Colombian Female Driver Rams Motorcyclist and Flees Accident Scene

Colombian Female Driver Rams Motorcyclist and Flees Accident Scene

Colombian Female Driver Rams Motorcyclist and Flees Accident Scene

In September of this year, in the city of Bogota, Colombia, a female driver rammed a delivery motorcyclist at the gated entrance to a parking lot. After hitting the biker, the female driver fled the accident scene, but trashed her brand new vehicle in the process.

The female driver was caught shortly after by the police. The motorcyclist survived with serious injuries.

Props to Best Gore member @existenceispain for the video:

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115 thoughts on “Colombian Female Driver Rams Motorcyclist and Flees Accident Scene”

      1. Serious what a hoe move. I took off from the scene in my teenage days after knocking over a city stop sign while racing. Replacing a stop sign is a lot of money when you’re 16-17. I would never leave the scene if somebody was injured though, that’s fucked up. Unless it was a nigga or something.

        1. yes but surely you’re still looking at things from a right and wrong perspective. The way i look at things is some cunt got a dose of pain and misery and thet’s good enough for me. i still love you though buddy

          1. Why not, might as well make things worse than they already are. Maybe a slant eye’d delivery driver with your lo mein and kung pao chicken will cause a ten car pile up. And you’ll finally have to resort to eating some poptarts out of the cupboard.

    1. It looks like the dude was stuck under the car and got dragged back and eventually got ran over again. How he survived is beyond me, it looks like it ran over his head. She was probably late to a soccer…ahem…*futbol* game and couldn’t be fucked with running someone over…

    2. It wouldn’t be the first time a woman ran themselves over.
      Maybe she was in one of those experimental cars mentioned in Popular Mechanics- the quick eject/auto pilot takeover mobiles. When the ‘brain’ senses a dumb female move, it ejects them out the bottom. Funny how it always knows the gender.
      My apologies to all those halfway decent female drivers out there. Lol!!!

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    1. Other excuses frequently used by women to justify any behaviour that would put a man in jail for years:
      1. Premenstrual syndrome.
      2. Post-natal depression.
      3. The menopause.
      4. Domestic abuse.
      5. The general strain of being a woman, which men cannot possibly understand.

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  2. I have been a silent patron of this site for a few years now and after all the gore this video prompted me to finally sign up because I want to call this woman what she is …..a fucking cunt ! Women drivers are the fucking worst! Especially Asian women drivers!

    1. Welcome. Like you, I was the silent visitor for about 8 years and a member for only 3 months now. I was on the outside looking in, but felt I knew people here. I believe it was a post about a bag of Brazilian heads that got me signing up, Lol!
      Whenever I get cut-off by an Asian woman, I first have to wave at them, so she see’s where I’m at- then scream, ‘Why don’t you go back to ASIA!’ Lol!

        1. [She was picking up the phone] I need to call an ambulance! Oh girls, I am so sorry. I never should have been drinking and driving. Tat is the last time I mix liquor and beer and cough syrup and Kool-Aid and Grape Kool-Aid and Lemon Pledge! And this time I mean it!

        2. Looks like original driver or someone else backed it up while not completely in the car, then thrown out.
          Unless goat-chin Charlie, while underneath the car, decided to change his black pleather jacket to a gay-looking purple wind breaker and pants.

  3. I am, in no way, defending the car driver’s actions… but, if I was the scooter driver, and realized that another driver was looking to enter the parking lot as well… GET THE F*CK OUT OF THE ENTRY AREA! He stops and sits there looking for an address, ‘uno-dos-tres…’ knowing a freaking car is waiting to get in. I would not be surprised of the car driver immediately lost her cool.

    2 things I learned as a motorcyclist: BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS & DON’T PISS PEOPLE OFF IN LARGER VEHICLES. He seemed to fail at one or t’other.

  4. He asked for it though, she did that shit on purpose 100%. She was pissed she was waiting for the gate to open, then this little skinny fuck on the bike just rolls up in, and blocks the way? Oh hell no, she aint letting that shit happen, he done fucked up now! She ran his ass over on purpose, taught his ass a lesson on manors. I think Luda said it best, “Move BITCH get out the way”… LMFAO…

    1. I think she snapped-caused by another instance of ADS.

      Asian Derangement Syndrome.

      I wonder how many millions of $$$ have been lost to Asians delaying commerce.

  5. BWAHAHAHA. funniest thing I ever saw. Gotta be pretty stupid to run yourself over. Still laughing………..
    Take her license and give her a tricycle.
    Van vs Motorcycle and the Van driver STILL managed to break her stupid fucking leg.

  6. They can salvage the rest of that pizza pie… repackage it as their Road Kill Special. Mozz, sauce, oregano, plugs, points, and a green secret sauce infused in the crust. Mmmmmm!

  7. In all fairness, the guy on the bike did cut in front of her. However, she has some explaining to do with her husband as to what happened to the car…Maybe if she parks it in the garage nice and quietly, she can act dumb and clueless to what happened…

  8. It seems hard to imagine how this could happen. How could she not see the man on the scooter as he is CLEARLY FULLY VISIBLE. It just appears that she was trying to kill him on purpose. She just literally drove right over him. Then, adding insult to injury, she just simply put the car in reverse with him still under her car, dragging him out into the road running him over yet again. It’s amazing that he survived. I’m sure he will NEVER, ever, ride a scooter again after this incident. This is a great video to demonstrate to people just how vulnerable to cars people on bikes actually really are. If some nut in a car wants to run you over there really isn’t much you can do about it as this video clearly demonstrates.

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