Compound Fracture and Dislocation of Ankle Due to Motorcycle Accident

Compound Fracture and Dislocation of Ankle Due to Motorcycle Accident

The video depicts the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, in which the motorcyclist dislocated his ankle joint. Whereas the bone is exposed and protrudes from under the skin, I believe the proper medical term for this type of injury is “compound fracture“.

Other than that, no background info is available about the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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29 thoughts on “Compound Fracture and Dislocation of Ankle Due to Motorcycle Accident”

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        1. nonsense, in cultural and technological advanced countries like Brazil without corrupted politics, the Brazilian people enjoy affordable health care packages based on their income.

          this guys will pay pennies if not, they’ll take care of him for free in any advanced brazilian hospital.

          He’ll go to “General DaSilvas Hospital” and be taken care of with nice laughing nurses.

    1. I did that to my right ankle, only it wasn’t quite a compound fracture. Was riding my bicycle to work (right around the corner from where I lived) in January. Roads were clear, but my employer’s parking lot wasn’t. Wheels went out from under me and my right foot came down to brace. Dislocated the ankle, snapped the fibula and tore a bunch of ligaments. Also had an avulsion fracture of the inner ankle bone. Plates and screws to anchor the bone, reattachment of the ligaments, and ignored the avulsion fracture. Spent a year in pain, limped everywhere. Finally went back to the doctor and he told me that I should’ve had the hardware out within the year of the surgery. Silly me…kept the hardware in for nearly two years.

    1. “Sir I totally agree with you there.
      Let down the tail gate scrape him off the road.
      And be sure to put his foot in a bag.
      Is there any ice in the cooler?
      Get the Budweiser out of there.
      We need to put his foot on ice.
      I just got over a sprained ankle.
      Seeing his ankle made me rub my foot.
      And hope to God I don’t sprain it again.”

  1. This does not look like an obvious fracture to me. It looks more like a dislocation injury with the distal tibia breaking the thru the skin.
    I’ve seen these from my ER days, it’s not that uncommon. The hospital I worked at was close to a ski resort and ski injuries like this are not rare.
    His prognosis is very good with prompt and competent care. Injuries like this need to be treated promptly because of possible blood flow restrictions before reduction.
    Reduction means “popping” the tibia back into joint. The doc just takes the foot and pulls it and twists it back into place. This really sucks for the patient, hurts like hell but a good ER doc can get it over with quickly.
    He may have a tibia or fibula fx that is not obvious from the video but it may be as simple as reducing the dislocation, suturing the wound and sending him home with crutches for awhile…assuming there is no soft tissue stuff like ligament or tendon damage.

    1. I would think a ski injury like this would be super rare! With ski boots on it would be next to impossible to do this. With snowboard boots on it would be really really hard to do. Now a compound fracture of the tibia about half way up to the knee is not uncommon because the boots are so ridged that the bone snaps just above the top of the boot, but dislocating the ankle like this so bad that it punctures the skin is not going to be a common injury on the ski slopes at all. Those boots are just too solid to turn an ankle

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