Compilation of Worst Plane Crashes Caught on Video

Compilation of Worst Plane Crashes Caught on Video

This is a great compilation of some of the worst plane crashes caught on video, although they are all old time classics so none of the recent ones, like this epic dashcam of a plane crash from Russia are included. The compilation includes crashes of passenger jets as well as small plane accidents, although a few helicopter crashes, fighter jet crashes and near crashes are also thrown in.

Although positively scary, air traffic remains one of the safest available. The ratio between how many people fly and how many die flying is way in favor of this mode of transportation. Not to mention that flying is often the only viable, and sometime the only possible means of getting to a desired place.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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92 thoughts on “Compilation of Worst Plane Crashes Caught on Video”

  1. First two were pilot error, I remember those.

    That JetBlue pilot did a great job getting himself and his passengers down safely.

    That seaplane crashing into the beach was intense! I’d never seen that one before!

    Finally, in all, that was one of the better plane crash compilations I’ve ever watched. Good content and no crappy/annoying music. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! 馃檪

    1. First one is actually fiercely contested, there’s still people to this day believe the pilot was stitched up to protect Airbus. At his trial the judge wouldn’t let them use the black boxes as evidence because they had obviousy been tampered with, whch gives abit of credibilty to the conspiracy theory, because I’m not usually one for conspiracies.

      There have been similar accusations that Concorde caught fire earlier than the metal strip and that the recent crash in mid-Atlantic was partly attributable to design.

      Either somebody with WAY too much time on their hands really doesnt like French planes or there’s issues in French aviation.

      While I’m rambling I may as well mention I’m pretty sure the large jet losing its tail was a crash test to see what would happen if a plane was landed at stupidly high speed.

      1. I didn’t know about the contested version of events. I’ve seen the video a bazillion times, but nobody ever mentions that part.

        Gee, not surprisingly, I learned something new today… and I fucking learned it at Best Gore! 馃榾

      2. what I was taught in my aviation maintenance classes was that the first accident was caused by a malfunction of the FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control). airbus believes that computers should override human input, whereas boeing believes that computers should never override human input. Anyways the plane was in a landing configuration and so it attempted to land and when the pilots attempted to go around the computers overrode their input. I believe the pilot was found guilty of manslaughter even though the general belief in the aviation industry(mechanic wise) is that FADEC was at fault

    1. I’m not a huge fan of planes either, but I still fly over seas to visit family in Germany every couple of years. I remember there being a lot of turbulence 2 years ago when we were flying at one moment and everyone in the back was screaming for a few seconds. My dad was laughing because he thought it was ridiculous and then everyone clapped at the end. Oy!

    1. @misfits- Fuck yea! Watched that last night!! Was that based on a true story?? So he was a drunk- but damn, inverting the plane to gain stability to crash it better, so he could save lives?! He can fly my plane ANY DAY! That was pretty awesome!! Good movie!! 馃檪

      1. Haha, yea- stuff gets too old and you can’t really go back and check. Too much!! That’s funny, i grew up in the Stack! 馃槈 I know that area all to well!! East Bay! I don’t live there anymore though. I’m in the hot ass central valley now! =( Had to get my kids far away from those schools, etc. I’m probably older than you though. Cool to see some locals though!! So you’re in Mexico for a year?! Damn be straight out there! Come back in one piece! Lol. Have that camera ready at all times, those Narcos are everywhere!! 馃槈

        1. I know, man! There should be something on the site to notify you that someone replied to your post but bestgore is fine just the way it is. quenches my thirst for gore and theres never enough. what part of central valley are you in? i go to modesto all the time. Yes i’m in Mexico for a full year or a little less, we’ll see. I dodged death thrice but 2013 is treating me well so far with all the bullshit that goes on around here and its us americans’ fault that it’s happening and it may have no end until we become extinct. should happen anytime soon.

    1. @juicy babe, shit I know one thing, if I was one of the fortunate souls who walk away from a plane crash bet your sweet ass I’ll be OWNING a part of that airline after the fact. kry nog fokken geld by jou ma poes!!!

  2. I’m sure, like me, many members on here have had dreams in which they die.
    The majority of my death dreams involve plane crashes. In them I’m never flying on the plane, it either explodes overhead and I’m watching debris falling towards me knowing it’s going to hit, or I hear a tremendous roar overhead and look up to see a passenger jet engulfed in flames breaking through low cloud heading in my direction.
    Some great crashes here, but the daddy of them all is below.

  3. I remember watching a show that re-enacted the horrific Japan Airlines Flight 123 Boeing 747 crash on Mount Osutaka! 520 people died and only 4 survived. Survivors had said more had been alive after the crash but died from their injuries over night since rescue crews couldn’t get to them due to their crappy location until around morning time!

