Dead Girl with Tan Lines and Broken Jaw

Dead Girl with Tan Lines and Broken Jaw

Strangely enough, this girl met her tragic end on the road, yet she’s not pointing a finger. Her hand looks as if it tried, but it didn’t get to go all the way. I didn’t get any info with the picture, but to me it looks as if she took a large caliber shot under her chin. Strange place for a suicide, though. It could have been a traffic accident with her neck and jaw bone taking the hit and snapping. She seems dressed up nicely, sort of as if to meet a date, rather than to kill herself. What do you think?

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39 thoughts on “Dead Girl with Tan Lines and Broken Jaw”

  1. could be traffic accident with that old hag describing to the plain clothed cop how she fell or swerve or something. Shoeless could mean she must have been walking, running or fell from her slow moving scooter (yeah helmetless) when she was hit.

  2. I do like how someone pointed out that her right shoe was missing. The mixture of light and dark blood by her head do lead me to believe that there was blunt trauma to the left side of her face or head area. There is also a spot on her right side just shy of the chin which would relate to the blunt trauma theory. That would also explain the clear fluid under the blood is more than likely cerebral spinal fluid. Don’t quote me I’m not a doctor, medical student, ect.
    Now there does appear to be blood spatter on her right hand. Hopefully she was already dead and that was spatter from the wound by her chin. If not she might have been hacking up blood on herself before she went into unconsciousness and then death.
    I don’t know if that yellow flower was something she wore to the place of her death or if the killer left it there but for that not appearing to have any blood on it seems strange to me.
    Anyone know if in Asian or European countries allowed to view cell phones for messages that could possibly lead them why why she was where she was?

  3. Looks like a gunshot wound to me. Looks like the slug connected with the right mandibular body and fractured it. Can’t tell much from just one view. But I’ll say this is a gunshot wound.

  4. ok let me rule out one thing first….tht cannot be a suicide, look at her dress! no one dresses like tht for a suicide,n secondly ,u need to have a pretty fucked up head to kill urself breaking ur jaws…so affirmative on accident….

  5. aaronwangchuk, that’d be one of the more normal suicide outfits to wear, look at Ricardo López, would you say he wasn’t a suicide because he put on facepaint?

    And if it was a suicide, the only way to get that sort of injury self-inflicted would be a gun, assuming the scene is untouched, where’s the weapon, or evidence of one (like indentations in the pool of blood)? I don’t think the clear liquid is, as ichbinAlan said, CSF. If it were CSF, you’d first need injury to the spine or neck in such a way that it would leak out, which looks semi-doubtful, but more importantly -without any blood leaking out nearby-, as there’s no blood around the damp spot on the ground. Plus, it definitely looks like it splattered, it’s not one pool, there spatters around, and the spatters around her stomach, right by the “Best”, and right by the @ appear to be radially elongated, pointing towards a common center. Not that I have -any- clue what it is, I’m just pretty certain it isn’t CSF.

    It does look like she went out on a date. Maybe those guys in wherever that is don’t take “no” that well?

    Hard to say, really, but if there were clues as to time of death, how long it took to discover her, that may be a useful bit of information. I say probably gunshot, but past that, who knows.

  6. If she was moved, wouldn’t the blood not be in a puddle like that, then? And if she was lying on the other side, why did all the blood coming out of her nose and mouth flow down, towards her right side, the side on the ground? Unless I misunderstood what you meant.

  7. i still stick with road accident… pro cyclist Wouter Weylandt died of head/face injuries during the Tour of Italy race doing a faceplant… lots of blood oozing from the tostrils with nose partially caved in… almost similar to this but only more bloody.

  8. I know what happened to this girl. There were more pics of her on some other website I came across. If i remember correctly, she was on a motorcycle and had been partially decapitated from a wire that was at neck level. I don’t remember the exact story….it might have been a wire that had been cut down or something and she ran through it…but i remember reading that she was able to come to a full stop on her motorcycle before falling over and landing in that position. The other pictures of her showed pics of her bike and more details of her wounds. So, partial decapitation from a loose wire somewhere while riding her motorcycle is basically what happened.

  9. That makes sense RoMill88. Just doesn’t seem to be a car accident or else I would imagine more than just a bit under the chin would be damaged. The neck trauma could also explain why her face seems a little strangely angled.

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