Cyclist Run Over by Tractor Trailer in New Orleans

Cyclist Run Over by Tractor Trailer in New Orleans

On Thursday, July 17th, a fifty-two-year-old cyclist was struck and run over by a tractor trailer in New Orleans, Louisiana while crossing an intersection as the truck was making a wide right turn. According to officials and witnesses the victim had the right of way and there was no indication from the driver of the truck that he had noticed the cyclist. So far, the most outspoken witness is one Victor Pizarro, who was two car lengths behind the truck just as it began to make the turn:

I’m in complete state of shock. The cyclist passed me on the right in the bike lane on St. Claude as I was coming up behind the turning truck. I thought, ‘Oh, I hope he’s sees the truck turning,’ and then I saw he tried to brake. But then the rear wheel of his bike got caught under the third or fourth set of the truck’s wheels, and he kind of got sucked under. The look on his face was excruciating pain and confusion,” he said. “Some things you can never un-see. … I just hope that NOPD and everyone takes it seriously, because this is happening too often.

Another witness, New Orleans artist Lance Vargas got a glimpse of the body just before being shielded by police:

It’s a very troubling thing to see. I think, as a cyclist, you almost always understand that even if you have the right-of-way, you have to be very defensive about what’s going on around you. I don’t know the circumstances of this accident or who was at fault, but it doesn’t really matter any more. It matters to the person in the truck, for the trauma they must live with. But for the cyclist who is unfortunately no longer with us, right or wrong is not going to matter to him.

Unsurprisingly, a mass bike riding was held by cyclists the following day in response to the accident, rallying for safer streets.

At this point, the truck driver has not been cited or arrested pending drug test results but witnesses had described him as being very distraught after realizing what he had done. This is an accident that could have been preventable and it is tragic especially because there are so many people who need to share the road. These things sometimes happen despite everyone being on their toes although I’m sure the victim’s family isn’t going to be so willing to just chalk it up to “shit happens” seeing as how their son or father or brother has had his legs and head smashed and his brains leaked out onto the road.

If you’re interested, you can check out Mr. Pizarro’s facebook post on the subject.

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        1. @hanabi yeah I didn’t like exercising either then I was younger or liked riding bikes but I hated being overweight and I said fuck it time to move on, to this day whenever I’m on the road and there is a person on the bike on the same lane I am on I get nervous because bikers tend to be assholes and not give two shits. Hey are you by any chance from Mexico .?

    1. I hate bike riders at night, especially black bike riders. If you are black don’t ride fucking bikes at night. bike rider are annoying any time of the day. They can see people in vehicles better than we can see them, yet they act like they are dominate around here where I live. They ride all in the damn road slow, half drunk and cracked up. most of them black.

    2. In my town, as a kid, I would get fucked with all the time for riding my bike on the sidewalk. Cops would tell me to ride on the side of the road. It’s why they call it a sideWALK. I stuck the the sidewalk; fuck the police. I also would get stopped on a nightly basis for not having reflectors or lights. As long as cars have lights, I was fine.

      I honestly think bikers, and pedestrians are the dumbest of all. They constantly say ‘I got the right-of-way.’ Well, tell that to my multi-thousand pound vehicle.

      ALWAYS watch for the things that can kill you. And if you can, watch for the things you can kill.

  1. I always stay behind and right of trucks when cycling at intersections. Never next to it or in front of it. When in doubt I jump with my bike onto the sidewalk. And better yet, crossing intersections is best when all traffic stands still. So when all traffic lights are red for a few seconds, I paddle fast and screw every law.

    1. That is probably because you are a bike rider that actually gives a shit about your own life without hoping everybody else to look out for you. where I live we don’t have a bike lane and there isn’t always a sidewalk.

        1. damn wheel chairs. lmao. Are you serious? The motorized wheel chair people ride theirs around and think cars are suppose to watch out for them but they don’t block up a whole lane. That is crazy. I’m waiting to see someone on one of those motorized wheel chairs batteries to die while they are going up hill.

        1. Where I live we have hardly any bike lanes. So I ride aggressive and very defensive to not get pushed off the road.

          But I do the same as you Ping Pong with the red lights. Zip on through

    2. Yea that’s my point exactly. Don’t cross intersections next to big trucks. Doing so is just stupid. About crossing at red lights…it depends the intersection and timing of the lights really. In some places I agree, in others I disagree. It’s all about knowing your surroundings.

  2. Shit this hits close to home one of my dad’s friends is a landscaper and accidentally hit an on coming bicyclist turning right at the stop sign. the old lady was going his direction and I’m guessing she didn’t see the trailer and we’ll the trailer ran her over and crushed her head. There was also an incident that recently happened at a dairy this rancher and his father were working on a tractor, the son not knowing that the father was still under the tractor decided to pull forward and ran over and killed his father. I ended up finding out that one of my co workers used to work for that same dairy and the guy told me he was one of the guys that had to clean up the blood.

      1. I was Just thinking that a few hours ago driving behind a couple bikers earlier today!! God you guys make me feel so much better about my sick thoughts… im soo tired of feeling like a freak for finding comfort in gore…

        1. So, because you’re impatient, and can ‘t wait 5 extra seconds, you can justify wanting to kill somebody by reading a couple lines written by psycopaths? Hmm. That’s sound reasoning, and a healthy way to live. Enjoy!

  3. I think I have come up with a solution to all the bicyclists getting killed on the road. Get the fuck off the road. You don’t belong there. Think about it. They make all these car manufacturers do safety tests in case of collisions. A bicycle is not safe in case of collision, take them off the road. We should go back to the old school bike lanes I used to ride on when I was a kid?..the sidewalk. Get your dumb ass and your bike on the sidewalk.

  4. Some people ride bikes for exercise, others out of necessity, it’s their only form of transportation.
    From the eye witness account, it seems this unfortunate man just had a lapse in awareness. That can easily turn out to be fatal, as we all know. RIP.

  5. Nothing wrong with biking. It’s good exercise,saves gas,and you can experience the natural outdoors. I blame irresponsible cyclist, very narrow routes between car and bike, and ignorant drivers for whatever bad experience occurring on the road…..

    1. Yeah, the rucksack could indicate that a nice picnic was on the agenda , or maybe just a light snack once he’d peddled to his destination. Oh well, shit happens when bicycles get too close to large vehicles, even to ” invincible cyclist’s “

  6. Mr Pizarro is just an attention whore. He probably can’t get any attention or “likes” on Facebook normally, so he has to post a pic of someone smeared on the street, so some people will finally check out his status. He’s just a bitch, who don’t care about the person who died, but instead cares how many of his FAKE friends like his post

  7. I live and work umbrage French quarter, so I’ve done a fair deal of driving in different areas. But one thing is always the same no matter where I am…the asshole, clueless, entitled cyclists who think since they have the right of way they can do anything they fucking please!

    I constantl find myself wanting oto mow them down with my car.

    1. Have to agree, that strange sense of entitlement is a real head scratcher, hard to fathom the mind set. It’s as if the cyclist thinks he/she is doing their bit for the environment and therefore automatically ought to be respected. Thing is, bikes are flimsy when up against other larger vehicles, and being environmentally friendly ain’t gunna alter that fact.

  8. I despise bikers. They always ride right down the middle of the road. I’m sure their mindset is…


    I mean, in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, you didn’t have the technology in vehicles, as you have today. With those set of distractions, along with this hideous biker’s mindset well…

    Fortunately for him, we don’t have the technology to put “humpty dumbass,” back together again.

    7 billion people on the planet, and one takes the initiative of sharing the road with products and services that own people as they drive?

    …nuff said

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