Corpses Scattered About After Train Accident in India, Woman with Soiled Pants

Corpses Scattered About After Train Accident in India, Woman with Soiled Pants

Corpses Scattered About After Train Accident in India, Woman with Soiled Pants

According to the backinfo I got, the video shows the aftermath of a train accident in Northern India. Apparently some Indian chicks are into watersports. Kinky πŸ™‚

There seems to be several corpses as well as injured people scattered about a road with no obvious railway tracks visible at any time, so I have no idea to what extent the backinfo I received is reliable. The author must think he’s being a TV reporter.

Props to Best Gore member @hahalollol for the video:

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85 thoughts on “Corpses Scattered About After Train Accident in India, Woman with Soiled Pants”

  1. Sounds like a Dindoo race caller.
    As they round the second furlong post…the first one’s at the front, the last one’s at the end and the rest are in the middle. It’s going to be a photo finish folks.

  2. These fucking Hindu train wrecks make me laugh cuz there’s always hundreds dead and injured cuz these fucking Third World freaks pile on the outside of cars by the hundreds and they always seem to crash!!

    Any other western developed nation in the same accident you get 25 or 30 injured and maybe…MAYBE one dead. Why does the rest of the planet tolerate these fucking shit holes that do nothing but exist for violence and death and be a burden to the rest of the planet? They are violent, inferior, impoverished and will never be anything but that. Brazil, most of Africa, the Middle East, South America as a whole and fuck it…even Mexico….just nuke the shit out of them all. They offer the world NOTHING!

    1. Why nuke them when they can be imported wholesale in order to collapse western civilisation, cause further wars, national debt and stock market shorts, thus consolidating power further amongst those with little hats?

  3. She Gone-Done Wet-Shat Herself, That Lady πŸ™
    Now that i saw the video, you can blame her mishap,
    on her loosing her mind over the Train-Accident.

    Quickly Guys,,, **Somebody Choke That Curry Snortin-Cunt,,, That Fucker** And Do-it Now!!! πŸ™

        1. Don’t worry, with time you are going to tolerate almost every video, try to avoid watching very strong videos first, once you have watched enough videos, none will look too violent for you

  4. This accident probably had happened on the high way as there are barricades to the sides and not on the railway track as there are none visible . What’s really shocking is that the impact flung the victims all across the tarmac; but the vehicles involved are not caught by the lens eye .
    Some of them may still be alive but the camera savvy morons are busy videoing the aftermath with no apathy towards those who may be in need of immediate medical help
    Ahh ! So much for Brother hood of a man

  5. The guardrails and excessive honking make me think this is near a road. Maybe where the train track crosses the road? A train smashing into whatever contraption they were using as a vehicle would definitely toss them far enough from the train and vehicle to explain why they’re not visible in the video. The man recording the scene sounds excited about the whole thing. Was that a like and share type message at the end of the video?

  6. Trains in India are like nazis and faggots, they don’t get along at all. Train accidents must be one of the main causes of death in India (flipfloplandia). The whole shithole is cursed by trains!

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