Dashcam Films Brick from Oncoming Truck Smash Through Window, Killing Passenger

Dashcam Films Brick from Oncoming Truck Smash Through Window, Killing Passenger

Dashcams are a big deal in Russia so there are many videos of accidents filmed from the inside of vehicles. In this video, the dashcam filmed something slightly different, but nevertheless pretty unnerving.

It was a quiet ride down a highway between Azov and Starominskaya in the Rostov region of Russia. A man driving Audi A4 had his wife on the passengers’ seat and a couple with a child in the rear. Their dashcam was filming when on the 11th kilometer of the highway a group of vehicles with large Kamaz-5410 truck in its tail came from the oncoming direction.

The Kamaz truck was loaded with bricks and a few of them came loose. One of them smashed through the Audi A4’s windshield, striking 29 year old Olga Gaikovich who was on the passenger’s seat in the head.

The truck driver didn’t even notice and continued driving on. The woman was taken to the emergency room in the Azov hospital with skull split open where they pronounced her dead after two hours of failing attempts to revive her.

With the use of the video from the dashcam, the police was able to identify the truck driver and are considering pressing charges because cargo was not securely fastened.

The video doesn’t contain any graphic images, but its shock factor and the screams which follow the brick splitting the passenger’s head make for a pretty unnerving experience. The incident occurred on June 12, 2012. One moment you’re here, and the next your head is split open with a brick.

Props to DirTyDogG for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. sooo buthurt.
          Are you SURE You’re in the right place?
          you seem a bit, well, of a bitch about things.

          We try to practice something here you may not be aware of exists.
          It’s called, lets see if I can remember…..

          A fucking sense of humor, YES, That’s what it is!
          Google it to find out more about it, and where to get one of your very own

          1. Butthurt? But you’re the one taking the time to cry about my post. LOL
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          1. i know blah blah you gotta have a sense of humor on this site because it showcases the most mysterious part of life but you gotta feel for that guy… pure terror in his vioce and it was most likely his wife. Poor feller. All and all were just another brick in the face. 😉

          1. Stay classy? Lol. I think your grandma dropped you way too many times as a baby. Hopefully tax payers aren’t pitching in to further prolong your life. That would be too unfortunate for them.

    1. yeah you see very disturbing things on this site, some are interesting and others are so – so but this video really? it’s sick knowing someone wouldn’t think twice about showing this out of respect for the kid “s ” who watched their mom die in front of them,…

    2. That’s not fucked up killer.

      How’s the video here of a car with a video camera that’s cruising at 100 km/h on a dual carriage way in icy weather.

      It films a car in front sliding out of control and crossing the center grass divide and head on into a MASSIVE truck at full speed.

      Now that’s fucked up.

      The car disintergrated on impact.

      Who’s seen it ?

          1. Thanks Don.
            That’s it.

            Sure there are some amazing accidents on BG but this one is seriously spectacular in my books and always comes to mind.

            Again Don, thanks for the effort to track it down as it was months ago.

      1. ……needless to say that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US would had prefered to have a rotating dash cam, or, at least a S.O.B. there to take some aftermath footage, which, I’m quite sure most of us would have fought through the shock of seeing our lovedone with a brick-smashed-face to get some exclusive first had good stuff…….yha, we fucking all rock

      1. True, she probably wasn’t even aware that it happened.

        I feel really bad for the driver. He sounds horrifically traumatized, seeing that (was it his wife or something) and being utterly unable to help her. This is only two days old? He is undoubtedly still majorly fucked up by this.

        1. Yeah, I would probably want to blow my brains out if I saw my wife/girlfriend die like that in front of me. If you see something like that, you’re never having fun ever again.

          Oh, listen to me. I’m being such an emotional fag.

  1. Looks like something out of a horror movie, Final Destination 2 comes to mind when I see the brick flying towards the windshield. This woman only got to about a 1/3 of a human’s lifespan before death found her. Really goes to show you how easily you can meet your end. It makes me question free will and destiny when I see videos like these, which one dominates the other?

    1. No one ever said free will and destiny do not include variables.

      Maybe that’s all the passenger had to offer was to show, it can come like nothing you’d expect. Shitty, but key word is variables. What are they here for.

    2. What does this have to do with free will?
      You have free will. You can choose what you want to do (within the framework of how you are made, and what you are, e.g. you can’t “choose” to jump to the moon).

      Destiny is bullshit. Destiny is just what we call the set of things that happen to a person after it’s all happened. Nothing FORCES a given set of events to happen to someone, although things do form chains of causality that lead to certain events.

      Shit is just random, man.

      1. I thought about what I wrote and I agree with what you have said. There’s no point in worrying about something that is out of your control. I have a tendency to question everything around me, guess I just have to accept that bad things can happen out of the blue at any given time.

        1. I guess you have to also accept the positive forces too. Every Saturday night some cosmically ‘chosen’ person wins the lottery too. Winning the lottery and scoring a brick to the head like that are probably the same odds of happening??

