Compilation of Traffic Accidents from China

Compilation of Traffic Accidents from China

China, homeland of world’s most useless drivers and world’s most uncaring people. Also homeland of pigs who, if they want to continue behaving like pigs, should stay in their homeland instead of invading other countries and soaking them up with their inbred piggism.

It’s always puzzled me why the Chinese government readily issues driving licenses to people who are undeniably legally blind. Most of the traffic accidents in China seem to happen because all drivers go out driving with blindfolds on their mugs at the same fucking time.

The worst thing is, the Chinese are always overtly eager to immigrate to civilized countries to avoid seemingly uncivilized China, but refuse to act like civilized people. I’d been out of Alberta for almost 3 years and upon my recent return, I noticed severe increase in Chinese population. They always used to settle in Vancouver, turning it into Hong-Couver, but now, because of strong Alberta’s economy (oil fields related), they all drag their asses here. And with them came bullshit I don’t recall seeing before.

If for example I need to cross a multi lane road on a cross walk, I need to be very careful cause there are many Chinese drivers on the road now. I used to be able to just go because crosswalks always meant “yield to the pedestrian”, but now, I’m forced to watch out who drives down lanes I cannot see because of drivers who did stop. If it’s a Chinese person, they are guaranteed not going to stop. Everybody else stops, but the Chinese never do. And not only that, they’ll drive right by looking like it doesn’t bother them at all.

They are eager to immigrate to civilized countries, but refuse to adopt civilized behavior. And don’t even get me on their sheer arrogance. Everywhere I go, if Chinese people are there, it’s guaranteed to be unbearably noisy. They just can’t be respectful of others and speak at reasonably levels. They always yell their fucking yaps off like we all gathered round to listen to their annoying language.

I went to a sauna on a couple of occasions. Saunas are small, enclosed spaces in which you want to unwind and relax. Most of the time it’s possible, but when the fucking Chinese people walk in – and it’s frequent now that they’re all herding around – they’re just gonna yell the shit out of themselves completely disregarding others who sit there quietly enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. What arrogant, disrespectful monkeys. They need to go back to the rainforest if they want to behave like chimps for fuck’s sake.

Plus they always chew with their mouth open, pick their teeth and make disgusting noises after food and scrape their feet against the road when they walk. Honestly, the Chinese seem to be in a contest to outpig one another. There’s no other way to explain this purposeful piggism.

Anyway, the compilation of videos of the Chinese driving with blindfolds on and running one another over is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. where i live indians from idia run stores and native american indians run the casino’s.
        if your wondering where i am, it’s near bigfoot sightings in florida, it rhymes with neverglades

        1. i went to the everglades when i was a teen, i was in vacation on Miami. I remember these strange fish in the water, they looked like camouflaged living fossils, and where swimming around, and yes, I remember that the police where of some kind of indian reserve (some guy later told us that the indians where originally from other place, but got “relocated” there, lol)

          1. yeah, they come from up north.
            kinda like how new york has jews, this part of town has indians.
            not that i hate em, im just sayin’

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          2. @baked… are going to have some fun when you read back over all these posts when you sober up hahahaha…..but you’re that chick you’re talking about is pretty

          3. @grin
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        1. holy cow, now i understand why taking 6 of these little 50mg fuckers for my allergy to humidity left me cemented or bound to the chair thinking i was the guy from “the pit and the pendulum”… friend the neurologist warned me and i didnt believed him….

    1. Nah, I don’t like arrogant, disrespectful pricks. That’s the difference.

      It’s Mark with a “K” by the way. I wish I could speak French, but I don’t, despite common misconception that everyone in Canada is bilingual. I speak other languages, but none of them is French. My name is not French either.

