Cyclist Runs Into Car Parked on Side of Road in Liverpool, UK

Cyclist Runs Into Car Parked on Side of Road in Liverpool, UK

This is one of those videos that I could keep rewinding over and over and laugh my ass off each time I see it. Especially the part when the cyclist’s face just slides down the window, and then he pauses stunned on the road, trying to figure out what the fuck just happened.

In Sefton Park in Liverpool, UK, a new driver was undertaking his first driving lesson, and legally parked at the side of the road to talk to his instructor. A cyclist approached the car from behind, and with his eye sight locked on his handlebars, rode full on into the parked car.

The impact catapulted the rider into the back window, after which he slid off like a cartoon.

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    1. Cameras (Dash Cams) here in England are becoming more popular for front and rear windows, and even on either side of the car. It helps to bring our car insurance down because we have proof who was at fault encase of an accident.

      Hope that clears things up a bit…..

      1. @Darren It does thank you. Never even considered getting a dash cam let alone more than one that shoots the world out every side of the vehicle. So I am behind the tech curve for sure.

    2. At lost fucking last !!! A video in my home town ! I drive down this road every single day as I work round the Aigburth /Mossley Hill area and am always having to go round learner drivers , thing is though the roads round Sefton Park lake are easily wide enough not to hit a car as long as your fucking eyes are open ! Haha

      1. Some years ago, a cyclist ran into my father’s car whilst he was waiting in a line of traffic. Put a dent in his wing. The cyclist seemed really surprised that my father expected him to pay for the damage, and tried to plead poverty.

        I’m not anti cyclist, but when they damage your car, you will probably end up out of pocket.

  1. I would have had that ghastly little man arrested under the 1533 English Buggery Act.

    They think just because they wear lycra and silly helmets they have the right to ram you from behind, well they jolly well don?t.

  2. I have to deal with idiot cyclists every day on my way to work. They all want to ride in the middle of the street…it’s annoying but I can deal with that if they’d at least pay attention and follow the law.

    1. I know what you’re talking about @Little Foot… I work in the DC metropolitan area and I deal with these idiots every day…
      I witnessed a cyclist getting shit-whipped by a van’s side mirror… He was alright but it was funny as hell…

      1. Oh god I’d hate to drive where you do @Gnat. It’s like some of them don’t realize the traffic laws still apply to them. I was driving up to an intersection with stoplights and I had the green light and as I’m about to go through the intersection, I see a guy on his bike coming from my left running the red light. He stopped in time luckily and looked scared as hell but why would someone think they can speed through a red light without checking for other cars? Makes no sense.

  3. I love this video. For some reason, I want more videos of cyclists getting inhumanly mangled in an accident due to their negligence. I believe the cycling community needs to see what their insides look like in order to fully understand the value of looking out. I hope he broke his face for being so fucking oblivious.

  4. I did this once as a teenager with a brand new bike that I had literally gotten the day before.. I was at least distracted staring at some hott ass on the other side of the road.. This guy just wasn’t watching where he was going at all LMAO!!

  5. I’m cringing with embarassment.
    Such quality gore from around the world to view on BG, and my dear old blighty contributes THIS? 😀
    Likely a scouser though, no brain to protect as such.

  6. If the cyclist, who was clearly at fault here for not opening his fucking eyes, caused damage to the car, would the drivers insurance sort it out and then claim against the cyclist? Or what?

    1. A few scrape marks I’m sure but should be fine other than that I’m not sure about the guy though he might be suffering long term stupid exposure. Not easy to avoid over exposure to that now days.

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