Deadly Crash Aftermath Footage in Brazil Filmed by Flip Flop Cameraman

Deadly Crash Aftermath Footage in Brazil Filmed by Flip Flop Cameraman

Three victims of a gnarly accident in Brazil is filmed by a flip-flop cameraman. The first man has lower legs completely shredded. The next man shown dead fares a little bit better with what looks like his heart ripped out of chest, resulting in a quick and painless death. Third victim has both feet reduced to void where prohibited status. The fourth man lies dead on his stomach as if he is proclaiming that he will be taking a permanent dirt nap to sleep off the pain.

Appears that the victims were pedestrians that couldn’t avoid a fast moving vehicle and got struck head-on. The front wheel axle is ripped out from the vehicle that hit all four bodies; must have been one hell of a vehicle to do such damage and claim such a high death toll.

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  1. My first impressions were that the cameraperson was a lady:from the gait etc. On closer inspection it seems it really is a guy after all.

    I was thinking philosophically . Would helmets/protective gear really help in Brazil. I say not. I say the place is cursed from the point of view of having high road trauma incidence .Why? Because it is too hot and humid! Noone can physically wear helmets and protective bikewear there even if they WANT to. They would suffocate and pull both right off before too much time.

    1. I live in Australia where I guarantee it is hot and humid and you are right as well as wrong. Everyone wears a helmet coz if u don’t they will take your license. Some wear full bikie get up but most are in T-shirt, shorts and thongs ……

  2. Fix the problem BestGore, almost All the video Footages are Not playable! Only after Many tries, does it play but with Glitches of keep Stopping! Maybe this is done Delibrately, to turn people away and Discourage from Watching Footages!

  3. The Book for the Recently Diseased

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  4. from the leg injuries, I can imagine that somehow that axle came off BEFORE it hit them, and then shredded them like a lawnmower blade. really too bad there’s not footage of the actual accident, must have been epic.

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