Crashed Driver Burns to Ashes with Tongue Sticking Out

Crashed Driver Burns to Ashes with Tongue Sticking Out

Driver crashed his Chevrolet Suburban on Autopista de Occidente between Maravatio and Zapopan, just before Huajumbaro toll booth in Michoacán, Mexico and while his two passengers miraculously got out unharmed, he ended up trapped inside and burned to ashes.

According to police, the truck got off the highway, rolled over and caught fire. While the truck had Guerrero plates, all three passengers were from Cuernavaca, Morelos. 48 year old Édgar Montes Cabello died as a result of severe burns with tongue in the “down on me wife” position. 30 year old Luis Miguel Juárez Mayen and 42 year old Cornelio Riquelme Sánchez survived without harm.

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  1. According to the police… Was he running from the policia, federales or cartel? Trying to run the toll booth, mayhaps. I see that happened in Michoacan. Sixty bodies were found in a mass grave at the border of Jalisco and Michoacan, by the way. Crime riddled developing little country.
    By November of last year homocides were down but kidnapping were up. That would be referring to reported homocides. So, if the cartel doesn’t leave the bodies lying around, less reported homocides. Easy-peasy.
    Murders, kidnappings, cartel/organized crime and no-driving mf everywhere. Keep the south-of-border trend coming.

    1. Nothing is going down in this country. Murder and kidnapping are increasing. The stats given by the government are pure lies. But talking about that is very complex, and we would have to talk about the situation in Mexico to understand it.
      But, trust me, this country gets more violent everyday. I live there. And yes, sometimes the authorities find the bodies two years late. If the narcos don’t tell the police where they are lying, they take a long time to discover them.
      So if you dissapear one day in this country, you’ll be considered dead immediately.

      1. I completely agree with you on the increasing crime statistics. Also, such a societal division, as well. In the US we talk about “the haves” and the “have nots”, but how ’bout a complete lack of an in between? What is the appellation for a type which is non-existent in the social strata. The end result is a masterful job of creating a mortally bankrupt society. Ergo, reprehensible crime in the form of mass genocide as a result of organized crime which has a trickle down effect. We’ve identified the problem. The big question: what is the solution?

        1. Or what is a bigger question: “Who is behind this?”
          A government cannot be this stupid and ineffective.
          With every single day that passes, it is more evident that this country is corrupted from it’s core.
          Politicians related to narcos, presidents who appear in photos with the most powerful druglords in the country, an army that apparently, is leaded to protect the narcos .
          It is almost a truth, when I heard about the vigilantes in Michoacan, I felt very happy. Nothing could go wrong now, true? The people rising against the criminals, merciless demons, parasites of the society, murderers. And they were pretty damn effective, they managed to achieve things that the government couldn’t do in years. They freed multiple towns that served as bastions for the narcos.
          But then, the government sends the army, not to fight the criminals, but to disarm the militias. What? Are you serious? They even killed a dozen of persons to achieve that. Why did the government start to mobilize so many troops in Michoacan against the people, and not the drug cartels?
          But the fault is not entirely upon the corrupted cynic government, but on us, the people who live or see the poverty and violence that happens everyday.
          We all know deep in our hearts what Mexico is becoming, we all know that Mexico is shit because of it’s awful government. Many things are said about us, the “the violent third-world brown dwarves” We may be that, but we love our country and most of us would do anything to feed our families, even if that means crossing the northern desert to be called a wetback for the rest of our lives, or getting shot by the “Supreme whites”. The government that is stealing the patrimony and taking away our civil rights.
          But we don’t do anything! The media, controlled by the government has a very strong power on the average mexican’s mind. We act so indifferent to each other, we don’t care about what they are suffering if it doesn’t affect us.

          Sometimes I think my country is a bad joke, or a experiment of the more advanced nations. Or even the puppet of our northern neighbor.
          Effective actions against the drug cartels cannot be done until there is a renovation in the government’s structure and in mexicans’ minds. Either legallizing the drugs or killing every narco or drug addict is impossible in this situation.
          The only solution is a revolution, either ideological or by the force. Although we are very stupid, someday we’ll grow tired of lies and death.
          But here comes another problem: the possible intervention, of our neighbor. Maybe that’s the objective?

