Concrete Mixer Truck Strikes Down Woman and Child on Motorcycle

Concrete Mixer Truck Strikes Down Woman and Child on Motorcycle

Concrete Mixer Truck Strikes Down Woman and Child on Motorcycle

CCTV camera in what looks like China captured the moment a concrete mixer truck driver struck down a woman and child on a motorcycle. In typically Asian fashion, the trucker failed to pay due attention things in front of his heavy machine.

In contrast, in rather untypical fashion, the trucker did not run them over and instead stopped upon noticing he had hit something. He did smear them a bit as their bodies got wedged under his wheels.

Even though not crushed to death, both the woman and the child seem dead, which wouldn’t be surprising given that neither wore a safety helmet. A knock down by a truck followed by a full force headslam on the pavement is unlikely to leave you alive and well.

Props to Best Gore member @nikish for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. This happens in london and people really give a shit… no people dont give a shit they just say the right thing and act accordingly to their job where theyre paid to do it.

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  2. Useless as fuck. I rewatched it a number of times. The mother -biker may have tried to cycle forward instead of to the right. YET ,that truck driver did an illegal right turn from a drive forward lane!!

    He needs to be stripped and caned in public and be made to maintain their graves at his expense for ten years. That is in addition to any other civil or criminal remedies.

  3. I really do hope the kids and woman are alright.
    It appears to me that the kids and woman were in the drivers blindspot and were most likely going straight. Upon realizing that the truck was turning on her she tried to roll with it and got hit.
    If she was turning same direction, she shoulda been on other side of road, ditchside.


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