Deadly Collision on Crosswalk in Romania, Female Body Skis Asphalt

Deadly Collision on Crosswalk in Romania, Female Body Skis Asphalt

Young and dumb as a box of rocks, 26-year-old woman was killed crossing crosswalk in Romania. She was not diligent with traffic immediately to the left; head was looking constantly right.

Large oncoming truck slows down and comes to a stop all in vain for the real life frogger. The closest traffic to the woman was also the deadliest.

A speeding car cannot avoid colliding with her on the crosswalk; sends her flipping up in the air, landing on her body that is used as skis on the asphalt. The victim indeed ends up making it to the other side.

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  1. Crosswalks have some kind of spell that drops the IQ by 10-20 points in certain parts of the world. In third world countries a bunch of terrified and retarded people wait to cross a busy street, ignoring common sense and intelligence, just like a bunch of dumb African buffalos or whatever trying to get the other side of a river full of crocs. It just takes one brave moron to startle the horde. And usually the dumbest get darwin’d by the crocs or in this case, a vehicle.

    1. In UK we fully respect crossings and have to stop when people waiting to cross. It’s against the law not to. I’d more than likely get run over in those countries. Your bound to forget one time and then your times up.

      1. Same in Russia, if you’re the driver and the cop sees you not stopping before a crosswalk if someone is about to cross, he may fine you.

        But I won’t agree with your last statement. I never, never, never, NEVER forget to pay attention when crossing, and people who forget to do it at least ONCE, has no right to blame anyone but themselves.

    2. Crosswalks here in the states are no exception. Seems like when the hand starts flashing on the crosswalk light, most people speed up getting across. Nope, Niggas start crossing when they see this, and at a much slower pace than a normal person.

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