Crashed Pickup Trucks with People Burned to a Crisp Inside Them

Crashed Pickup Trucks with People Burned to a Crisp Inside Them

I don’t know much about this video but it seems to have happened in an Arabic country. Several destroyed pickup trucks are shown and at least two fried corpses can be discerned inside two separate trucks. All the original poster said about the video was that it had been a tragic accident.

Does anybody know more? Were these perhaps some extremists that go bombed or was this another one of those Saudi drifting gigs gone bad?

Also, I have no idea why they are pouring water on that second corpse. He’s burned to a crisp, there’s barely anything other than his skull left of his head. He sure does look thirsty, but I don’t think he cares for water anymore.

BTW, SOB’s… Ready your breakfast and eat hearty for tonight, we dine in hell!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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44 thoughts on “Crashed Pickup Trucks with People Burned to a Crisp Inside Them”

  1. I am personally engrossed by the charred skeletal remains of the second victim. What gets me the most is that it seems as though, despite all that has been burned, there is brain matter coming out of the skull that didn’t exactly burn up. Most definitely an intriguing shot.

      1. Yep, that would explain the fucking annoying whiny snackbar tunes as soundtrack. My guess is this particular vehicle had a date with a Hellfire missile … an aptly-named weapon system.

        Probably planning to ship fax machines with plastic explosives in them in the belly of an American commercial liner, but looks like America was the first one to light up on this particular cigarette break.

  2. At first that dining in hell reference scared the shit out of me and I thought was “They lied about the asteroid!” But I understand now, an early congratulations to you Mark, or should I say Leonidas. You kick ass!

  3. Amazing. Burnt down to the skull and the brain all hot and bubbly popped out like a boiled egg. Most likely training camp gone wrong. Like that bomb that accidently went off at the weekly tupperware meeting.

    BTW Mark…. I had a good meal tonight but when you say we…………..who exactly is dining in hell.

  4. The Vikings used to put their dead in a boat before setting fire to it and pushing it out to sea. This is the modern version where you put the dead behind the wheel of a car before setting fire to it and pushing it out on to the nearest highway.

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