heavy Buick that it’s safer. It’s not. The car holds up better but the passenger cage isn’t protected. So all that metal that doesn’t bend collapses in on the passengers. Now cars collapse around the passenger cage. If you want to argue with engineers, go ahead. You are certainly naive, my friend. NO reasonable research will back you up. And you can’t count Billy Bob and his ’57 Chevy.

        2. dethbyplaster is correct. Old cars used solid frames which would transfer impact to the passengers. Almost every new car now uses unibody which is designed to crumble on impact-little to no shock transfer. However, even in extreme cases, unibody wont save anyone…

          1. This is the point. Also, the most expensive sport cars in the world (like Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghinis etc) cannot save you from a severe accident like on this video. Zero chance! sayonara… asta la vista… adios, até logo!
            Just remember how actor Paul Walker died… Rip dear Paul!

    1. @beneaththeplanetoftheapes @terminator_g (GNeveNL)

      Shit, I think they went through barbed wire fencing! At 0:00 you can see what might be a broken fence-post. If so, she must have caught on it when she was thrown from the car and, instead of flying off into the underbrush, became a human yo-yo, winding around the car as it flipped. Damn, I hope she was either out cold or dead before riding the ultimate E Ticket attraction!

          1. I would assume it just demolished the spring mechanism and broke it, so just loose cable now. Maybe there’s something stuck to it or around it holding it taunt to the ground. I don’t think it’s actually attached to her. I think it lands behind her somewhere.

        1. No, I cannot; but the road that appears in the video appears to be fairly straight with a significant dip.

          The distance between the partially deformed dashboard and the driver’s seat is, relatively, short.

          The driver does not appear to be particularly tall (median male height in Brazil is 1.731 m / 5′ 8.25″) and that supports being seated close to the wheel.

          I suggest that this driver was too low to see what was approaching, either on his side of the roadway, or the other if he was overtaking.


          1. Careful asking for a head count around here @illegal. You might have to divide by 2 for an accurate count.

  2. Now that’s what I’m talkin about…. The horrific tragedy of life being snuffed out and stymied before the Grim Reaper even notices. These are my favorite posts. I hope I go this quickly, without pain. One second breathing and one second; BAM! I’m dead. Life is scarred however, when your dead, your dead what do we have to worry about? We dead.

    1. @stephgw64.
      I’m with you. Quick…BAM! Dead. This would play out the same, however, lying in bed and a brain aneurysm takes you out. This scenario would avoid being blown to bits then incinerated. I guess we don’t get to choose though.

  3. 1. What the heck is that phone cord?
    2. How freaking fast were they going? (I see it was a straight road with half dotted line, someone was probably trying to pass and ran head on into the other, and the road looks just wet enough to be slippery as hell)
    3. Where is the entire undercarriage of the non convertible car?
    4. Bummer

    1. @saxtoner (Redneck Hippie)

      I thought that the ‘phone cord’ was a barbed wire fence they somehow crashed through and @dethbyplaster thinks “it’s the cable that opens the trunk from the handle under the dash when you’re in the driver’s seat.” I wish the resolution/camera work were better, it could easily be either or neither.

  4. Here is a lesson : Stop Talking to the winds going at breakneck speeds cause the end results will turn out to be exactly the same as more often we keep seeing here .

    That lust for speed .. avoid if you must .

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