Crushed Motorcyclist Barely Resembles Fleshy Virus

Crushed Motorcyclist Barely Resembles Fleshy Virus

This is a shit quality video with shit camera work from Indonesia. The level of obliteration of the body makes up for it, though. It was another one of those unfortunate motorcycle vs truck encounters that turned the motorcyclist into a puree barely resembling human form. It only looks like fleshy virus when leg gets uncovered from under newspaper, but one of the handlers folds the leg over the rest of body like it’s spring cleaning pile of dry, fallen branches.

Accident took place in Rambung, Indonesia.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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64 thoughts on “Crushed Motorcyclist Barely Resembles Fleshy Virus”

      1. I know this is Indomuslimnia. Where I live the fleshy viruses are worst, illegal Immigrants from Mehico. It’s like they have a Racial commitment to Crime and automobil wrecking. They crash into you and not only do they get free health care but no fucking insurance!

          1. SKINNYS! HA! that’s funny.

            It’s summed up very simply….THE “BROWN TIDAL WAVE” (somebody said that a few postings ahead of this one, don’t remember who, Lunatic perhaps?
            Whoever it was, Thank You for it, for it’s an absolutely PERFECT descriptor)
            Anyway, where ever the in-particular B.T.W. originated from, they are ALL bad to deal with…with their numbers, their ARROGANCE, their simple minds that are set on two speeds….being as much of a shit-head as humanly possible and breed as many times as humanly possible.

            Regardless on where they are from, or where they go, it is something that we ALL wish could be un-done

      2. Some have said I have a death wish the way I live and ride, I have a very powerful 1500cc bike and I use every bit of it and all I can say its fun as fuck literally, dying on one doesn’t seem as bad to me as it does to others who don’t ride . Do I have a death wish? Maybe…depends how my days going jk but seriously don’t we all have some sort of death wish

  1. BG members should start a collection so we can outfit these bastards with some quality video cameras. I think that guy with the yellow glove is a BG member. He uncovered that corpse so he could sneak a peak, then he covered it up again.

    1. Hamburgerized obliterated crushing truck-smashing amputation type of awesomness….and NOBODY but us will learn anything from this.

      Each time one of these videos gets posted, it gives me a STARK LESSON of ULTIMATE IMPORTANCE, to keep the damn camera ROCK-FUCKING-STEADY

          1. It took me a while to pick out which photo I wanted to use at the time…..I am pretty much a total asshole in real life, so it’s one of the most fitting pics I had….either that one or a baby nailed to a plank with a sign saying “Baby On Board”…..

      1. You know we goretians are the coolest of the human tribe. Also the safest in our communities. We drive carefully. We never walk near a highway where there is fast moving traffic. We stay away from scooters and bikes. We are careful to avoid anyone wearing flip flops and we always look suspiciously at pointers. This site is an education far better than what the faggotery colleges and universities offer up. It actually learns you something far more important to survival. Awareness of on coming danger, avoiding horseplay and shying away from all out stupidity. That is why BG members do rock

    2. Welcome to Best Gore!

      It’s no worries, trying to figure what to do with your finget-tip-mouth isn’t always something that is as stright forward and easy as one may assume it is.

      Keep at it, and as long as You have a few funny bones in you, things should fall into place over time.

      In the meantime, Welsome to The Site….Now.
      Go talk words to us about what you eyeballs see that makes your face smile hard

      1. I’m not even sure why I do it, honestly.
        I just took-a-likin’ to this site (god damn that sounded so gay just then) and I just started doing it because I enjoy the common sense of humor that we share here.

        So many other places have shit-rivets who want to act big and bad assed because they’re on a gore site.

        Let ’em ACT tough all the want.
        Here, I am appreciative of Best Gore, of Mark and all his work, the quality of both The Site itself as well as the interesting lot of folks who hang out here.

        It’s not so much about being polite, but more so, it’s about truly welcoming the very few people that are pre-qualified as being as fucked up as the rest of us are…..2,000,000 people a month and only a small hand full ever comment, let alone comment A LOT!

      1. I must state since discovering this site.. I am intrigued by the road accidents section,, It seems to be the closest way to death for a lot of us.
        I am a much more responsible driver after taking a few peeks when of what can happen when are a dumb ass on the road, Granted some hapless souls are in the wrong place at the wrong time, but a majority meet their untimely demise being a fucking idiot.
        These photos and clips should be mandatory viewing in drivers ed or before the issuance of licenses, in countries that actually issue liscenes.

    1. More rotten statistics:

      In UK:
      -7% of Christians are unemployed
      -2% of Jews ” ”
      -60% of Muslims ” ”

      -93% of all valuable metal crime and 90% of all ATM fraud is committed by eastern Europeans

      -Blacks make up 3% of England’s general population, but 14% of the prison population.

      A big hurrah for multiculturalism and equality!

          1. I envy you non-Americans. Your blacks are nothing compared to the ones over here. Just watch a rap video from the States, and then imagine that shit everywhere you GO. Ugh…

          2. Of course it is….throughout the world, if it can be done completly wrong and make NO sense what-so-ever, that THAT is the action plan, right?

            If the boat is taking on water, and you have a hand-drill and a bunch of expanding rubber plugs, you make the holes bigger, right?

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