Construction Worker Run Over by Excavator

Construction Worker Run Over by Excavator

This construction company will certainly have some tough questions to answer. How could a workplace accident of such proportions take place? How did the worker who got run over by an excavator not see the heavy machinery coming at him? How did the excavator operator run over the entire body? From one of the pictures it appears as though the safety helmet the flattened worker was wearing got knocked off his head (perhaps upon impact) yet the excavator operator kept on going for a few more meters. Tough questions for sure.

At least it seems as though the worker didn’t suffer much. Given the position of the excavator after the accident, we can assume that his head was run over first, not the other way around, which would have been excruciating. Still, continuous tracks of an excavator are mean fuckers. No matter which part of your body gets caught underneath, it’s gonna turn into a pancake, even if you’re on a dirt, not a concrete.

Two photos of a construction worker who got run over by an excavator are below. Of all the crappy ways to die we see on Best Gore, dying while performing your job duties seems to be the most unfair. He went to deal with that dirt, rain or shine, to make money for his wife and kids. Very sad:

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43 thoughts on “Construction Worker Run Over by Excavator”

  1. Looks like he was standing too close when excavator passed by and lost his balance due to uneven ground falling backwards. Excavator operator probably didnt notice and kept going. If this is the case he is partly to blame for standing too close.

  2. If I had to pick a favourite part of this photo, it would be that his face doesn’t even resemble a face at all.

    I have learned from this site that there are so many horrible ways to die. If I could pick how I’d die, it’d be turning to stone by being stared at by medusa. When it is time to die, how would u like to go?

  3. Those excavators arent that slow. I own a construction company and we have 4 excavators roughly the same size as the one in the picture and in rabbit mode they can move. I have always wondered what it would be like if someone ever got run over by one and i gotta say, its pretty much just like i imagined.

  4. Oh and if the hard hat is his and not a different worker running from the scene, its white which means he was the supervisor/foreman and if he was a dick, might mean murder. If it was an accident and he was the boss, he was a shitty one at best because he should have been more aware of his surroundings in regards to the machine.

  5. I guess he can call in sick, and say he’s feeling a little run down.

    My favorite part is the shape of what used to be his head. It looks like one of those old cartoons.

    On the bright side… with the way the excavator was going, it looks like it smooshed his head first. Was probably fairly painless.

  6. How the fuck do you not see a Excavator coming toward you?!?!?!

    But I think the guy will make it. Just scoop him up and take him home so he can walk it off. And if no one answers the door. Just slide him underneath it.

  7. The company I used to work for in Vancouver had one of the owners get killed by an excavator. It was a few years ago and Cel phones weren’t as common or as good. So he turned away when talking on his and as many of us do plugged his other ear with his finger. He was there to refuel the machine and saw the operator crawlng towards his and wrongly thought he was coming to get fuel. The operator didn’t see him or even know he was there, (no pager alert or phone call). He got caught between the rear counter weight and his truckand absolutly pulverised. We had to drag the operator off the body, (what was left of it that is) because he was trying to give what looked like a bunch of bloody rags CPR.

  8. Damn. The driver probably didn’t notice a thing, he was up high and it was probably loud. Horrible, horrible way to go weather it hit him head or feet first. His head must have just exploded like a Watermelon being shot with a shotgun. Fuckin brutal. It’s weird isn’t it? Little kids watch cartoons where a coyote gets crush to death. I’m pretty sure there actually was one where he got crushed like this. This is the real life version of it. Still like the Road Runner kids?

  9. Construction sites are very noisy and it’s possible the foreman (white hard hat like B.J. said) didn’t hear it coming. I would say from looking at the first picture…..the excavator was backing up (Moving closer to camera…and was probably very close to the man when he started moving). It struck the man (who looks as though he was crouched down at the time of impact…you know how you put your hands on your lap when you scooch down…maybe he was checking for level forms), knocking his hard hat off in the direction of his fall (towards camera). With him being in a crouched position, the operator of the excavator wouldn’t have been able to see his foreman there because the machine sits to high. That’s how it looks to me anyways. 🙂

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