Crashed Biker Dies with Leg Broken in Multiple Places

Crashed Biker Dies with Leg Broken in Multiple Places

Crashed Biker Dies with Leg Broken in Multiple Places

I got no backinfo on this one. What it seems to show is an aftermath of a fatal motorcycle accident.

The biker is shown laying with his face down on the motorcycle. His shirt is over his head, and his left leg is broken in multiple places. He’s got no footwear on his feet, but the two guys shown walk past him wear flip flops or their alternatives, so take your picks on which country the video is most likely from.


Best Gore member @misa1235 provided the following update:

A motorcyclist died after colliding with a car driven by a mayor. The accident happened in the city of Uiraúna in the state of Paraíba – Brazil.

The victim who was known in the region as ‘Dedé’, and the car driver was also nicknamed ‘Dedé’, last name ‘Cândido’.

Dedé Cândido is the current mayor of the city of Poço Dantas, also in Paraíba. The Mobile Emergency Service (SAMU) was called to the scene, but Dedé was already dead. The driver of the vehicle remained on the scene.

The accident happened on October 9, 2020

No one asked but there’s a ‘P.S.’: Paraíba is one of the nine states in the Northeast region of Brazil 🙂

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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37 thoughts on “Crashed Biker Dies with Leg Broken in Multiple Places”

  1. It’s Brazil. The cameraman says something in our version of what your liberal English college professor’s named “Ebonics”:

    “[Unintelligible] on the gas station to see here/it”

    I don’t understand the context or what he means by that. It’s the first sentence of the video. The one said by a male voice. After that, some unintelligible blabbering by female voices ensue in even lower volume.

    But I can assure it’s Brazilian portuguese being spoken, specifically of the black-pardo/favela/uneducated dialect variety.

      1. I didn’t really researched who coined the term “ebonics”, but let’s be honest here it’s obvious it was liberal English college professors trying to give some sort of fancy sounding name, trying to formalize, legitimize this destruction of the english language for ideological reasons. If it wasn’t them, It was invented by liberals in the media themselves, a level bellow in the intelectual scale.

  2. That Leg of his looks just like my left arm did before surgery to repair the damage that was caused from it being crushed by a 2000 lbs. slab of granite 6 years-ago now, in a work related accident.

    1. Obviously he died from the shame of losing his precious flip flops because the Dre survived his injuries which were worse! Lol- the least the guy could have done before he died was a pointer for us! Or maybe he covered his face to hide his truly indestructible eye? He might have gotten road rash on his face? Well, For being a complete idiot and riding without a helmet he deserves what he got – Gumby legs!

          1. @thedre

            Thanks for sharing, that was hectic! Does it still hurt? Did they give you good drugs for the pain! I’m a chronic pain sufferer myself and battle getting my pain under control.
            Good luck for the rest of the operations. Too bad your tatt got messed up on your arm! But at least you were able to keep the arm!

          2. @Cocaine Cookie
            Unfortunately it does still hurts, and both arms are hurting even more every day after 6 surgeries cause now Arthritis is getting in there and Whaaa,,, when it is damp/humid out like in the last few days now it aches, and aches so much that i must take a couple of Ativan (Valium) about i hour before bedtime in order to get a good sleep. But like they say, or like the saying goes i should have said, Being, “It Is What It Is. But thanks for asking/caring 🙁

    1. No… he was sooo embarrassed that he lost his flip flops he covered his face in shame before he died! Being that it might be in a special South American country, you know the rules- ride without any safety measures, crash, rip, or lose and break body parts but do not lose flip flops under any circumstances- or else do a pointer to redeem yourself or die in shame! Btw the shame killed him!

    1. Imagine how many screws he will have in him! I had a friend with screws in his legs after breaking it in 3 places! Looks disgusting to see the screws going through the skin and out the other side ! My friend decided to play soccer with us while having the screws in his leg… you can imagine what happened when he got kicked in the leg by accident- it involved an ambulance for the jackass! And more screws added! Play stupid games -win stupid prizes!!!

      1. Damn, that makes me appreciate the freedom of being able to walk.
        Having a severely sprained ankle was misery for about 10 straight days, but now I realize it wasn’t that bad at all.

        Now your friend has to explain his medical condition every time he’s about to go through a metal detector. Still better than being paralyzed at least.

  3. Died from a broken leg? What a wimpy flip flop Dasilva.
    You know….it’s almost a sure death sentence driving those faggot scooters around. …..Btw….What do scooters and fat Chicks have in common???

    They’re fun until your friends catch you riding one..

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