Crashed Motorcycle Girl Split Her Lower Leg Open and Broke Her Hip

Crashed Motorcycle Girl Split Her Lower Leg Open and Broke Her Hip

This accident was filmed on July 22, 2012 on the BR-316 highway in Brazil. A girl on a motorcycle crashed and cracked her lower leg open, exposing all underlying fatty tissue and muscle. The camera then zooms in on her hip and that one is clearly busted too. Cameraman did a few nice close-ups of the injuries which are pretty gnarly. Traditionally, girl’s flip flops departed the accident scene.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. @Hawk, there was a high resolution camera there and i’m sure if you did CPR on her, not only would the camera pick up on that, but also all those naughty intentions you would put into practise. Hmmm I smell a porn video in the making haha

          1. Mmmm no what do you mean???? I think what makes you worse makes you better a quick fist fuck is needed but i have my rolex on

    2. I wonder if they can put her back together again or would be forced to amputate

      that would suck

      If I was part of the operating team that repaired her leg, I would volunteer to bring her to the recovery room, then I would probably lock the doors and fuck her there

  1. What a difference a high quality camera will do for those tissue, bone and muscle visuals ! The damage to her leg looks bad but probably not enough to loss it. She is a pretty girl, two legs would be nice to have when being chased by the boys.

  2. an alien parasite has invaded the world and assumed the form of flip flops. these insidious beings can alter the magnetic field around themselves and cause accidents. some of these “accidents” appear so normal that the cause is never questioned; however, there have been reports of serious bodily injury and even death the causes of which are unknown or suspicious or labeled vaguely as “freak” accidents. the flip flops themselves are always unscathed…
    what is the true purpose of these creatures? what do they come for? perhaps we’d rather not know…

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      1. I had a korean-american girlfriend for a while, but I don’t think she would marry me. There aren’t many americans/europeans in the brazilian region where I live.
        Actually, this is kind of funny, because the newspapers are reporting stories of european mans being arrested by the brazilian federal police because they PAID brazilian woman to marry them. I mean, WTF? These guys are fucking insane, it doesn’t matter how bad is the economic situation in Europe, it isn’t worth risking your life down here in Brazil.

    2. Brazilian_NOTDASILVA: I am a chic and obviously not a hot one nor a pretty one; but I can say the female above (that has a super awesome tear in her leg that shows the beautiful muscle that I would love to lick) has gorgeous legs, nice hips, tight tummy, and decent sized breasts. To be honest I wasn’t really looking at her face but her body was very nice!
      Of you hate Brazil so much maybe you should get out of it while you can, travel the world. Maybe then you won’t hate on others for their tastes in “bitches”. 😉
      America has all kinds! Different shapes, sizes, and colors! Like an all you can eat buffett!
      BTW strictly dickly! (Doesn’t mean I don’t know “nice” when I see it.)

  4. I really wonder what she hit to cause her to lose such a large chunk of flesh, I think that missing chunk of flesh might actually be hanging on the motorcycle somewhere…she definitely messed up her leg and its safe to say she’s going to have one big nasty scar to remind her of this day.

        1. I’m pretty sure I know what it is now…when you skin animal they have that similar looking “shiny bubble wrap” stuff all along their joints its like a thin membrane that covers their ligaments aka those two elastic things behind your knee…couldn’t think of the name earlier lol, they also have very thin strips of it on their stomach I’m not sure what its made of but something tells me its cartlidge or atleast something very similar to it.

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          2. Well that’s that all depends on alot of diffrent things the amount of recoil can depend on everything from the size of the bullet to the size of the bullets load (amount of gun powder) to the weight of the gun, the guns size, what type of gun your firing is it a revolver or a semi-automatic pistol…all those things factor into the amount of recoil a gun has, for instance a small gun shooting a 9mm will have more recoil than a large gun shooting a 9mm. If your looking for a gun you can conceal carry then you basically have 2 main options a snubnose revolver or a compact pistol and both have very diffrent actions and frames including shape but are roughly about the same size and weight so what it basically comes down to is the caliber of the gun, the majority of snubnose revolvers will be chambered in 38spl which has decent stopping power and low to moderate recoil, compact pistols on the other hand come in a diffrent variety of caliber the most common ones being 9mm, 380acp, 32s&w, 25acp, and 22lr which are in order from largest to smallest now I personally would not recommend the last three for personal defence so it basically comes down to the snubnose revolver in 38spl and the compact pistol in 9mm or 380acp…now which of these three has the least amount of recoil? the answer is the 380acp, the 38spl and 9mm are both similar in their recoil and stopping power with the 38spl having just a bit more power than the 9mm but the 9mm makes up for it in ammo capacity since the majority of revolvers only carry 6 rounds, compact pistols tho can carry more ammunition but not that much more a small compact pistol usually only averages about 2 rounds more than the revolvers 6 rounds but that number can increase depending on the gun and of course if its a larger frame pistol then that number double to what a revolver can carry. I hope this answers your question I know you wanted me to keep it short and sweet lol but if you have any other questions just let me know and if your looking to get a firearm and aren’t certain of what kind or what size caliber I suggest you go to your local gun range and try out diffrent sized guns everything from revolvers to pistols in every caliber you can get your hands on till you find the one that your most comfortable with because being comfortable with your firearm plays a big part in how well your able to use it.

          3. @Pale Rider, Thanks alot, I really appreciate the information! I already have a pistol, but am seriously thinking about getting another one. You definately seem to know your guns & ammo, thats why I was hoping to get your input! I’m sure your advice will help in making my choice… Thanks again, Ryder!

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