Incredibly Deplorable Hit and Run Motorcycle Accident Caught on CCTV

Incredibly Deplorable Hit and Run Motorcycle Accident Caught on CCTV

WTF did I just see? This has got be a display of some of the most deplorable Fleshy Virus behavior ever caught on tape. A reckless motorcyclist with what looks to me like a child (early teens, maybe) in tow rear ends another motorcyclist, quite possibly killing him/her, then asks the child to get her helmet and get back on the motorcycle so they can dash away, leaving the motorcyclist they hit on the road for the dead.

I do not have any information on where it happened but it’s clearly an Asian country. And we all know how oh-too-eager Asians are to help a person in need. Though in this case some came out to take a look. As Asians, they did fuck all to help, but acknowledging that someone is fucked up is all in itself an upgrade.

I hope this CCTV video helped the authorities to catch the deplorable motorcyclist who caused the accident and then pulled the hit and run, giving their passenger and nice lesson in life. WTF? I wonder what they talked about when they reached their destination. Must have been something like: “Damn, that was intense. Good neither of us got killed so we could get out of there quickly.”

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85 thoughts on “Incredibly Deplorable Hit and Run Motorcycle Accident Caught on CCTV”

    1. It sucks that he/she has to lay there, writhing in pain, while people just stare. How comforting it is to know that all you are is a street show and not a person who needs assistance. I hate ‘fleshy viruses’. I’ll stick with seclusion, thanks.

  1. Words… Fail me.

    They are scum. True scum.

    It hits home because all of my family ride Motorbikes. And it scares me that if one of them (or myself) come off one… We may be left for fucking dead.

    We never shirk responsibility. And hit’n’run drivers are considered the lowest of the fucking low.

    And nobody helps.

    1. The fuck! The fuck! What the hell is going on at the moment. Look at those fucking fleshy viruses…they do nada. It’s completely random that it was not their skulls cracked at the tarmac. Completely arbitrary. It might as well have been the other dude who got up and sped away…leaving the couple helpless on the ground. Low life civilization we are.

    2. That fucking garbage bag hanging on the tree was the worst, it flapped back and forth in the wind and did nothing,yet bore witness to the entire incident. Actually, I thought it was some dude sweeping the sidewalk and had to replay this 3 times to figure out what it was and even now I’m not sure. Yes it is gross that people do this, but from the looks of things the fv on the hit bike was moving around, until the end of the video. I doubt this is a dead person. I am thinking he/she survived with a few broken bones.

          1. Its kinda like Suicide Silence song hands of a killer. Everyone can kill. Everyone is inherately evil. But hopefully more people will sack up and begin helping others.

          1. @daweeka
            Damn straight. I remember being a kid of like 3 yrs old and any time something broke on me, i would say “it must’ve been made in china.” I knew even at a young age what was up. I always dreaded that crappy ass “made in china” gold foil sticker on my fuckin matchbox cars. Life was already a bitch. I didnt need my tonka trucks takin a shit on me.

  2. What a fucking garbage country, whatever it is.. Not one person even lifted a finger to help that knocked out fleshy virus lying in the middle of the road.. Sad….

    Oh, and I thought that black garbage bag tied to the tree was somebody getting fresh with a car door.

  3. Fuck man , SEE what i mean ? Those fuckinggggg assholes. Not one of them runs to help that poor soul ! W.T.F. is wrong with these people ? i try not to be prejudice but holy ol fuck its hard when you see this shit. On top of that these flip- flop fleshy virous low life pricks look at the victim from the sidelines and have a fuckin CONFERENCE . This is not a kawasaki meeting for fuck sakes.

        1. lol 99%. no. I took lots of Stat course and while most statistics are real, they can be misleading somethings if you don’t look at the big picture… especially if its a statistic given by the Juden Media

    1. Of what all I have seen from that shitarea called “Assia”, I have stated the fact that these “Wongs” give 2 shits about each other. Especially in the traffic, these two scums in this video didn’t seemed to take it so serious. It looks more like they just said to each other “He/she should have keep right when I passed, not my fault. Get your helmet(or what it was?) n lets move on, that fucker is dead anyway”. And for the bystanders, they just waiting for the blood to come out from the roadvictim so they can snap some gory pictures for us:))

  4. look and think! my fellow members think!.
    look at the situation, the person that caused the accident was scared shitless, and the people passing by are terrified to help, i dont know why, you dont know why, but you can see it in their body language, where ever it is we need answers, this is a country that is ruled with oppression, i am thinking north korea, but maybe i am weong.

    1. We see the situation and we are thinking, Are you? I don’t know what body language you’re reading but the people watching the man laying in the street do not look terrified to me. Maybe 1 or more called for help, but goodness.. go up close and talk to the victim, at least try to do more than just stand there and stare.

      Here in the US, that wouldn’t happen. You can see someone fall down on a sidewalk and strangers rush to help them up. We’ve seen MANY of these type of videos from other countries where people keep going or just gawk at victims (some who are still alive).

