Couple on Motorcycle Killed by Speeding Bus in Cartagena, Colombia

Couple on Motorcycle Killed by Speeding Bus in Cartagena, Colombia

This is a raw, unedited video of an accident which left two people dead. It’s more than 10 minutes long so skip through it at will. The video shows the aftermath of the accident reportedly caused by a speeding bus in Cartagena, Colombia. Couple on a motorcycle was struck and both died. Person under the wheels – seemingly a girl – appears to have been scalped as the bus pushed against her skull while her hair was stuck under the wheel. Random pieces of flesh scattered along the road. Horrible tragedy:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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67 thoughts on “Couple on Motorcycle Killed by Speeding Bus in Cartagena, Colombia”

  1. wow! that would probably be the worst way to go… having your face peeled off as a bus pushes it along the road, just imagine feeling your skin rip, slowly to begin with then woosh your scalp is totally reviled -_- sounds fun

  2. Apparently a helmet can’t protect you from careless motherfuckers. Seems to me that since driving is more dangerous than flying, riding a bike makes it that much worse.

    I’m assuming that bus driver is on a couple of those ruffians’ shit list. Good luck to THAT gentleman.

  3. Did anybody else get goosebumps when that medic was checking the dead rider with the stethoscope? I always get them when the doctor checks me with one of those. It’s very comforting. Apparently, so much so that I got that feeling from just seeing it in action. Strange.

    As for the accident itself, yeah… Brutal. I like motorcycles…well. Let me rephrase that, I like Harleys, and the culture surrounding them. I’ve gotten along pretty decently with most of the bikers I’ve hung out with, but as far as becoming a rider myself; no. I don’t trust other drivers enough to ride a hog around town.

          1. Are you in my neck of the woods? It’s okay if you are. I won’t start hiding in your bushes at night, or anything. Under your bedroom windowsill… Wearing a hockey mask… With a rag soaked in chloroform… 😉

          2. @Future Days…yes I am in your neck of the woods! Funny, I thought I was probably the only one in this town on here……”Under my bedroom window sill, wearing a hockey mask and with a rag soaked in chloroform huh? Well, stand perfectly still…cause I’m standing behind you, in latex- of course- 😉 …with a stethoscope draped around my neck. That slight pressure you feel above your right kidney is an ice cold, long neck bottle of Bud! lol

          3. Sweet Jesus. You’re a triple threat! I’ve given away all of my weaknesses on here… It’s cool. I’m glad to see some locals hanging around. Makes me feel more at home!

          4. @FD, haha…yes, it is nice. You never know when we might bump into each other…of course, I’ll recognize you…you’ll be the bearded guy wearing the hockey mask…;)

    1. I’ve been a lurker for a while, but just registered so I could respond.

      Living here in Da Silva land, I’m sure the same is applied in Colombia and other worldly shitholes.

      The best possible answer I can give you (based on behavior down here) is that it was a group of motorcyclists that were gathering at the police station to give hell to or possibly kick the ass of the bus driver. Why? Well let me explain what happens here:

      These crazy fuckers have no regard for speed limits or traffic laws. THEY are the kings of the roads. If you don’t give them enough room to squeeze between your car and the guy in front of you, they will kick your car out of rage. (I’ve had two side-view mirrors kicked off because I wasn’t leaving enough space between my car and a dump-truck for the biker to squeeze through to get to the front of the cars at the stoplight. He got mad and kicked off the mirror so he could get by. Asshole.) They all zip in and out of traffic, cut you off and everything else you can imagine. IF you are unlucky enough to hit one of these “moto-boys” as they’re called, you might not even bother stopping to see if they need help. Why? Because you are about to get your ass kicked by 20 others that come out of nowhere, never saw the idiot cut you off and cause the accident themselves. IT IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE YOUR FAULT! And they will ATTACK YOU! I’m not kidding….

      When the police arrive, they will all say they saw you deliberately hit him as you were throwing 5 beer bottles out the window along with a bag of weed and coccaine. They make shit up. This of course only matters if you’re still alive after 20 bikers have all kicked your face in because you were unfortunate enough to hit one of “their own”. Trust me on this, it happens every day and I’m not making this up. I’m not an expert, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn once.

      Hope that answers your question!

  4. Her head has definitely been degloved.

    That’s what happens when you date a guy who rides a bike wearing flip flops with his pants halfway down his ass. Pull your pants up, boy! You’re a safety hazard! Or a closet homosexual! Oh yeah… too late.

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