Dashcam Footage of Rear-Ending in India

Dashcam Footage of Rear-Ending in India

Dashcam Footage of Rear-Ending in India

Captured on dashcam in India, a man gets ejaculated from an overcrowded tuk-tuk. Doesn’t appear the shat passenger suffers any injuries.

After the rear-end collision, the dashcam car captures the tuk-tuk mimic a clown car.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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39 thoughts on “Dashcam Footage of Rear-Ending in India”

  1. Oh, hell, I was on business twice in India in the 2000s. The only time I saw those goddam auto rickshaws was in the city.

    I swear, the only thing that appeared to save those poor bastards was Engineering By Hindu – a moped engine with one-speed and eight passengers per cart.

  2. I believe that rolling hindue was the driver of the vehicle that got rear ended… You can tell because the vehicle that got hit appears to go “driverless” after the impact, it even seems to come to a complete stop.
    That Hindu rolled out spectacular, you were to see him a few secs after he was ejected and you wouldn’t guess that he had just got rear ended.
    Thats probably the most fresh and most clean Indian in the whole of Hinduland.

  3. If it was a train they will be deadededed for sure. I wonder where those stupid fuckers were going? Maybe to fuck each other as the homos they are… you know how the saying goes: “during war times, any hole is a trench” that means that every hole is a pussy

  4. Anyone else surprised about dash cam footage in INDIA? Russia, of course, USA, maybe, but in India?! India known for overcrowded streets with Hindudindu’s, train track open air toilets but not dash cams. Just saying.

  5. After about a tonnage of gore this video is worth a thousand views .
    The car tailing the truck with a bunch of idiots onboard sure as hell seemed pretty laid back until the car trailing it with a dash-cam ends up rear ending it because the truckie had suddenly swerved from his lane and came right in the way leaving the car driver all surprised.
    The jolt was enough to belch out ; the one who was day dreaming more than anyone else ; but luckily enough he went unscathed .
    Some lucky bastard there ……..moreover the truck was nearly on the verge of going turtle but stayed put.

      1. @seraphim-serenata I’m truly elated sir, when Shakespeare like ya from the “GOREGORISH WORLD ” comes to appreciate some wayward jottings of a nowhere man like me ……….. Many thanks .

        And as for the post ,ya’re right with your observation at 0:39 mark when that wheely powered tuk-tuk nearly nearly was about to crash in to the moped but most amazingly this cat of a man just lived inches away from the harm’s way to yap his side of the real story about his return from the jaws of death. Had it been the other way , the moped guy would have died instantly with the impact and that would have spiced up the video one notch up.

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