Deadly Traffic Accident in Ghana, Africa

Deadly Traffic Accident in Ghana, Africa

There are many messed up people in this video, but father who holds body of his lifeless son whose skull is cracked open and brain leaked out is the most heart wrenching. It’s hard to imagine anything more horrific for a parent than to go from having a family moment with a child to watching his head pop like a walnut under a wheel of a truck.

At around 0:57 mark you can see child’s brain smeared on the road. The truck that caused the mayhem bore a “Forever Young” sign painted on the back. The accident took place in Sekondi-Takoradi, the capital of the Western Region of Ghana, Africa. Brutal.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. It looks like a school trip gone wrong, I like how that guy drives past and runs over that kids brains, you hardly see these sort of accidents in “Sophisticated” countries but in foreign countries There is no health and safety what so ever

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  3. Wow, good one.
    I find it disturbing when someone shows ‘racism’ toward races that are are doing their own thing in their country. i’m all for Pride in culture, and if there is anything i’m against its Americanization or any Imperialistic conversion of other’s culture into a disgusting mush of tolerance and ‘unity’
    once again awesome find, love the site. been a long time since I was last on. need to get used to it.

  4. Lady in the pink shirt is being a bit over dramatic, I know it must be horrifying to see their child/family member like that, but damn. Do you really have to flop on the ground, screaming and rolling around? It’s not going to bring him back….

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  7. one of the most heartbreaking things. to see your child’s skull cracked wide open and you can’t do anything about it

    btw, am i the only one who thinks this is a repost?

  8. Food for thought:

    In a world with no sound
    Their cries go unheard.
    The reality of life becomes totally obsurde.
    The counting of time
    is considered a crime.
    And the money when earned
    Not worth a lone dime.
    So here they will lie
    For the rest of the night.
    Their bodies remain still
    in darkness and in light.
    But don’t be afraid
    For it will happen to you.
    When all will stop
    As your body turns blue.

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  10. One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do as an EMT was to be handed a dead child due to his mother being a crack head and crashing into a semi, killing her kid. What does the mother say? How am I going to get to work tomorrow.

  11. So many haters here. Black, white, yellow, purple… Does it really mather? Look at the Belgium/Dutch kids that lost their life in a bus accident in Switserland last wednesday. Did their lifes have more value than that poor kid in the vid? This world is sick, caused by sick people with sich thoughts…

  12. I must say that THIS has been one ENTERTAINING read.
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  13. Jaw dropping heart breaking stuff. I could not figure the accident path – Truck swereved over wrong side of road hitting pedestrians in middle of road maybe – but he must have been going pretty quick….

  14. That was so bloody heart breaking. I think i would be losing it more than they were. I would be screaming my lungs out if that were one of my children. No words could describe the pain they must of felt. I panic for my two babies every waking, breathing second.

  15. honestly as much as I get curious about looking at stuff like this, I cannot help but think to myself how much I would absolutely hate it if someone were to photograph or videotape me at the most horrific moment of my life or a loved one and then put it on this website for people to post their evil and inhumne comments. Even if a higher being thought that I deserved it (God, hol y spirit), I feel that this is just wrong and disrespectful. I thank you for sharing, but my spiritual side has taken over. Peace, I am out!

  16. Well, personally I don’t care what color they are, that’s pretty traumatic and brutal to hold your dead baby while his brains are spilling out. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy, I don’t think. Life is so fragile, isn’t it?

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