  4. Loved the second one, but glad I wasn’t on it! The helicopter was cool too.

    NOT cancelling my upcoming trips to Spain and Germany but should any of my planes crash, I hope they are spectacular and caught on film!

  5. Loved the second one, but glad I wasn’t on it! The helicopter was cool too.

    NOT cancelling my upcoming trips to Spain and Germany but should any of my planes crash, I hope they are spectacular and caught on camera!

  6. I’d seen them all at least 5 times each; I spend far too much time on youtube.

    I also have a morbid fear of flying and have not left terra firma since 1984. There is nothing that would get me on board a plane ever again. Anyone else suffer like I do?

    1. I can’t stand flying either (I’ll admit I get scared…but not hysterical..I tend to hide it), yet have flown all my life and continue to fly to Europe to visit relatives every couple of years. If they weren’t there, I probably would hardly ever fly lol.

  7. crazy video. being associated with delta airlines, it frustrates me when people are scared to fly. although everyone has their reasons, being afraid of crashing is the worst. at any give point in the day, there are approximately 14,000 commercial planes in the air. you read about these crashes once every two or three years. do the math. you’re fine

    1. @ manzells – Why on earth does MY fear of flying frustrate YOU? Does it keep you awake at night? Are all your vacations ruined because I don’t like to fly? Sorry, but your comment makes no sense at all.

      My fear of flying is a phobia, and just like someone else’s fear of (say) spiders there is no real reason for it but the fear is real. There is NOTHING that anyone could do that would make me get on board a plane! You could point a gun at my head and I wouldn’t give a shit about it; I’d rather let you shoot me than be forced to get into that damned aluminium tube.

      Take note: it’s not a fear of crashing or dying that stops me boarding a plane, it’s a fear of boarding the plane itself, leaving the ground, travelling through the air, and then landing that stops me. I suffer from a fer of FLYING, not a fear of crashing. It may sound irrational to you but then so would a lot of the phobias that are around. I mean why on earth would an adult be afraid of clowns? But there are plenty that are. Do they frustrate you too? Of course not. So why should you be frustrated about my fear of flying?

        1. I dislike spiders and clowns!!! That Ronald McDonald better not come too close! I live in the Northeast (New England region) and I can’t stand large Wolf Spiders, so you can imagine I trembled when I used to live in Texas in early childhood and came face to door screen with hairy Tarantulas!! Ewww

          1. @SAM- those are some ugly fuckers the Wolfe spiders!!! Now I’m itching! Lol. My Mom was bitten by a brown recluse and she’s missing a chunk of her back! Fuck that shit!! Those recluse spiders are known return biters. I’d move the fuck out! The only thing that ever better bite my ass- is a HOT vampire!

          2. One Man – LOL That is disgusting!

            Juicy – When I used to live in NY I had some friends who had problems with the Brown’s. They are plain nasty in general. Luckily I never have had an issue and where I live now there are no spider problems! In regards to hot vamps biting, bring it on, and he better be smokin’ LOL. Also, when I saw SAM I looked up and own trying to find a SAM and then it hit me….I must need a nap haha.

          1. @1manbanned-that’s not necessarily a good thing. I like you and your sense of humor. Besides-I’m not afraid to fly, so i might just show up at yours! 馃槈

            Just make sure that ex-wife of yours doesn’t show up. You might find me on your shoulders! I’m THAT terrified of spiders! LmMFao

          2. Sounds like fun. I might get the ex-wife to show her face round the door to give you a shock; it’s been a while since I had a girl’s legs wrapped round my neck! :p

  8. Definately Carlisle wire to blame for all these.

    I work for the main supplier of wire and cable for Boeing and Airbus. We also supply the medical fields and military (all types of wire including Ejection seat wire). There is some wire aboard the ISS space station too as we distribute to Nasa as well.

    With a job so important you could not imagine the dumbass people I work with that are hired in right off the street.

    None of you would ever fly again.

    1. Probably should have metioned we actually MANUFACTURE the wire and cables. From start to finish. There are lots of tests done but a lot of the times bad stuff gets through and only sometimes is it caught and sent back…

      Happy flying…

    1. I’ve heard that too. It’s supposed to protect your face from massive damage from a heavy impact, though considering some of the warthogs I’ve woken up next to in my time, a little facial damage could well be an improvement. 馃檪

  9. i would just like to note that i was suposed to be on that dessert duck helo ride from Bahrain to the Uss Cushing in 2002, i got drunk and missed the flight only to be congratulated by the captain for missing it 2 days later when the shipped pulled in to fix damages

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