Deadly Traffic Accident in Ghana, Africa

Deadly Traffic Accident in Ghana, Africa

There are many messed up people in this video, but father who holds body of his lifeless son whose skull is cracked open and brain leaked out is the most heart wrenching. It’s hard to imagine anything more horrific for a parent than to go from having a family moment with a child to watching his head pop like a walnut under a wheel of a truck.

At around 0:57 mark you can see child’s brain smeared on the road. The truck that caused the mayhem bore a “Forever Young” sign painted on the back. The accident took place in Sekondi-Takoradi, the capital of the Western Region of Ghana, Africa. Brutal.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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324 thoughts on “Deadly Traffic Accident in Ghana, Africa”

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    1. I agree with the Rodent.
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    3. I suggest you reserve your economy ticket and go tell them that, isn’t it simple?
      I don’t even see the point in trying to answer though I am; because these are convictions, beliefs you secretly prefer holding, regardless of whether you later see cause and effect of it….

      I won’t worry try convincing you, from a society of virtual slavery that brainwashed you through medias and contextual presentations, just remember one thing, you will die one day, and you don’t know how…

        1. listen, those charities and ngos are jokes, I promise it’s nothing but a chain cycle, they filter into each other at the end the ‘starving child’ doesn’t get much trust me.
          If you want to help, do it directly, buy machines, solar panels, and teach them how to use it, and there not through claiming these deceitful’charities’…anyways…

          1. I just sum black culture (especially black culture here in America) up with an Obi-Wan Kenobi quote: “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.” 🙂

          2. So do I drccoco…until someone pisses me off then the gloves come off and all is fair…

            I’m in a love/hate relationship with everyone. I love certain people…abut mostly hate everyone because they are stupid and selfish.

            And personally I think someone needs to kick the shit out of most of my generation and all of the younger ones…..were fucked…

          3. Hey MetallicaChick ,I can read between the lines and tell that you’re a sharp and very cool person…You’re definitely alright in my book.

    4. I think honestly that you believe even if you kill 1000 black people your life will change?

      This contemporary society is led in shadows by powerful groups, and believe me, if you look at their pyramid, you, you’re family and millions more are classified as cattle. For the simple reason you work for someone, you probably have delusional happiness (acquired through comedy, music and movies); what this society has devised as a powerful weapon also to keep the cattle as blind as possible to reality ( a slavish like reality artificial everything, friends, mood swings etc).

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      I won’t spend time trying to explain to you where your hate comes from or why you’re wrong, I guess until the day a black saves your life from an accident or something extreme, you won’t change and such a short life spent on hatred is a great remorse and pity to say the least.

      All I mean to tell you ”hung like a mouse” is just think twice, about the point and goal in hating another race, the ultimate goal is either -prison ; or addiction (to race aversion until death or prison).

      You seem to forget you eat, get shots, sleep, work, go to the bathroom, have emotions…it stuns me to see you talking like a deity or someone who’s family was murdered by blacks…

      Lastly just remember, anything that doesn’t make you advance in this society, is holding you back, and your racism is one of them. you’re spending too much time on it, try freeing yourself, by gaining financial autonomy from society and liberty, not sitting down and writing nigger niggeer nigglet darkie Africa this, niggers that, food stamps this, ghetto that, IQ scores this, evolution theory that….if you like to face blacks, go find them and fight them, now I can tell you you created a few racists against whites; it’s mind fucking to see such a gruesome accident and someone still talking about race…

      1. Ya know what ishy?,you talk too much and take up too much space on the comments to keep sayi’n the same thing. I , speaking for myself,think YOU, should become a post on this site! Now go away. …(and learn how to speak english)

  1. Finally we got some brains spilling out! I’ve been waiting for a nicely gory vid to appear. Thanks BG for making my shitty day into a better one 😀
    Good thing the kid is dead or else he would be now after his father was floppin his head around spilling out more brain.

    1. wasn’t as bad as the woman (possibly mom?) walking through and practically rolling around in it! (brains and baby blood) 🙁 Geez…I would be freaked out if it were my baby, but I sure as hell would not walk through his brains…

      1. That’s an easy one. KILL the driver of the truck in the most horrifying way I could imagine ( after checking out the Da Silva files on best gore first) In my opinion any people who aren’t willing to die or kill for their kids are not fit to be parents. Let some one hurt my daughter and it may be the last error they ever make.

    1. I think I would be the same if that was my little kid, their pain was very hard to watch. I still feel very sad for dead children on this site, i might look at all, but I still feel sorry for them. Hell even some of the adults get my sympathy!

  2. The first thing I must ponder on is, why the fuck are everybody’s shoes taken off as if they are about to enter an orientials’ home?

    Second, is….what was that, um, thing with the crazy doo-dee spires growing from it’s head in the yellow?

