Compilation of Best Car Crashes Caught on Dashcam in Russia

Compilation of Best Car Crashes Caught on Dashcam in Russia

Prepare for 5 minutes of awesome. This compilation of best car crashes caught on dashcams in Russia starts with a few close calls, but picks up with the good stuff when the music picks the beat. The compilation follows the tempo set by the background tune so when the tune slows down for an intermezzo, less violent encounters are shown but when the music gets to full beat, violence ensues.

Some of the crashes featured in the compilation we’ve already seen on Best Gore, like the epic Nissan Navara obliteration, but many are new and they all come together really nicely. Also, two or three sequences were not from Russia (like this sudden crash into a truck) and there also is one CCTV video in the mix. Really nice compilation either way.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “Compilation of Best Car Crashes Caught on Dashcam in Russia”

  1. Those people ridin’ in the vehicles that burst into flames are some unlucky bastards. I hope they either made a quick escape before the flames over took them, or they didn’t have to suffer through the experience of burning to death.

    1. This happens all over the world on a daily basis dude. Only difference is that for some reason a lot of people have dashcams there. Probably to prove what happend to prevent corrupt cops deciding in someone elses favor.

  2. wow!!! glad we dont have snowy slippery roads here in australia! in russia insurance is to expensive unless you have a dashcam iv heard!! so we can thank those filthy insurance companies for this eye opening stuff! i drive so carefully since my eyes have been opened to the real world of carnage!!

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