Couple on Motorcycle Falls on Rain Covered Road, Bus Runs Over Woman

Couple on Motorcycle Falls on Rain Covered Road, Bus Runs Over Woman

Couple on Motorcycle Falls on Rain Covered Road, Bus Runs Over Woman

This CCTV footage is from Mumbai, India and shows a terrible traffic accident which took place while the road was covered with rain water.

In the video, a couple on a motorcycle falls after apparently hitting uneven pavement under puddle. They fall on the side just as a bus passes by them. The woman lands under the rear set of wheels, and gets jammed between them and the pavement. The bus stops, but then double taps the woman by running her over. It would appear that she died on the spot.

Props to Best Gore member @shireesh for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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99 thoughts on “Couple on Motorcycle Falls on Rain Covered Road, Bus Runs Over Woman”

    1. Male: I’m going to …. Stay home and take care.
      Female: No, I’m coming with you.
      Male: But it’s raining, just stay home, I’ll be back soon.
      Female: No, it’s boring here, you cannot tell me to stay home.
      Male: Alright then, wear a raincoat.
      Female: No, I’ll use an umbrella.
      Male: It’s not convenient on a motorbike .
      Female: I know, I can handle it.
      Male: Ok then!!… Sit legs spread for balance.
      Female: No, I’ll sit sideways (so that you don’t feel my boobs you pervert).
      Male: It’s not safe (+ your weight makes things worse).
      Female: You cannot tell me what to do.
      Male: Alright then!!


      Female: Oh OMG! freaking out on the way to hell!!!
      Male: Oh No!! What could I have done to get her to listen? Now I have to make a fucking statement at the police station, deal with her family who’ll blame me anyway, no matter what… not to mention the shit society and how to cope with what people think after this.

      Moral Lesson to Female:
      Listen to your male… what they ask you to do or not do is for your own good. Not because they look down on you but because they focking worry about you, they naturally have more spacial awareness / awareness of danger than you do. And they tell you only because they fucking care

      Moral Lesson to Male:
      Don’t waste your time with any idiot female who does not listen. It may seem fun but eventually she’ll bring you more trouble than pleasure.

        1. :Disclaimer:
          The above is just an assumed scenario.. The passenger could well be the rider’s mom.

          I wonder if the guy who escapes the scene, running towards the CCTV camera at the end; is the bus driver? possibly avoiding gynocentric mob justice

      1. Very good scenario Gropey i can imagine that being the case.
        The fellow running away does look very suspicious
        1 He’s running for help.
        2 He’s the bus driver making a quick escape.
        3 He is more concerned about getting to work and just doesn’t give a fuck.

        1. hahaha! thanks for the correction.. My powers of observation failed me this time…
          I have now noticed the same guy ran into the scene when it happened… then he ran out later to get help it seems. So you’re right it’s (1)

        1. LOL! no need to tie the knots with the Hindus… Eating curry 12 times a day apparently does the same trick for me; Now I’m qualified for Bollywood… and you can help with the stunts: Jumping on the train tracks would be the qualifier

      1. Yes like a stuck record. pretty sad though, i mean the man gets away without a scratch and he was the cunt who caused the accident in the first place. Oh well, another woman who trusted in the fake confidence of a man and paid for it. @illegalsmile55

          1. Yes pigsy, this break up is Final and when she says it’s over she means it this time. Indian style.

          1. It’s the monsoon season in Mumbai, and I know Polluted is particularly concerned.

            There are 40% of the residents that still practice their religion outdoors, and this being the monsoon season, it all floats out to the sea goodbye forever into the dead zones, hurrah.

            In Polluted’s case, however, the local London invasive species still practices this rich tradition in the city park – or en route – just a few blocks away in the prevailing breeze.

            I shall FedEx a .38 and a box of shells surreptitiously under the category of whatever isn’t subject to tariff so as to avoid suspicion. Bombay!

          2. @illegalsmile55 You know i missed all that, didn’t even notice the umbrella and the significance of what it actually meant. Somehow she ended up on the bike on a rainy day, poor visibilty, less control.
            Maybe he didn’t want her to ride the bus in case she got raped. After all, this IS india the land of rapists where if a woman is out without being “chaperoned” it means she’s begging for it.
            In the end she still got fucked by the bus. That bus was gonna get her anyway and make him wifeless without a cook.

          3. @illegalsmile55 i don’t know what i’d do without you, sometimes it takes a woman to show another woman’s stupid behaviour. I’m not very observant. Half the time i don’t even know who’s talking to who on these bg threads.

      2. What? was horribly humorous? Wait it’s like me drinking 18 beers and telling someone mhaa I’m just a lil drung no(heck up) worries (long quite fart)oops lil poop came out ( mommy!!!)lol!

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