      1. i knew some french canadian chick years ago, she doesn’t seem to like english speaking canadians, ranted something about french canadians gettin ‘discriminated’ by the english…i don’t know, but a country where, in winter, the water on your car’s radiator gets frozen…….oh, i forgot what i was about to say, but the ice thing gave me the idea to indulge myself into some whisky…

        1. It?s been snowing and freezing for 3 days here in Northern Alberta. I resisted going out in that miserable mess for two days but had nothing left to eat today and had to go. Fuck I swore my nuts out all the way to the grocery store and back. The wind is blowing sharp snow into your face, every single cell on your body is giving in cause it?s frozen ? fuck. And I was hoping it would warm up by beginning of may so dirt roads are dry enough to get into the woods. I don?t think it?s gonna happen. So yeah, block heater is absolute necessity if you own a car in Canada. French Canadian chicks are less snobby than English ones. You can actually strike a conversation with them without getting constantly treated like you?re not worthy their time cause they?re oh so hot.

          1. fair play to you……id never got into the woods……people go into woods and never come back out….have you seen the movie wrong turn…..there is too many movies made about inbreds that there has to be some truth to them… sticking close to the city lol

          2. Lol Mark, it’s been nearly summer weather here in Ontario. Suppose to be 20+ tomorrow. I feel for you…I hate cold weather.

          3. @pamela, I tried watching the 3rd one but it was too painful so I shut it off lol As for Hills Have Eyes. Yep I love them both.

          4. now that I remember, i tried to pick up some english canadian chick about two years ago, she was a saleswoman (or something) for a mercedes benz dealer and she thinked that she was the Queen of Java, or something. I let her go, but some guy keep trying to pick her up. Later I sitted, ordered a jim beam black and resumed reading Au Revours by Huysmans. Here we call these kind of chicks “histericas” (histerics), they like to warm up the guys and leave them hot and empty handed. One of the first things the succesful seducer has to learn is to early identify and discard the “histeric”.

          5. you’re lucky mark i wish i lived in a cold place with temperatures below 0 ?C degrees i love cold temperatures this is why i’m gonna move to canada in the future i wanna wake up with my balls frozen and go outside with snow everywhere sucks winter is over sometimes we get rain but it’s not the same i want winter to come back!

          6. @ Jesus

            I love winter too, but winter isn’t always about frolicking in the snow. When weather is nice, it’s cold, but sun is shining and wind only mild, then great fun can be had. But when a blizzard from hell comes, snowflakes crystallized into hard rock that like a thousand dart stab you in the face every second as wind is so strong they fly horizontally, and humidity is so high you every bone resonates with ill feeling chills, then it’s really not fun. Having to shovel snow off the sidewalk every morning (bylaw requires it, or else city workers will come to clean the sidewalk and send you the bill from hell for their labor) in -50 Degrees Celsius, when no matter how warm you dress up, you can’t stay outside for more than a few minutes at a time is no fun either. Plus as the cars drive on the snow, it turns into nasty slush that make any experience going outside pure hell.

            Make sure you pack up a few heavy sweaters before coming here. Especially if you end up on the prairies.

          1. Thanks Mark. Your the man. I thought American mobile homes were pretty shitty, but apparently the Chinese have ones you need to pedal. When struck by a car they turn to dust and all their hello kitty shit strewn about the neughborhood. And I guess in China there must be suicide by car. Those guys on motorcycles were driving head on into those cars like they couldnt help it.

      1. in china, sidewalks dont exist, so if you’re going for a walk, you better hope it isnt a busy day, or your gonna be dodging car’s.
        i’m making this up, but sounds very china-like, right?

          1. Some friend of mine had to go to china on business and the think that striked him the most was that 50% in the streets are VOLKSWAGEN SANTANAS (a piece of crap designed in Brazil like a 20 years ago obsolete sedan…..Brazil, China…..the gore.connection is always there)

        1. actually, baked isn’t far off. the only part of the mainland i’ve ever been to is guangdong province (south china), where most of my relatives are, and it was almost rare to see cars. most people were on bikes or mopeds, and a lot of places i went to didn’t have pavements, so pedestrians had to share the streets with mopeds. almost got run over by a crapload of mopeds coming up behind me once =.= they don’t slow down either, just honk, and if you don’t move out of the way….. :/

