Compilation of Fatal Drifting Accidents from Saudi Arabia

Compilation of Fatal Drifting Accidents from Saudi Arabia

We’ve had a number of Saudi drifting accidents posted on Best Gore, but the latest one was posted a year ago, before all this peculiar post Luka Magnotta crowd came at us like big water, so let’s have some more. Here’s 11 minutes long compilation of some of the deadliest drifting accidents from Saudi Arabia. Part of the video is audio dubbed with Allahu Akbar music, the rest is silent. Strange way to do it but hard to expect anything sensical from the Saudis.

Props to Best Gore member cheese for the video:

Also a bonus video from inside a drifting vehicle driven by a professional with some wannabe tough Arab in the passenger seat. That Arab is shitting his pants but is trying to look all cool like a pansy boy who took his girlfriend for a rollercoaster ride:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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44 thoughts on “Compilation of Fatal Drifting Accidents from Saudi Arabia”

  1. Gotta say that was entertaining to watch…
    I totally enjoyed seeing those arms coming off as the body’s tumbled from their car..epic indeed..
    Its nice to see people who possess no skill’s in automotive driving at high speed or any speed for that matter, attempting to drift an automobile with spectators everywhere waiting their turn to get crushed by an out of control car…!

    1. give muslim no money and he will die of starvation, give for him a lot of money and he will die anyway doing somethin stupid.
      Yeah…money does not mean that you can drive at all. and for the crowd – it has no more sense than those “drivers” (monkeys in a shuttle).

  2. Sweet. The first one I ever saw on here was included, where the car flips and the guys arm goes sailing. I guess you can’t drift camels, but they don’t look that skilled at drifting cars for the most part, so I don’t think it matters. Plus, some of them don’t like to wear seatbelts, factor in the idiots watching, and it’s just carnage waiting to happen.

  3. hate me, but iam saying it doesnt matter that much too me if an wahabi dies. i so hate this People. i would rather add a chinese to my friends then an fucking Saudi bastard. god ihope they all will be erased one day

    1. I thought you can only do this if your life really doesn’t have a fucking purpose.

      What a waste, plus endangering/killing innocent bystanders (not the spectators, I mean other motorists on the road) is beyond stupidity.

      Spend your Saudi bucks to rent some time on a closed course and kill yourself there…

  4. They can afford expensive cars
    But can’t afford guardrail’s? Let’s drift down a street that has light pole’s every 50 feet all the way down the street with no guardrail’s ….. Sound’s like a great IDEA!

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