    And, most of all, does Hallmark make a condolence card for the parents? “At least you won’t go hungry tonight” or “Chilled Monkey Brains”

    Or “alas, Your pride and joy is now called Road Kill Boy”

    Might be a market for us to cater to the dead’s family members after all…..what good is a sense of humor if you aren’t allowed to turn a profit from it??

    1. ‘Sympathy – for your childs road rash.’ or
      ‘Condolences – you did not pass your truck driving licence’ or
      ‘Congratulations – your child nearly made it to 10!’
      @Rotten we’ll need to patent these Hallmark cards in Nigeria, I think they’ll sell!

          1. Oh goody I LOVE surprises! also I’m allowed to have a humorous response on this site, if you think its racist, its up to you.

        1. Ismayel are you fucking following me everywhere? On every post I make you’re behine me……rascist…..I don’t give a fuck. End of story like I said you piss me off the gloves are of I call you everything in the book just to get you fight me but its not like I go around looking a random black dude I don’t even know and call him a nigger. Sonofabitch and thanks guys..

          1. @MC the Ismayel dude is the biggest racist here, the hatred he has for whites you can ‘feel’ it, he said he wants to “eat @jesilynn’s child in front of her!” My God, he sound’s all civilized but he’s secretly STILL a cannibal! 😉

    2. First of all, Hiya Rotten…reading your comments is always entertaining. 🙂
      Second, yeah, why DID they take off their shoes? And geez, was the driver thinking he was in a bowling alley? How many people did he run down? And what were they doing in the street?
      Soooo many questions…

  3. Somebody shoud re-dub this with the ALPHAVILLE song FOREVER YOUNG or the JAY-Z song of the same title that SAMPLES the ALFAVILE version (lol) … All kidding aside though (*R.I.P*) & I feel BAD for the KID & others FAMILYS

    1. Lol this reminds me of the
      KONY 2012 Scam Hype.

      Why hype it now? Kony probably dead.
      Why is Kony so important? HE’s NOT!
      He just another Savage HOmo Erectus, who kills and eat peoples.

      Whats new? AFricans have always cannibalized each other,
      who are we to “Discriminate”.
      We must be Tolerant of the culture of Cannibalism, voodoo, and rape and murder… Its Their Culture don’t you know.

  4. Is it known whether the people were in a vehicle or were pedestrians and the truck just ran over some of them including the boy? Hard to tell by the video what happened. What really got to me was that car honking its horn at those accident victims to move out of the way so he can get by. Geez!

      1. Yep! honking the horn does NOT cause road rage in African countries, it’s an important part of their driving skills, some keep their hand constantly on the horn! If you toot your horn at someone in a Western country you WILL get the finger (or worse)

    1. Then I wouldn’t get to mess around with my friends the haters. It’s so amazing to see that a video would be on YouTube for months, sometimes years but the moment it’s posted on Best Gore, our friend the haters jump right in to report it so it gets removed. I then replace it with the same video hosted elsewhere, but I need to give the friends a chance to report videos or else they would feel left out. I mean – they spend whole days sitting on Best Gore waiting for me to post YouTube videos only so they can report it. I can’t let them twinkies down.

      1. Good lookin out Mark, ensuring that your hard work and time is well wasted by shit rivits with nothing better to do.
        It’d be great to infiltrate their hardrives with something as harmful as they are useless.

        I (we) appricate your dilligance in keeping everybody busy…reality doesn’t allow things to be “fair” or “justifyed”

      2. mark there’s a way people can’t find the source of the youtube video weeks ago i was in this spanish porn blog the admin had porn embeds from youtube whenever i clicked on the video i couldn’t open or copy the source i tried to find the source with firebug but didn’t work either i think there’s an option in the embed so haters won’t flag them also when youtube videos are not in the youtube search works like a charm

      3. LOL OK , and thanks. I did not know that there was a method to the madness. But I am glad to see that you are giving them something to make themselves feel important over. I mean if they were not reporting these videos, they would have to get a real life and do something actually considered productive…

  5. Ten to one that mob has already taken care of any guilty party. Either that or the driver has had to run for his life and headed for the hills turning up in the UK a couple of months later begging for “asylum”.

    1. they’ll drag him out of his truck and give him the ‘necklace’ (burning rubber tire) or just simply set him on fire, either one of these ‘civilized’ methods will placate them.

    1. i agree i really felt bad for the father i have a three year old and i cant imagine losing her i dont know what i would do with my self i would probly end up on this website for all i know xP

  6. Should’ve been you, Snookie.

    Seriously, this hurts. I’ve seen some shit and kids and dogs get to me. I hope it was quick for the kid. I feel hopelessness for his parents. The wishing it was a dream and waiting to wake up. It’s not coming.

  7. Honestly didn’t think we had so many inbreed racist retards on this site. I’d complain but it gets me nowhere over the internet.
    On the note actually about the video… AHAHAHA when he’s showing off the corpse! Everyone’s reaction XDDD

    1. This is what Mark wrote in a post:

      Let me get straight to the point without beating around the bush:

      Anyone who feels compelled to tell other members of Best Gore what’s an acceptable comment and what’s not will be banned. End of fucking story.

