Crashed Biker Dies Decapitated, Severed Head Stuck in Railing

Crashed Biker Dies Decapitated, Severed Head Stuck in Railing

Is this India again? Anyone?

The video shows a motorcyclist who apparently hit a railing and died decapitated. His severed head ended up stuck between the rail and the concrete battier it’s attached to. And while his headless body rested on the road, passersby were engaged in a loud argument with one another.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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89 thoughts on “Crashed Biker Dies Decapitated, Severed Head Stuck in Railing”

      1. @stupidretards (you’re stupid)

        Arabic verges on being annoying, but for some reason I can tolerate it more than Hindi, or whatever Indian dialect is spoken in that video.

        @surah-adh (Curry.Muncher)

        It’s just a very guttural language. It’s like listening to one long continuous retching sound.

        @dethbyplaster (dethbyplaster)

        It might be that. Maybe once you learn to communicate in it, it sounds normal. I mean, I can appreciate songs sung in Hindi; it’s just spoken Hindi I can’t abide.

      1. I think the speech pattern irritates him because he’s not used to it. I’m sure English sounds annoying to people. “Boingy”-sounding languages – most in Asia – kinda annoy me. I hear a tiny ball bouncing. I don’t know why.

        1. thats a view to see it, beauty is in the ear of the listener. Me, i think there are languages that are definitely ugly. And others are beautiful. And even a language is beautiful, like French or Italian, low class people or people from backward regions of the country have an uglier accent. Parisian french is beautiful, but the french language from southern France does not sound so good. British english is beautiful, but the accent of low class brits is not that pleasant.

        2. @itsplaster @dethbyplaster

          I don’t find the language itself annoying but they way they speak really is.
          They can speak in normal tone, always sounds like they are arguing and yelling at someone or something.

          I’m actually kinda impressed that they understand what they say themself!
          How many languages can you put into one and same country? omg!
          Meitei (Manipuri)

    1. Motorcycles in India, Cambodia, US are a great form of birthcontrol….or abortion after birth.
      India has too many people…motorcycles are going to help control the male population…here and in the US…often the riders are scum anyway.

    2. Yup that’s India and its the Hindi language, my mother tongue. I never disrespect English or the other 7 languages i can speak. We Indians respect our culture and others’ culture as well. No surprise your silicon valley has entirely been conquered by the Indians. Get a respectable life buddy.

    1. lol this is from my city delhi.
      In this video it looks like they have caught the guy who was behind this accident. They keep telling him that you won’t get away we are calling the police. They also asks him questions like why were you driving so fast? It means that this guy collapsed with the victim from behind maybe with a car?

      1. I heard that when you step out of the airport in India the very first thing to happen is that you get smashed in the face with shit and rot stick. So bad in fact that even your ass starts puking. Fucking nasty place, blah!

        1. Ha ha ha it’s not that bad. Don’t believe everything you hear. Come over and check it out for yourself. I’ll give you a list of safe and cool places in India you can visit. Cheers.

          1. Well that might happen once in a thousand cases. If you can stand a hot dusty climate and a bit of noise and crowd you will be fine in india.
            Crimes against foreigners are rare and indians generally like white skin so a white in india usually gets good treatment as well as getting overcharged for stuff because whites are perceived as rich.

    1. Well, we Indians love to honk. The horn is your favourite weapon in Indian traffic and I use it more than most other Indians I guess.
      But I never honk in stalled traffic, only while moving usually to warn others that I am overtaking or approaching them from behind.

        1. Despy, it’s like this. In crowded and noisy traffic, when I’m overtaking another vehicle on my bike, I want them to know that I’m behind them and that they should not make a sudden move into my path as I’m overtaking them. So I hit the horn a couple of times before I accelerate and pass them. Many vehicles here especially rickshaws and bikes have a tendency to suddenly jump lanes left or right. So once they know someone is moving up on them to overtake they don’t do that till you pass them. If you try to quietly overtake someone and he does not know that you are right behind them, they could do something unpredictable and you would hit them from behind. I hope you get the picture.

  1. Some of the accidents I see here just defies logic. What hit this dude so as to rip his head off, do no real damage to his upper body, and leaves is head looking like a que ball on it’s way to a side pocket. Just precariously hanging on the edge of a 50 foot drop.

    1. He could have travelling at a high speed, then hit the railing and got his head stuck in the gap while the momentum of his body wrenched his head off. Poor lad. I think another bike probably nudged his bike into the railing or somehow made him lose control.

    2. Well this is what I can ascertain from the video:
      > Assuming the locals treated this like a normal crime/accident scene, nothing should be moved. From the guy’s position, he was a bit too close on the shoulder
      > The head came first before the motorcycle, so we can assume that momentum had a role in this
      > The position of the body reveals that the cervical spine is facing the railing. Tilt may be a factor here
      > One commenter said that this may be from Delhi, as was judged in the plates. Delhi is one of the most densely populated areas so traffic volume must be considered – esp if it is in the daytime
      I can only presume that the guy was rushing into traffic and cuts off the queue by going into the shoulder. He was a bit too close, however, and as he was turning to the side, his neck hits the side of the railing. The head rolled and got squeezed in between the railing while the body and the motorcycle continued with the predetermined path – straight ahead with a tilt to the left side.
      P.S. This is an educated guess. I may be wrong on this.

  2. Oh India you never fail when it comes to road accidents if tis’ not a body being reduced to minced meat on the road tis’ decapitation by metal objects and severed legs, arms etc 🙂

    1. DudeUK look at the population we have…..fucking 1300000000. I am 1 of them 😉 . No body cares for scenes like that, it’s so fucking casual in everyday lives. We indians are either making IT software or babies, that’s it.

  3. Here’s what happened here the man wearing spectacle was cruising his car at high speed, and he hit that motor cycle guy…. resulting in decapitation….. crowd around the accused is abusing him…. and waiting for police to come

  4. I saw a wreck very similar to this in the states. I was driving from NY to Virginia with my dad. I wasn’t old enough to get my permit yet, but my dad needed a break from driving, so he had me drive at night for a bit. I came over a blind hill and saw a bike broken in half, a body lying over the guard rail backwards and the head stuck in a post. Freaked me out as a kid. Dad drove the rest of the way after that

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