Crashes on the Roads in China – Mayhem Compilation

Crashes on the Roads in China - Mayhem Compilation

It just completely boggles my mind how incapable as drivers the Chinese are. The only explanation I could come up with is that they are still of a mindframe that the only traffic participants are carts pulled by the oxen. Therefore they can completely forget about situational awareness and ignore what’s going on around them cause oxen are gonna stop if they get in their way.

Watch this compilation of various road crashes caught on CCTV cameras in China and tell me if it doesn’t look to you like everybody on the road there still thinks all these vehicles are oxen carts. Or human powered rickshaws. I mean… seriously! How long has it been since the Chinese saw their first car. It must have been a while, but why are they still so completely dumb with and around them?

I can’t. I just can’t. DWA should be illegal. Also check out this compilation of traffic accidents from China.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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27 thoughts on “Crashes on the Roads in China – Mayhem Compilation”

    1. Yep, they sure did………. I still love my Bix but never found a license in a box when I turned 17 but the paper license cost me a whole 15 clams at the time 😆

      Luv’s me some Weeties too.

  1. I heard somewhere a long time ago (On some documentary about the modernization of China.) that bicycles in China outnumbered automobiles 200 to 1. If that figure was (ever) true, then maybe it should have stayed that way.

  2. They just no regard for life and others. They go through life as they are THE ONE and everyone else should move out of their way or just do not exist. They also have very poor peripheral vision with those slit eyes of theirs. Hey there are way to many of them anyway, so the more they take out the better.

    1. poor peripheral vision with those slit eyes LMFAO …….. and there seems to be vehicles driving in all directions in those intersections. wtf. are there no rules on these roads? just run and gun. DWA!

  3. My favourite is at 4.57 where the guy on the loaded tricycle crosses the static traffic lane into moving traffic; gets knocked off and the tricycle keeps on going, circling back behind the car as if to find it’s owner, like a faithful dog.

    Having lived in Hong Kong, the driving is worse than London but Shanghai is another story; most driver’s are oblivious of other road users, taxi driver’s often stink of alcohol, few people seem to understand what seat belts are for and no one has a clue about basic physics (velocity, mass and momentum). Crossing any road, other than by using an underpass, is a nightmare.

  4. It’s rare when they come to a stop quickly after nailing someone. It’s as if they want to be certain the person is totally destroyed. They either have slow reflex’s or they’re eye sight is so poor they’re unaware of what they have just done, it doesn’t compute. Get back to the laundry..

  5. I gotta get me some “Hoi Sim Sauce ” ; Judging by the way these Whacky Racers are tearing around “Not Giving A Fuck ” it must be a great stone.They are completely oblivious to everyone and everything around them.

  6. On China’s roads, scooter and e-bike drivers are kamikaze pilots to say the least, they hog the lanes reserved for autos while totally ignoring bicycle lanes on the sides, and run every red light possible. When I see these low lives getting crushed and smeared in the video, my sympathy goes out to those car/truck drivers who have to cough up some of their own hard earned money to pay for the damage of their own vehicles as well as medical bills of the ‘victims’ as those poor bastards don’t fucking have any insurance.

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