Crushed by Truck While Crossing the Highway

Crushed by Truck While Crossing the Highway

A man died after being run over by a truck on the infamous BR-101 highway in Brazil. The accident happened on the kilometer 792 of the highway near Itamaraju in the state of Bahia, Brazil.

The victim was identified as 35 year old Valdecir Silva Souza. According to the truck driver – 38 year old Nildasio Bandeira Martins Filho – the victim tried to cross the highway and got in the way of the truck. The driver attempted to avoid running the pedestrian over but was unable to bring the truck fully loaded with manganese ore to a halt in time.

The driver also said that because the victim’s family was near, he abandoned the truck out of fear of reprisal and fled to give himself in to the Federal Highway Police where he reported the accident.

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  1. Seeing this pile of flesh somewhat reminds me of a problem of mine, the problem of roast chicken.

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    However, after years of stuffing and eating out chicks I find that I sometimes fail to rise to the occasion, my meat and vegetables tend to look over cooked, the skin tends to be wrinkled and cracked and the meat tends to look shrivelled.

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    I don’t think that I would enjoy getting stuck into some rump or clamping my mouth around some huevos de toro, I therefore find my choices are limited.

    Any advice would be most appreciated.

        1. Personally I think you should try lamb. There is much more meat to grab onto and if they kick you put a big X on them so you won’t get kicked by the same one twice, also I’ve been told they look pretty good in red lipstick.And if it get’s to be too much of a habit you can cut back and resort to drinking “Woollite”,as that will help with the D.T’s!!!

    1. @empty,
      I would suggest a bland vegatarian diet for a while and when your taste buds have recovered sufficiently slowly reintroduce chicken back into your diet. Start with simple dishes to get used to the taste and texture and to remind yourself why you liked chicken in the first place. Most importantly use less alchohol in your recipee, too much alchohol can spoil even a 2 star michelin dish.

  2. I’m guessing he lived for a while after being run over. I could’nt imagine what it must have been like to look down and see that much damage, even his junk got totally obliterated.
    Thanks again dr c.

  3. WTF is it with all these people getting run over by trucks? And it seems like it happens to poor people in third world countries (is Brazil third world?). I don’t remember ever seeing someone in a business suit being crunched by truck tires on this page. Geez!

    1. It is because the elite in Brazil don`t walk they have cars and planes for travel.I live in Bahia.Brazil is third world but not poor per se like everyone likes to think they just have poor infrastructure. I was driving with a friend on the BR324 the other day and i was just thinking about how laws are just not enforced here on the roads.I did not see one cop pulling anyone over but everyone speeds. You have people doing 120km in a 40km zone which to me is too darn fast,driving a tiny fiat at that speed and hit something the car will turn into dust and the conditions of the roads are unpredictable. i also saw a lot of people walking on the side of the road and there are no sidewalks on these country roads.

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