Crash Leads to Brawl in Kaspiysk, Russia

Crash Leads to Brawl in Kaspiysk, Russia

The notorious “fight first, talk later” Russian mentality again. Given their incredibly short fuses, everyday situations are turned into high tension events resolved with fights.

The video is from the city of Kaspiysk in the Republic of Dagestan, Russia. If the name of the republic sounds familiar, it’s because that’s where the infamous beheading of young Russian conscripts by Chechen rebels took place.

An oncoming car, obviously driven by some idiot because he also cut in front of the vehicle driving properly in his own lane, took a sharp turn and cut in front of the car with the dashcam, giving its driver little time to react and avoid a crash. Resulting minor collision quickly lead to an all out brawl between the crews of each vehicle.

This is so typically Russian I couldn’t even imagine it going any other way, except if the vehicles were driven by senile, old man incapable of fighting it out.

Props to Best Gore member NuvosOrdo for the video:

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26 thoughts on “Crash Leads to Brawl in Kaspiysk, Russia”

  1. When the Russians were accused of being behind the assassination attempt on the Pope, the KGB said they’d thoroughly investigate the matter.
    After exhaustive interviews and countless viewing of video tapes, it became clear that the Pope opened fire first.

  2. russia just banned the promoting of faggotry to children.

    “Law will make it illegal to equate straight and gay relationships and to distribute gay rights material”

    “The law passed 436-0 on Tuesday, with just one deputy abstaining from voting on the bill, which bans the spreading of “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” among minors.”

    great video. russia kicks ass.

  3. You see, those circumstances would make me run from an otherwise harmless little accident. Seems like one guy (maybe two) got ganged up on by at least four other guys. I guess a gun is necessary for self-defense in Russia.

  4. Accident and brawl in the same clip. If they found a way to sneak a beheading in there they would of hit the trifecta. I’m sure we’ll see one soon from those crazy Russians. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. how the fuck do you attack the car that hit you when it clear as day that car was pushed into you by the Car That Was Clearly In Your Lane And Going To Kill You Head On… … ??? well, Dumbass, you do it because it is Russia. I have a gorgeous Russian friend. She belly dances for a living. she can change the momentum of the world, I am pretty sure, with her hips. But damn… … … I will not ride on any road with that girl behind the wheel. And I am so against being bigoted about sh!t like that… … … sometimes you are not bigoted. you just report the news.

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