Cyclist Doored Into Path of Oncoming Vehicle That Runs Him Over

Cyclist Doored Into Path of Oncoming Vehicle That Runs Him Over

I suspect this could be from Brazil as well. The CCTV video shows a cyclist riding steadily down the road, when a car that had pulled up on the side of the road in front of him doors him and knocks him down on the road, right in front of an oncoming vehicle.

Without enough time to react, the oncoming vehicle runs over the cyclist, but appears to carry on in a hit and run fashion. The camera’s point of view does not show if it eventually stopped or not. The people in front of the camera appear to signal to someone in that area to hold on, and proceed to move toward the run over bicyclist as if to check if they can help him.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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110 thoughts on “Cyclist Doored Into Path of Oncoming Vehicle That Runs Him Over”

    1. Kinda creepy how he flew from his bike into the vehicle’s path and is swallowed up as the car continues by and then we see dude back flung over with his bike again….. like the car running him over sprung him back into the bike lane again like a rubber ball…….

          1. Casual Observer haha, but…does it also apply to roadkill, if drive over someone and don’t know it, did you actually run over them?

          2. OG Zerp That’s actually good advice.. i mean don’t see or hear anything and you won’t get into trouble

          3. brEa5tGr¤PE_/♡♡/\` Yes it’s definitely possible the driver didn’t see him. i say not guilty of whatever but probably guilty of something else, as are we all

    2. car vs bike? car wins every time! Notice all the dirtbikes in Brazil, they still have 2 strokes and use leaded gas, prime symptoms of a shithole. and noisy as hell, with moldy flip-flops, bloodlust, mulattoes, stray dogs, stench of burnt pork, urine, palm hearts and 12 year old prostitutes.

      anyplace but Brazil please

      1. Except for marketers of processed fatty foods loaded with additives….. Brazil is a new market for killing 100’s of thousands slowly by having them gobble grub from the grocery store shelves and fast food joints that’s already known to be the cause of several deadly diseases long term….. but making billions of new dollars in the new markets of developing countries using the mass of uneducated naive citizens as guinea pigs….. catching up to the Americans, etc., first world countries’ sheep whom already WERE the guinea pigs….. like smoking…… cigarettes are a huge new market to dumb 3rd worlders who don’t know better…… they get milliions of new smokers every year with big ad campaigns and billboards……

        1. I hear in Braziw they have a saying , something about if you get insurance you’ll need it, sounds about right as in amurica the wife will bump you off after she insures you..happens all the time

      2. Yupper, deadvector….. cars win, hands down….. 2,000 lbs. vs. 25 lbs…… ride with caution!

        Or use a mountain bike…… cars can’t drive on the mountains…..

        I had a guy killed in front of the field on the street across from my place riding his bike on the sidewalk (“because he didn’t trust traffic”)…. he was 80, old guy, car chase down back streets caused a vehicle to spin at the intersection and veer off into neighbours’ yards ripping sideways across the sidewalk and driveways and wiped out the old fella riding his bike on the sidewalk…… cops chasing a stolen vehicle….. thief took off running hopping fences….. I heard so many sirens after that I thought there was a big bank shoot out happening……… tv crews and reporters everywhere……. I thought the girl at the corner I had a crush on got murdered or something……. it was a 90-mph police chase in a max. 15 MPH zone……. bicyclists ain’t even safe on the sidewalk……. old guy was wearing a helmet even…… threw him 100′ on impact into a neighbour’s hedge….. killed his 2 little dogs in the basket instantly……

        1. brEa5tGr¤PE_/♡♡/\` Fuck! sounds like a nightmare, hey sorry to hear about the girl. I suppose being careful worked for the old boy right up till he was 80 so he was right to be that way….until the last minute of his life

          1. No, the girl was fine….. just all action seemed focused on the corner, cops, police tape, reporters, etc., I dreaded that someone must have been killed….. it was an old bicyclist wiped out by a sliding vehicle on the sidewalk….. had to get the facts from the news…… but the scene had death lingering for curiosity…… I just know that the investigation aftermath I can vouch there were no sirens during the police chase on the side street…… the old guy might have been able to get outta the way…… cops were charged but got off……

    1. I don’t know Doc, he was going too fast for that song. If he was listening to that he would have been going slower…but it wouldn’t have saved him, death is just underfoot..waiting

  1. The car that ran over him was way over in the wrong lane…. you can see it looks like the driver slowly veered over towards the bicyclist and after hitting him veers back into the proper lane somewhat…… no lines marking sides, but still you can tell when he pulls back after running him over there was lots of room…..

    Look where the biker and the bike are….. look where they ended up….. it is hard to think he got run over by a car going the other way…… the car was way over…… intentionally unintentional…… unintentionally intentional….

  2. the sad thing about todays world is that theres always someone.. always someone to drive you over, always someone to run into, etc one day in my life ive made a mistake to drive fast in wet turn and hit another car in the opposite way… always someone there. every day i go from the work and theres the last turn for me to go to highway and everytime 2-5-6 cars appears so i have to stop to take the turn… and when i stop theres no more other cars… just they appear at the time i want to turn left… every fuckin day… AND ITS GONNA GET WORSE!!!!!

  3. I hate cyclists in London. All cyclists should be doored. They fly past red lights, are typically aggressive when some old fucker steps in their way without looking and they are generally assholes.

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