Congo Man Leaves Behind Long Black Skid Mark

Congo Man Leaves Behind Long Black Skid Mark

Congo Man Leaves Behind Long Black Skid Mark

Half the man he used to be, a Congo man seen at the end of a skid mark has body still caught under tire. Angle of the truck and position of the man’s body suggest the driver slammed on the brakes, burning rubber in an unsuccessful attempt avoiding the motorcycle rider.

Left and right leg are seen separate from the rest of his body. Thank God he wore safety gear to protect his head and is free from any brain injuries.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. God Fellas, lol you think that’s funny, check out the pintrest pictures of S.A farmers your dutch cousins, WHO HAVE NO WHERE TO GO COZ YOUR PEOPLE WONT ACCEPT THEM LOL you’ll see plenty of red skid marks. And the birthrate of the caucasians, you’ll be extinct soon, (Obidiah kjv)

      1. I was busted in the school library looking at Porsche Girl on Best Gore. I like going to that post a lot to remind myself I was once human with a soul. Shit speaking of Porsche Girl this year marks the 10 year anniversary. Some of my classmates knew her personally.

          1. Oh, yeah. The Kitty Catsouras case was really cool, plus it garnered a lot of notoriety due to the public release of the video – as featured on Bestgore per our Glorious Supreme Leader’s followup.

            Here’s the link to the Russian Silicone Girl, for what it’s worth.


            If this isn’t the one you were thinking about, oh well. I liked it, though.

    1. @gahhoo (Vance)

      I’m in the same boat, I love browsing the archives but, unfortunately, a few years back there was a situation where the image/video hosting site BG used at the time deleted ALL of the saved content.

      The missing pics/vids were slowly being reloaded onto a different hosting site, but with all of the awful things that have happened to @happy (Vincit Omnia Veritas aka Mark) that project seems to have stalled out.

      I’m still hoping it will start up again at some point, there’s so much awesome old-school gore to rediscover! *waits patiently*

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        1. True that, stupid idiots. Reason i asked was because of the “They are stupid as fuck and fail academically worldwide regardless of environment” comment, which i should of pointed out first, my mistake. He/she is completely wrong about that.

          1. “He/she is completely wrong about that”.

            I am only going by the state recorded statistics per country and in western Europe and America black people are the lowest academic achievers per capita.

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          2. @empty-soul Well I’m glad you replied showing a level of maturity. Me myself know absolutely nothing about stats and to be honest have no interest in them (I’m a lazy cunt) 🙂 What I do know tho is that there are, not many i must add highly intelligent people of colour out there. Please recognise these black people and give them the credit they deserve. And by all means give niggers the shit they deserve.

          3. @gore48

            I was drunk and just ranting when I made my original comment.

            When sober I tend to be a bit more mature lol.

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          4. @empty-soul It’s all good and well put. Most of my comments are under the influence 🙂 lol. I wholeheartedly agree with you 100%. Sorry my reply isn’t as long as yours and as in depth as i thought these few words were enough. (again, i’m a lazy cunt) 🙂

            P.s. Mark should incorporate a thumbs up like option for comments. I’d be the first to hit that button for your response.

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  4. My first thoughts upon seeing this went something like,
    Congo has a space program? And one of their astronauts was run over by a truck?
    Then I came to my senses and realized that Congo and space program could not possibly co-exist.

  5. Seriously, vids like this make me wonder if braking in such situations is ever a good idea. You can’t help running the guy over anyway at this point. But you can and should help smearing his body by not touching the fucking brakes.

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