    1. Though some of you might think a bunch of videos are cool or exciting… or interesting or whatever.. but this shouldn’t be one of those videos that you would think is awesome. by the sounds of this im assuming she was killed. His ” or their ” mom was killed in front of them.. have some respect people.

      1. @Johnny, you MUST go back and READ the post, the woman didn’t have kids in the car! There was another couple with a child in the back. And yes she died, after 2 hours at the hospital.

      2. @Johnny..

        I believe you are on the wrong website, Sir.

        If you didn’t want this video aired… I am sure Mark (and then, the rest of us) will be very happy to explain why we can’t stifle freedom of speech because someone got a tad upset.

        Where the hell is @Razor with her ‘Butthurt Forms’?

        If you had such a moral objection to this video…

        Why did you watch it?

        And why do you think it is acceptable for you to watch it and not us?

        1. You said it @Trooper…
          This piece of work seems to forget that he/she was the one that pressed the play button (and probably more than once).

          That aside I hope you and all the BG SOB’s will forgive me for flipping my lid…
          My humblest apologies – especially to razor (sometimes I am the most ignorant cunt of them all).

          1. Thats what makes us human fiend
            to get upset

            to put it into words

            to ponder words

            to regret words

            to express sorry for words

          2. Hey jonny, I understand what your saying, there’s alot of people here who have no respect, its discusting, what fuckheads, you bastards say sorry. Sorry johnny, next time that brick will hit you, and we’ll laugh our ass’s off and be more dsirespectfull just because you said that, dumass.

          3. @Fiend,

            Don’t worry about it medear.

            As Odgoso says, it is what makes us Human. To have a bit of a ‘wobbler’. But what separates you from most of the ‘sheep’. Is you were big enough to acknowledge and apologise.

            I have posted stuff on this site which I regret immediately after hitting the ‘post’ button.

            We all flip out… As I said before, no one bares a grudge here.

    1. Well, the sounds of these kids or whoever is in the car ” brother, son, sister ect ” in panic sounded pretty scary .. by that you know something happened and most likely killed. You’re right.. you can’t see her being hit and if she was only knocked out but the sounds of their terror drove my body cold.

    1. that’s actually a REALLY good question….they would have HAD to have gotten some wet shit on ’em with such a solid thing hitting such a fleshy (virus) at that speed….

      “today for show and tell, little Rhomney has the brick that smashed his mother’s face to total shit”

    1. Thomas, if you look the hole window did not break. For awhile in washington people were throwing bolders off over pass’s and killing people. The shit in the glass is to keep the glass from exploding every where, objects still penetrate the window.

      1. Yes, a windshield will not stop something that size with that concentrated weight at that speed from going through it, however, it will stop a person from going through it at a high speed as I have replaced many windshields in body shops that have had hair flesh and blood and the shape of a head in them. But if it’s not a properly installed windshield, like in the 80s, when we installed them with silicone, then you can literally fly through the windshield (actually the whole shield will pop out) and get run over or crushed by your own car. And that concludes todays glass lesson my sob’s!

  2. Pausing the video ,the brick looks like a Tweetex brick used to build chimneys but this one is a solid one with no mortar holes in it ,so the bricks weight would be around 5-6 pounds they tear the hell out of asphalt shingles when we drop them on the roofs.
    so traveling at 100mph the brick probably went right threw whatever it hit…

  3. Man, I can usually watch beheadings with a poker face, but this actually got to me. So fucked up how you can just lose someone you love in an instant like that, out of fucking nowhere.
    That screaming…

  4. WOW…i guess when its your time, its your time…that was disturbing. Wonderful..another phobia to have while im tooling along the highway :/

    The poor family – not a sight to have as a memory…

  5. This doesn’t even have any gore and I feel like it’s one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen on here… just the idea that you could be driving down the highway and a random brick that came out of nowhere could just end everything. It’s really tragic, and I feel terrible for her husband and child :c

  6. i know some of y’all are gonna call me gay or some shit….but i cried for this mans loss -_- i can’t imagine how it was to see his, whoever this woman was to that man, dead in the seat next to him. fucking scary and sad as fuck, man :/

  7. i know some of you may call me gay or some shit……but i fucking cried for this mans loss -_- i know “that’s life” but i mean on a normal day seeing your loved one die right next to you is so fucked up. his screams made me feel so fuckin bad…..

  8. when i first watched the video it was muted by default but then after reading mark’s description i watched it again with sound it is kinda sad when the husband and children starts to cry pretty cool video but sad she died and was so fast i don’t think i could have avoided that

  9. Talk about a major freak accident. Wow. The reaper is indifferent. What I’m wondering is how cheap that car window must have been. Don’t they have a plastic coating over them so things like rocks etc don’t go through them?

    1. The video on the link you provided is a better quality video.
      Watching it I noticed that about a dozen bricks fall off the back of the truck… the particular brick that went threw the window hit the highway first and on it’s first bounce went threw the windshield.
      Wow… timing is everything!

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