          1. of course, if every chinese family was to have a car and eat 3 times a day, raw materials in the fuckin world would not be enough to meet the demand…that’s why some people just have to live in poverty and shut up about it……here there is an urban legend, about chinese owned stores, the legend says that all chinese stores are actually owned by local mafia-like organizations that just “buy” poor chinese families in southern china and put them to work in the stores as if the stores were theirs, for a meager percentage of the profits…

        1. Sorry, but just to say that you are a woman is not a proof. Please post a link to a high definition picture of you naked holding a paper with your nickname written with a crayon in Bidity style. Thanks.

          1. @ulises……Lol. Good try. You see, I don’t have to prove anything you. If I did post a naked pictures of myself, it would be in MY style, not Bidity style!

    1. In a world with seven billion people you gotta expect a whole HELL of a lotta Fuck Ups. The one unfortunate thing though; all these Fuck Ups ain’t thin’in out the herd fast enough. But it does give us plenty of gore to look at on a daily basis ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. what the actual fucking fuck?? seriously, that is the most screwed up shit! I think one of those head split videos Mark posted not too long ago was actually included, only it was the accident itself, not the aftermath.
    What a screwed up place to live…or die, as the case may be…lol

      1. Almost 100% of the people on the entire fucking PLANET would not beleive that video if not seen for themselves.
        The Students Of Best Gore have the advantage, the upper hand, by knowing that this ACTUALLY HAPPENED

  3. I could not stop cracking up with each collision. I can’t believe how terrible people are at driving… How could you not see some of those people/vehicles??

    By the way- Howdy everyone! I’m new here so I thought I’d say hello.

    1. Hellow ShadowFox
      Welcome To Best Gore!

      Some of the things that you will see here WILL UNDOUBTABLY make your world spin and your brain question what visual information that your eyeballs just took in.

      So, now that You’re here, talk words to us

    1. This is how it works – many pedestrians don’t care, they just cross even when they’re not supposed to. Drivers – they keep driving, even if they’re supposed to stop. It’s a common thing in developing Asian countries and below. I know, cos live in Asia. But you won’t find shit like that in advanced countries such as say, Singapore…

  4. I read somewhere the other day, that car ownership in China has gone from 19% to 60% in the last 10 years, because of their economy, we will only be getting more of these amazing compilations!

  5. I’m Chinese, though I was born and raised elsewhere in Asia, and have never been to China. Even I absolutely detest mainland Chinese mentality – it’s almost barbaric (my neighbors behave exactly like them). They’re selfish, loud, ignorant and completely inconsiderate. It’s frustrating being labeled as one of them.

  6. What. I am blind in one of my eyes completely and yet I still manage to drive better. I’ve been driving since I was a teen and only had one accident, and I was a dumbass and ran into a ditch. It seems like no one yields at cross walks at all, and almost all of these would have been avoided if they just slowed the fuck down and watched where they were going. Do none of these cars come with a brake?

    I will admit though, the music had me giggling. Very good, very good.

  7. epic music lol
    half of these accidents could easely have been avoided lol, i guess besides giving out free licences for everyone who managed to live up to age 21, they should start handing out glasses too.
    Cause frankly, most of them must be blind as a bat to not see whats comming from… 500 yards way!!! lol

  8. From what I can tell most of these dumbfucks are going way to fast. What the fuck is the hurry. You’d think this video would be enough for that fucked up communist government to mandate all motorized vehicles have governors installed in which they cannot go faster than 15 miles per hour. All because these stupid assholes cannot drive or cross a crosswalk without looking first. On the good side though, this is just as much fun watching Chinese idiots getting whacked as it is watching Arabs getting killed. Good job.

  9. I have never seen a more inept bunch of people in my entire life, not even in Russia, (and if any of you have ever watched the compilations of Russian dash-cam videos you know what I’m talking about.) I especially love the last one in this compilation: “Incoming Fail-Bus, GET OUT THE WAY!!! Never mind the gas pumps…”

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