Dashcam Car Driver Skillfully Dodges Multiple Collisions

Dashcam Car Driver Skillfully Dodges Multiple Collisions

This has got to be one of the most epic dashcam videos to come out of Russia yet. An idiot driver causes his vehicle to crash, in return drags another car into a crash and it all happens right on front of the car with the dashcam yet the driver manages to dodge all of it by a hairline and casually continues on his merry way. Epic driver is epic.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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43 thoughts on “Dashcam Car Driver Skillfully Dodges Multiple Collisions”

  1. I know so many people that would have frozen up and not done shit to avoid that! I have had some close calls before and have to do some techno driving but never had that one or two I should say came at me like that ! Like some kinda game show vehiclal dodge ball comin at ya! BOING!!!

  2. Then all of a sudden hydrolic thrusters ignite sending the car 20 ft high, the doors change into wings and the car turns into a formula 1 bottle rocket, then some 80s rock plays while he battles lazor gun wielding Pteradactyls. (Can’t think of correct spelling)

  3. I drive an 18 wheeler, and Ive seen so many assholes ditch themselves or wipe out trying to get around my truck… Dont worry, I now have a dashcam and a GoPro, and Im on the lookout for footage for you Mark!

  4. Hollywood Directors couldn’t even dream up a seen like this . You can tell that the guy with the dash cam was toying around with the red car cause he didn’t even bother to pull off to the side of the road after the accident…. You see someone in your side view mirror speeding up trying to pass you then you speed up yourself cockblocking him and then BOOYAH!!! Just keep on driving like nothing never happened

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