      This one is even worse that they had a young kid with them. What the fuck does that teach the kid? She’s probably emotionally traumatized.

        1. @Just1more

          The shooting that happened on the bus was probably gang related. If I were in a public place and a shooting happened, I’d want to get the fuck out of there unless I was somehow trapped there. Besides, he was all over the place on the bus, not laying there dying. I don’t know.. That situation was different and besides it’s just his dick 😀

  5. The fleshy virus race has lost compassion for one another – everyone to their own!! That’s not the way it is supposed to be, we need some huge catastrophe to bring us back to our senses and start caring about our fellow fleshies.

  6. I wonder if these people even have a conscience. I know if I did this the guilt would eat up at me until I either confessed or went insane from keeping such a horrible secret inside of my head. A world inhabited by people that have no morality or common sense is definitely not a place I look forward to growing old in, people like this should be tracked down and held accountable for their actions.

  7. Well, people use guns strictly because they have them… I would have blasted both of those motherfuckers as they took off, they truly deserve to die. I say both because I’m pretty sure thats no kid on the back, thats a wife or gf. Remember how small those little gook bitches are.

    A few shots to the knee to keep the idea of running out of their pathetic mind, then whip out the butterknife and HD camera and get to work. Maybe wake up the victim of their hit and run (you can see the person still breathing, they lived) and let them watch or do one themselves.

  8. If you can get away with it, you didn’t deserved the punishment.Only the guys who are unlucky or slow enough to get caught deserve what is coming to them. That’s CHINA. That’s how the gook reasoning works, according to some friend of Tulio who spent there several years doing business and getting rich.

  9. Where the hell was this ? I’ve seen some stupid people in my time but these f**king idiots take the p**s !

    I’ve seen people getting beaten up and no one doing anything to help until you jump in. But the one thing I have never seen (In any part of the UK) are people standing about when there has been an accident. People don’t jump into a fight because most of them are scared shitless, but every f**king accident I have seen over here I have always been happy that strangers go out of there way to help out the injured.

    What f**king stupid bas***ds these gawkers were.

  10. Note to self. 6 people see a person laying in the road hurt, and let’s say 6 motor cars passing by, all willing to rubber nick….and whip out cell phones to take pictures…but, not one person…has a warm blooded heart to stop and give aide…Cold hearted basterds! Consequences for walking away, None….give help…could be sued! What a world we live in.

  11. For anyone wondering which country this took place in, the country is Taiwan.
    This is typical behaviour here, not because people don’t have compassion, but because people are afraid to help.
    There have been many cases where people have helped only to be sued by the victim for one of two reasons:

    1): The victim claims that they were further injured by the person giving assistance.
    2): The victim claims that, in the absence of anyone else, the person offering assistance must be the person who was involved in the accident: they wouldn’t be giving assistance if they didn’t have guilt.

    Unfortunately, concerning point number 2, the courts until very recently accepted that if you did help someone, then you must be carrying some guilt.
    That is why you see the motorcycle rider on the left, the rider seems to be calling the police. other people are milling around with cellphones. Non of them will touch the victim due to potential repercussions.

    These aspects of law come from the KMT which were totalitarian despots. Although Taiwan is an independent democracy, these laws have been slow to change.
    I hope this clears things up for people and explains people’s behaviour.

    – An Englishman in Taiwan.

    1. So, it sounds like situations are pretty much the same with mainland China. I thought Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore were better place even thou they all are practically part of Greater China but maybe i was wrong.

  12. In Thailand the person who is deemed the guilty party in an accident is almost always beat to shit by the angry crowd. And that is why every time there’s a fatal accident the driver flees the scene.

    Not sure if the Chinese share the street justice ideal but it wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

    If you read any accident stories on Thai news forums 99% of the time the driver is nowhere to be found, they are aware they will be beaten and then most likely arrested.

  13. I don’t think she “red pants” died…it doesn’t look like they were going that fast when they went down anyway and clearly she’s moving around, she might have busted her leg or could just be crying and being a drama queen waiting for someone to home and pick her lazy ass up…if she is just being a cry baby then she is one stupid girl a car can just come and swing by and finish her fragile faking ass all be cause she wants to dry on road…I don’t know maybe I’m just being a hard ass cause I’ve taken way harder falls on my bike going a hell of a lot faster and jumped up like nothing happend…I suppose we all can’t be just as equally strong as we are stupid.

  14. It absolutely blows my mind how everyone is going about their day not giving two fucks. When I was hit by a car on my bike I had at least 5 people rush over to me and see if I was okay, even the woman who hit me offered to drive me wherever. I fortunately wasn’t injured at all but the victim in this video is not even getting up…all I can do is shake my head.

  15. it was a bycicle , not a motorcycle .
    because of that the poor woman/man didnt wear an helmet , and fainted or died from the impact with the asphalt
    I presume the insurence in that crappy country doesnt works fine , if ppl runs away like that wondering being sued

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