Dashcam Video of Plane Crashing Over Highway in Mukilteo, Washington

Dashcam Video of Plane Crashing Over Highway in Mukilteo, Washington

On Tuesday May 2, 2017, a crash of a single-engine plane was caught on dashcam over Harbor Pointe Blvd. in Mukilteo, Washington, USA. Incredibly, the 30 year old pilot of the plane walked out of the plane without injuries. In total, only a couple of cars were charred, and two people on the ground suffered minor injuries.

The dashcam video shows the plane clipping a power line, and then hitting the traffic lights with the wing, which caused the explosion.

The Piper PA-32-260 aircraft is registered to Klamath Aviation LLC, in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Pilot Justin Dunaway is registered with the Federal Aviation Administration.

Here’s the aftermath video – plane looks nothing like its wing exploded in a fireball:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. Peanut butter crunch too. I’m the biggest crunch fan in the country. Lol. I always loved cereal. Cocoa pebbles. They’re up there. The milk at the end is def up there.

    1. Captain Crunch probably flew into town for the Octopus. Growing up in Everett, I used to go to a restaurant on the waterfront in Mukilteo that paid the fishermen (fisherpersons) on the dock for their fresh catches.

  1. I do love a good plane crash with a firey explosion! Why don’t exciting things like this ever happen right in front of me ? ( I actually can answer my own question – because I live in a tiny lil back water in Far North Queensland in Australia and we only have one plane a day that lands on the airstrip. To see action you gotta have good numbers – I get that…..)

    1. Be patient. One day that little fuckin’ plane will crash and blow up and you’ll be there to see it.
      I live in a place that is as boring as it gets, but every year from late March thru June, at any minute a storm can brew up and blow an entire trailer park right up your asshole. If you’re lucky, the trailers with the meth labs will miss your house. Good times on the prairie.

        1. No. No basement diving for me. I use a few different weather apps so I usually have enough time to hop in the car and go out to watch from a safe distance. These storms are really beautiful. Video footage never does them justice. Not the same.

  2. This is crazy. My wifes family literally lives down the road from where this occurred. I traveled this very stretch of road many times and know exactly where this happened since I worked at a gym down the way there. Too bad I wasn’t there to film it!

      1. I don’t live in that area anymore but I frequently travel there to visit family. It’s actually a beautiful area with lots of nice houses near the water on the way to the ferry. Some NFL and Sonics players stayed in some of the houses there when the Sonics was still in Washington State.

  3. Settle down, all you land creatures. As the military teaches, any landing you can walk away from is a successful landing. The pilot was doing what he was trained to do – go for a landing on open park, golf course, or road. On the roads, airplanes actually have the legal right of way.

  4. i have seen hot air balloons cause way more carnage than this shit. people always die in hot air balloon accidents and a corpse in your swimming pool is easier to clean up, than a plane.

  5. Wow,

    I’m not to far from there and I am just hearing about this. I hope everyone survived. It’s funny that Boeing is right in that area. I wonder what happened exactly.

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