      Read the whole post at “Brain Fart”. He posted in on March 10th, 2012. It’s a great read so , please, check it out.

  8. Yikes, now this is one video that will get more sympathy than giggles from me….Watching the parents wallowing in grief as they hold their son that has a head that would better be used for a gift basket with all that space is rather heart wrenching….I can’t imagine going through something like that and I hope I never have too.

    On the other hand, at least the overpopulation of Africa just went down a fraction 😉 And hey, at least now it’ll be easier for them to feed themselves without an extra kid! I’m sure they have at least 5 other kids somewhere.

    And lastly, wow, prophetic truck is prophetic. The truck said forever young, and forever young happened.
    Now we just need some witch doctor dancing about the bodies and wiggling it’s toes in the blood of the child singing this:
    “Forever young,
    I want to be forever young.
    Do you really want to live forever?
    Forever, and ever

    Forever young,
    I want to be forever young
    Do you really want to live forever?
    Forever young.”

          1. Seriously? Just because I say I have no children doesn’t mean that I’m incapable of having them. I’m in my 20s and I’m in college, therefore I have no room for children at the moment so take your sympathy and cram it up your ass.

          2. @tiger yeah and gone for a whole week now too. The hell am I going to do when I’m bored? I need my gore fix. Do you think if I asked Ismayel he’d be psychotic enough to chow on his own foot then post the results…or better a video of the process?

          3. And from what i have gathered, even if the wordy bitch DID do a trick, there would be SO DAMN MUCH political and rethorical bullshit to swim through that Mark would croak of old age before being able to post the content.

            That guy is Turd Fucking The Shit-Rivit (you know that annoying circumstance when you have to poop and it starts coming out against your will, and the end gets all smashed in your shorts? well, he’s that shit rivit.)

    1. well not take it down has its like any thing curiosity will never die in humans its when you get a few obvious psycho’s who get off on it that is the problem… i think we both know who they are.

  9. I can understand the horror of seeing your family dead, but why do they have to act like they do?
    Two ladies drop to the ground and start rolling around, and the Father gets up and runs around with the boy only to go back and sit where he was.

  10. Poor kid but why do I have to keep seeing that word of no meaning ‘racist’ popping up on every page. Get over your issues with your skin colour. It is what it is. Did you not read Mark’s ace post warning sentimental posters would be banned for lecturing other posters. Go visit the amnesty channel you freaks. Some serious head fuck there. Robert

    1. It is sad isn’t it? I think the innocence of a child is what bothers you (or me). some of the videos here makes me think about how fast life can change. The video that comes to mind is the one where the drunk Indian man crosses the street and you think he’s ok but he must have stumbled and fell. Then the truck pops his head like a grape. That is real time 30 seconds or so. Even though it’s real to actually be there must be VERY different. I apologize for making these philosophical comments and they are no racially charged. I’m not sure if you noticed but everyone’s blood is red

  11. Racism is Racism…….. No matter how it’s spun or described.

    Here in Australia……. it’s not socially acceptable but it is here ( unfortunately ).

    BTW………. I will not watch that video because the picture says enough.

    Children and Animals are NOT why I’m here.

    BARTENDER……… A double Canadian Club with no ice would be sweet.

    1. We are not interested in your politically correct bullshit. Racism is built in to our genes so get over it. Don’t click on the video then. Have you read Mark’s post called ‘U mad bro?’ We are not here to be dictated to what video’s are suitable and unsuitable to watch. You liberal Aussies are a pain in the F’in ass at times. We are here to witness real history in the making. Not the liberal elite media hogwash we have to watch daily on the news media networks. Yes life sometimes sucks to fuck but that’s just the way it is. Amnesty channel that way → Robert

    2. Obvious multiple people died cause the driver fucked up.

      “Everyone’s Blood is Red” (a bestgoremember said )
      Wow, you must be quoting from the Bible.

      Rodents have white bones and I have White bones so we must live in the same space as each other.

      Did you know that most mammal bleed red… Most mammal have 90+% Similar DNA for skin, bone, blood, muscle, and hair…
      But that Fraction of a difference in the DNA makes the ALL differences between a Rat, a dog, a European, an Asian, an African, a Dolphin… …

      For all you Egalitarian Nutcase out there.
      We, not only want to keep our people European. But we are determine to keep our People “European”,

      and all those who wish to mix us with the colors….
      We’ll send them straight to HELL.

      1. Gah, I try to limit my self I do about the race thingy. I don’t uses words like “Niggers” if I think i can get the piont across without using it. or aleast be funny insulting someone.

        I just get so sick of the ethnic cleansing of da white peoplez.

        Re reading my comment I feel like Im draging politics and debates into this… and iam trying to avoid that mess, but I guess this is just my inner feelings.

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