Couple Dies Crashing Motorcycle – Woman Ripped to Pieces, Man Mangled

Couple Dies Crashing Motorcycle - Woman Ripped to Pieces, Man Mangled

Couple on motorcycle presumably collided with a passenger vehicle and both died. Woman ended up literally ripped to pieces with sideboob exposed. The man is stripped half naked and his lower body is mangled. Woman’s lower extremities landed at quite the distance from her lower body.

I don’t have any background info about the video. At 0:18 you can see what looks like a beat up motorcycle helmet. Whoever wore it, it didn’t help much cause it probably wasn’t properly fastened and the crash probably occurred at too high a velocity. The vehicle that’s shown also sustained quite severe damage.

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  1. Dude looked like a bodybuilder or something? massive legs, tiny cock!

    The woman’s position honestly makes me think she’s gonna pop up and go “GOTCHA” but then looking a bit lower down maybe not…

    Anyhow brutal brutal accident!

          1. Who gives a shit about fat girl side boobage??!? Not this guy! Nice video though..I love looking at choppedup bodies with intestines shown for all to see. Good stuff my man!!

    1. I thought the dude looks like a midget…. haha. Looks like the girl might have got knifed on the hood. Her lower limbs are right next to the windshield washer fluid as well.

      Reminds me of when I was young and saw a man ripped in half in front of my house, except his lower body stayed in the car and his upper body was 100 ft away.

  2. Two-wheel death machines.

    I watched a video of the fastest lap ever done on the Island of Mann TT bike race… holy fuck that’s intense!
    It must feel like being a ground-bird that can go 200mph.

          1. Sky diving.
            Falling out of sky at 125mph.
            Wing suit helps you fly longer….that’s my drug.

            These guys on bikes?
            Yes. Too intense for me, I’d prefer being surrounded by metal roll cage, thank you.

          2. Your drug sounds like lots of fun @Bat. Have you done a parachute jump ? . When I said we had the chance to sky dive , I meant parachute jump , which was too expensive for 8 of us to do unfortunately.

          3. Hey Stomp!
            Sounds to me like you were considering ‘gliding’?
            Basically gliding around on an oversized parachute?
            Never tried that yet.

            I have hop and popped. That’s when you pull the chute immediately after jumping out of plane or chopper.

            I do however, wish to start BASE jumping in couple years after my kids fly away from nest.

            Nothing beats diving off high cliffs and structures I hear.

            Gliding is similar to that but there’s no free fall involved with gliding.
            I imagine gliding is one heck of a nice joyride with great scenery…

            I’m addicted to the free fall actually. Playtime for me is over once I pull the chute.

            That part is not my highlight.

            Actually flared too soon once and dropped out of sky.

            But you know? I can never say I will never try that. There’s a first time for everything, right?

          4. I had a bike once.
            Damn truck ran the light causing me to spit out five of my teeth in 2001.

            (That was intense)

            Ride myself to the hospital, too pissed to catch a ride with the medics and to hell if I was leaving my bike behind.
            Cost me over 7 grand to get my pearly white smile back.
            Damn truck!!!

          5. Certainly is Bat , although base jumping would be pushing it for me , think I’d rather do the jump from something that’s moving and high in the clouds away from tons of concrete !
            Gliding would be awesome too , oh yes, swooping from a high like a golden eagle , or maybe if it was ultra fast , a peregrine falcon.
            Adrenaline rushes are so much fun, not worth losing your teeth for mind , but hey, shit happens from time to time in the dare devil game , rough with the smooth and what not! And at least we can be fixed with minor stuff hey !?! .;-)

        1. I once did 200 km/h in a 1985 Corvette, there were a couple of cops under a bridge waiting for speeders, they just waved and smiled as I bulleted past. There was no way they would have been able to stop me which is why I believe that they just waved me by.

        1. @bobcat.
          Buzzing ! , I would have been trembling. Brave putting your life in the kids hands so to speak.
          I rode field bikes / crossers , in my younger days , but nowhere near as fast as that. Was thrilling riding pillion through the rough terrain though , but likewise , never again.

          1. @Stomper.
            Never ridden in my life! And won’t be anytime soon. Kid was good though, whole family were bikers. Did my homework before I put my life in the hands of a spotty teen.

            Ironically months later he did 3 years for killing his mate in a car crash! not with my daughter then luckily, could have been her. Karma? Who knows.

          2. @bobcat.
            Man , that’s tragic , and yes , lucky that it wasn’t your daughter.

            I was put off road bikes at a very young age via one of my best buddies killing himself …. head on into a lamp post. I didn’t want to know after that.

            I can understand the bikers feelings , the rush and freedom one gets, but the danger nullifies that for me personally.

          3. @Ggunkgirl

            And when you get bored, try it at NIGHT TIME!

            Fun stuff!

            Once you get your lisence, it’s always cheaper to buy your own stuff, chute, suit, ect.
            And learn to pack your own chute,
            Therefor your only paying for your one way (plane) ticket.
            About 25 bucks or less tops each jump, allowing you to go multiple times!

  3. WOW, definitely brutal!!! Looking at bestgore has honestly scared me from even getting on a motorcycle again (it’s been years now)!
    By the way I never really said hi to you all and have only posted a couple times sooo, hi there!!!

    1. Hi K, welcome aboard. I too have been wanting to get back on a bike again since breaking my spine two years ago but after seeing all the nasty accidents here I’ve been weary of doing it.
      It’s a shame because there’s no greater feeling than riding down an open road on two wheels.

      1. @BB

        Dude we all know the risks of getting on a bike and after coming off myself a few times only minor injuries and having known at least 4 people to die on bikes, plus all the videos on here. It still doesn’t stop me from riding. There’s nothing quite like it and I’m sure you know that. If your gonna go out then why not be loving what your doing instead of being in a hospital bed sick and dying with a disease. I vote do it. 😉

        1. @Judge, the only thing I’m really worried about is that I’m not sure how much my spine can take. A big enought jolt from a bump or something may cause me extreme pain. I guess unless I try I’ll never find out. Maybe someone will be nice enough to lend me their bike for a day.

      2. Wow! You have a reason to be hesitant to go back to riding. My *excuse* is pretty much that I might be moving to Vietnam soon, and everyone knows how riding bikes there is. Even though they are scooters and not motorcycles, it’s still scary as hell!

    1. This happened in Brazil. The motorcycle tried to overtake a car and got into the opposite lane and frontally hit another car. The motorcycle also ultimately got overrun/hit by the original car that they were trying to overtake. I guess that’s how the girl got cut in half.

    1. Could be. It never ceases to astound how totally annihilated a human body can become in these accidents , the twisted shapes , ripped and torn bodies strewn all over the place.

      Absolutely brutal way to go.

  4. throughout the video I was thinking where are her legs. finally I saw them. the husbands looked huge and muscular. they looked all broke up inside. they still had to be missing part of the woman. that was some gruesome shit. I think I would take my chance walking.

  5. Today i drove my peugeot scooter and slow on crossroad. It’s green light but onother side one guy not move, probobly car have a problem. Guy in car behind his suddenly decided to go left to pass him but going directly on my way. I brake, almost fall and this imbecile turn right from my track, giving a zero fuck.

    Today i decided to buy helmet cam, as soon as possible.

    Sorry for bad English guys.

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