Crashed Motorcyclist Dies with Skull Split Open and Shoes Removed

Crashed Motorcyclist Dies with Skull Split Open and Shoes Removed

In Brazil, a motorcyclist crashed under uncertain circumstances, and died with his skull split open. On op of that, his shoes abandoned him, leaving him dead on the road in white socks. Those white socks totally attracted Miss White Flip Flops at 1:34.

I wonder if the guy going through his wallet at the end of the video was looking for something helpful, or just pretending to be looking for something helpful, while sneakily emptying it of money.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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49 thoughts on “Crashed Motorcyclist Dies with Skull Split Open and Shoes Removed”

      1. My nephew told me that one time. He was attempting to show me a part of a movie he found disgusting….so i asked him: “well what is it?”…n being 5 yrs old responded with eyes buggin out of his head n in a sinister voice: “Oh ho…u gonna see what they nasty of!!”….so now in all things i do i try to see what they nasty of

      1. Hell, fifty five he’d still be alive
        one oh five when he started to dive
        bled some speed but the wheels just slid
        smacked his head and cracked his lid….
        now his life is gone
        and his blood’s a red trickle
        and his momma did say
        “don’t buy no modo sickle”

  1. I am Brazilian, and I say to you North Americans, if you think that the greatest atrocities in Brazil are in the “Favela” are very deceived, my country is the one that kills the most in transit, every day is a rain of brains

  2. I heard his name in the background, from someone reading his documents – Francisco Ant贸nio Rodrigo DA SILVA… Da Silvas are known to have increased chances of fatal encounters when they dont have flip-flops… So coicidence? I think not! 馃槅

  3. 1. Looks like T-1000 in terminator 2 after he gets hit with the rocket launcher.
    2. Where’s his brains? No, really, where’s the rest of his noodle? I’ve seen brain ejection before, but where’d his land, fucking Paraguay? Gotta be a record or something.

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