Degloving on Knee from Motorcycle Accident in South Africa

Split Open Knee After Collision with Cab

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @ysodim:

Greetings from South Africa, a nice violent place to live. Then again, which country isn’t being fucked by its own government and lawless, uneducated citizens?

I’d just like to say that my favourite section on BG are the dashcam vids. And I’d go as far as saying that watching some of the motorcycle incidents have actually helped my situational awareness on the road, and saved me from a few harrowing collisions. So big shout out!

These pictures are from a motorcycle crash I was involved in, back in November 2015.

Metered taxi cab in my hometown of Durban turned in front of me while I was on my way home from a night shift on a Saturday night. The driver was apparently drunk, but he fled the scene, apparently to seek medical attention (he was fine, go figure.) Something we’re used to here in sunny South Africa.

Bike was written off (unfortunately no pictures,) but the first photo is after 3 months of healing. Second photo was the damage caused by my knee to the rear panel of the cab.
Last photo was taken in the ER.

Spent a week in hospital,but thankfully no bones broken, and nothing torn (except the degloving on the knee.)

My shoes stayed on and 5 months later was back at work walking without problems!

Keep up the great work!

Thanks a lot for the pics, @ysodim. Glad to hear you fully recovered from the injury, and that Best Gore helps you avoid similar injuries:

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  1. @ysodim – You like dashcam videos?

    Then you should definitively check the following 2 channels on youtube:
    Russian Car Crash channel Подборки ДТП и Аварии <— Almost daily a new clip with all sorts of crashes and weird shit.
    alexeiloginoff <— This guy condenses only the very best clips each month. These are the most brutal crashes out there!


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