Dashcam – Head On Collision with Scooter

Dashcam - Head On Collision with Scooter

Dashcam - Head On Collision with Scooter

In what seems to be Vietnam, a scooter rider drives directly in front of car with dashcam. Inertia takes hold, bounces bike and rider back a foot before falling over.

The good samaritan law still does its job, making no one compassionate without fear of persecution to chip in.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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50 thoughts on “Dashcam – Head On Collision with Scooter”

        1. LOL yeah. The biker was on the wrong side of the road. Very dozy, and he still did not have the reflexes to swerve even after several seconds. Could he not see the car coming towards him in a straight line?

          Best part is at 0:08, after he hits the car straight on, bounces backwards, balances for a few seconds (that was the funny bit!) and then falls down.

          Hope he made a good recovery.

  1. Vietnam rarely features here .By the way its a standard way of testing a dashcam .Though the impact caught by
    it ; isn’t much to talk about except for that painful moan let out by the scooter rider who pretty much was day dreaming being in the wrong lane .
    That spider web on the car shield perhaps may lure an arachnid to speedily weave another web to catch its prey.

    1. That guy probably saved the biker’s life by not allowing anyone else to move him, remove his helmet, give him water, or the like. Moving someone who just slammed his head like that could leave him paraplegic.

  2. Its as if the people have lost something important and that thing is the bike,
    they pay more attention to that and they are to the guy who just crashed into a vehicle like fuck off you piece of cunt shit fuck factory, and they just let him rot and regurgitate on the floor. I would personally have helped the person but maybe he was dead and they were like
    shit my car is trashed and i might as well take this bike as it’s a little broken but still some value but that guy has no value to anybody and they make it know there so sad and fucked this world

  3. car vs bike? (scooter)
    cars wins, everytime.

    its simple, really. Even my Honda Civic has armor, airbags, seatbelts. Whaddaya fucks on a motorized hobby horse have…other than hamburger and bones? Hence, I never watch out for a biker….Their job is to watch out for me….unless they are suicidal

  4. Not that this people don’t want to help but, rule in bike accidents says that, if dangerous head crush happened, helmet should stay On.
    -Scull may crack and (re)moving a helmet can cause more damage. They do it in hospital..

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