          1. How absolutely accurate. The corruption is pervasive as hell and there is not an easy solution. I believe this is a multi-faceted issue unsolvable by simple terms. As you stated above, involvement by the US is a double-edged sword.

            Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power – Abraham Lincoln. But who is actually in power?

          2. @bloodydrug, your country is under the control of freemasonry. If you investigate, you will find that all the most of the rich people and politicians are freemasons. Jews control freemasonry. So the people who control the US also control Mexico, as well as most of the rest of the world.

  2. I don’t think that’s his tongue sticking out but rather a clever optical illusion. It’s actually a piece of metal on the piece of debris that has butted itself up to the side of his head. If you open the higher resolution full screen picture, you can see it better.

    Though it is of course a good thought I suppose! 🙂

    1. Yes, I agree; it’s part of the metalwork rather than the tongue. The intensity of the fire was sufficient to incinerate most of the soft tissues, including the lungs, and it looks as if the cranium has also split, although that could be ante-mortem, although it would be unusual to get skull fractures there, unless the car rolled.

      Personally, I’d opt for cremation over burial as he’s not going to need that much more gas.

  3. He must have been marinating in fire for awhile. Normal cremation takes several hours at thousand plus degree temperature.

    I heard that crematers who work off commision bash a persons skull to be cremated to help speed up the process by about thirty minutes as the skull takes the longest to burn aside from the femar bone and teeth.

    1. If I were in that profession, I’d be crushing every bit into dust in order to be done with it; and get paid.

      Kind of like that steak you know is perfect at medium, but some asshole wants in well-done. You’re going to do everything possible to shorten the pain of the waiting. But still, make the customer happy.

    2. Primary burn 760 – 1150C to vaporise the water content and combust the soft tissues; minimum of one burner, but usually three, including one for the skull.

      Secondary burn at a higher level in the chamber, if another body is loaded, or in a secondary chamber is above 900C to oxidise any remaining organic material and reduce emissions; material such as vapourised dental amalgam is recovered in the exhaust system by filtration.

      Body ashes are kept separate if crematoria are used for multiple burns but, in many countries e.g. USA, only one body can be cremated in each retort at one time other special cases such as twins / mother and baby died at birth.

      Residual bone fragments are crushed in a cremulator after removal of metal such as artificial hips, bone screws and plates. Pacemakers and certain other surgical implants are removed prior to cremation; jewellery is typically returned to the family by the undertaker.

      Cremation time varies; usually around 60 minutes per 45 kg body weight, so normally take 90 – 120 minutes. Obese individuals require less energy to initiate combustion, cachexic individuals require more; cancerous tissue often requires additional burn time.

      Cremulation takes around 15 – 20 minutes.

      Crematoria are noisy places to work.

    1. @3ff0ff, it doesn’t matter if you show your face or not. Trust me, if the authorities want you, they’re not going to say “What luck! We would’ve never been able to catch them if they hadn’t posted their face!”
      We’re all registered on here so whether it’s your face, weed, or a cartoon, if they want you they’re gonna get you.

      1. I had to get in here.. wouldn’t they have already been involved? Unless you’re Kevin Trudeau they don’t give a shit and that’s only due to tax evasion, I’m sure. Of course, he would tell you his fifth amendment right was violated.

        We’re referring to elected officials who can’t find their assholes with a flashlight. Don’t forget the FBI and CIA. Do they even exist in America? I don’t know about Canada, but the US is so busy owing gazillions to China stressing about the next presidential election, I could do worse than speak my mind on BG.

        So, what have you heard?

  4. Those who survived didnt help him or showed bare ass, so driver who was stuck couldnt show middle finger to them, but instead of it venom tongue
    Remember. if samurai looses sword he fights with bare hands, if he doesnt have arms, he will push with shoulders and body force

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